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Friday, July 20, 2012

Delmark Records artist: Linsey Alexander - Been There Done That - New release Review

I just received the new release called Been There Done That from Linsey Alexander. This recording starts off with Raffle Ticket, an original shuffle tune right out of the smokey Chicago blues scene. Alexander has a great voice for Chicago blues and is complimented on this track with a tight rhythm section and none other than Billy branch on harp. Bad Man gets the funk groove going and makes me think there's some Funky Chicken coming up.... nice!Fabrizio "Breezy" Rodio whops up some funky guitar riffs to punch up the track and the horn section, Ryan Nyther and Bryan Fritz ride the groove.The title track, Been There Done That, is a R&B track and the horns add the warmth that you'd expect to compliment Alexanders vocals. Mike Wheeler adds some real nice guitar accompaniment and soloing to I Had A Dream, an Bloomfield styled blues track. Looks Like It's Going To Rain, a tribute to Willie Kent, is a soul style blues track, Alexander plays some nice Albert King style riffs and Roosevelt Purifoy plays some luscious keys throughout. Billy is back on harp on My Mama Gave Me The Blues and he is evident from the first phrase. His playing and the style of song brings the best out in Alexander who belts out blues from deep inside of himself. Great performance! Going Back To My Old Time Used To Be gets the Albert King style funky blues going and the band is right on it. Alexander plays some real nice riffs of his own on this track. Going Up On The Roof is a great dark blues with gut grabbing vocal and guitar work. Alexander leaves it all on the table on this one! Certainly one of the best tracks on the recording. Saving Robert Johnson again gets into the funky blues groove and the band is obviously comfortable here. Greg McDaniel on Bass and James Wilson keep the band hot throughout the recording. This is a great debut for Alexander on Delmark and well look forward to many more.

Here's an example of Linsey's work:
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