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Friday, July 20, 2012

Crossroads - The Jed Rowe Band

The Jed Rowe Band are releasing their 2nd album, The Ember and The Afterglow, through Fuse on July 6th this year. A national tour is planned for Winter 2012 to support the release.

Produced by Jeff Lang, one of the greats of the Australian roots-music scene, and a mentor and supporter of the band, The Ember and The Afterglow was recorded live to tape over 7 days in Lang’s own studio. The process was a joy for all involved; with the sessions capturing the compelling dynamics of the band’s live performance. Guest performances from Lang himself, Liz Stringer, Suzannah Espie and a terrific string section further enhanced the creative spirit captured on the album.

Fronted by singer-songwriter Jed Rowe, the band fuses Rowe’s electric, acoustic and lap slide guitars with a rock-solid rhythm section in double bassist Michael Arvanitakis and drummer Michael DiCecco, allowing the songs to shine through with Rowe’s expressive vocals. The Victorian based 3-piece outfit unites the raw energy of foot-stomping rock and blues with finger-plucking bluegrass and alt-country sounds, interspersed with a more understated and refined folk feel, and occasional flashes of gospel, soul and world music. The amalgamation of musical styles beautifully suits the band’s evocative, subtly layered stories behind the music.

The songs on The Ember and The Afterglow highlight Rowe’s creative and intelligent songwriting, a craft he’s been improving on with each of his previous releases, 2006’s solo EP ‘Life’ and the band’s 2009 critically acclaimed debut ‘Midnight Sun.’ The Ember and The Afterglow and accompanying national tour should raise this well-regarded Victorian outfit’s national profile to a level they deserve.

The first songs from the album, the double A sided “Waiting By Your Side’ / ‘Bloodlines” were released in November last year, and received strong support from radio, with airplay on Triple J and community radio throughout Australia. With the release of The Ember and The Afterglow the band will be performing at a venue near you soon.
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