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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 A Good Year For M.C. Records


2012 A Good Year For M.C. Records
Rick Holmstrom & Debbie Davies' Releases
Gettin' The Love From Radio & Reviewers
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Phone: 631-754-8725                                              
Northport N.Y - M.C. Records wants to take a pause for the cause and thank everyone at radio, media and the fans for making this a great 2012! Also, we hope to have an announcement of a new signing over the next few weeks.
After The Fall by Debbie Davies released in July and Rick Holmstrom's
Cruel Sunrise in August have received some of best radio play and reviews in our 21 year old history. Both releases have spent multiple months on the Roots Music Report. In fact they are both still on the top 15! You can see for yourself.
That's not the only radio chart that's been feeling the love for both releases. Both releases have been on The Living Blues Radio Chart. Debbie Davies spent a total of three months and Rick landed on chart for the month of October. The complete chart can be viewed here,
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Since the release of After The Fall on July 17 Debbie Davies has toured the U.K., the Midwest and the West coast. The 10 time Blues Music Award nominee has received fantastic reviews and has been interviewed on XM/Sirius B.B. Kings Bluesville and The Guitar Show with Andy Ellis and Music On The Couch.
Check out these great reviews!
her fiery fretwork and emotive vocals reflect a commitment to the material that helps her transcend the standard MO.  Blurt
"After the Fall" (M.C. Records) is an 11-track LP of slashing hooks and cathartic riffs that echo the hardships Davies endured and her efforts to overcome them. The Connecticut Post
Prepare to be moved, and also to have a good time Blues Revue

Searing, pulsating riffs and house-rockin' performances with clever lyrics and gut-check emotion are featured on "After the Fall," The Toledo Blade
This might be one of the best blues releases this year.
Blues Blast Magazine
The Debbie Davies Band is booked by Piedmont Talent.
Cruel Sunrise is Rick Holmstrom's first solo recording in five years and features Mavis Staples on two tracksRick and his band have been recording and touring with Mavis Staples for the last five years. He received a Grammy in 2010 for his work on Mavis'  "You Are Not Alone," produced by Jeff Tweedy (of Wilco). Rick has been interviewed on The Guitar Show with Andy Ellis and Music On The Couch.
Check out these great reviews!
The fetching tones of Holmstrom's vocals combine with the warm atmospherics of the rhythm section lure us into emotionally involving original tunes that have his guitar cutting as sharply as the thorns of a honey locust tree. Downbeat
Coming up with an original instrumental group voice is as hard as finding one’s own guitar style, but Holmstrom (and band) succeed in both respects  Vintage Guitar
Songs  like “It’s Time I Lose,” “I’m Not Afraid” and “By My Side” showcase Holmstrom’s development as a songwriter and the band’s soulful finesse, while Staples adds fire to “Owe You Everything” and the killer gospel-blues groove “Lord Please.” Pasadena Weekly
Rick Holmstrom is just too talented and restrained to release anything less than professionally crafted. All Music Guide
Each track is blissfully inventive. Holmstrom creates a blues that is effortless to vibe to. Where Y'At
The Rick Holmstrom Band is booked by M.C. Records, - 631-754-8725

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