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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Eric Johnson Hits The Road To Support First All Acoustic Solo Album: EJ

Run Begins In Johnson’s Home Town Of Austin, Texas on January 15

Austin, TX – Eric Johnson will hit the road next month in support of his first acoustic solo album titled EJ.  Thirty years after his breakthrough solo release 'Tones' brought him national recognition, the new release showcases nine original compositions and four covers.  Johnson shares, "Ever since I was young, I've played piano and acoustic guitar in my private life.  This type of music has always been a part of me, but I never showcased it on any kind of bigger level, like a full acoustic record. With EJ, I just decided to be more honest with myself and everybody, and show more of my personal side."  

Johnson, long known for his painstaking approach to making records, used a much more immediate attack for the self-produced EJ. "Almost all of that material was cut live," Johnson explains. "Some of the songs I actually sang and played at the same time - just live in the studio. Recording this way gave it more of an honest realism and organic emotion. Especially on the acoustic, you just have to get in there and play."

On the original compositions "Wonder," "Fatherly Downs," and "All Things You Are," Johnson frames his voice with his prized 1980 Martin D-45, a gift from his late father. He plays the steel-string on his superlative instrumentals "Once Upon a Time in Texas," "All Things You Are," and "Song for Irene." He conjures the beautiful, pensive tones of "Serinidad," another original instrumental, on a Ramirez nylon-string guitar. A spirited steel-string arrangement of Simon and Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson" rounds out the solo guitar tracks.

Johnson recasts another Simon and Garfunkel favorite, "Scarborough Fair," for voice and piano, and plays piano on the originals "Water Under the Bridge," "November," and "Wrapped in a Cloud," an ensemble track with acoustic bass, cello, drums, and percussion. In a move that's sure to surprise his fans, Johnson rearranged Jimi Hendrix' "One Rainy Wish" for guitar and piano, capping the performance with a jazz-inflected piano solo. Rounding out the record is Johnson and guest guitarist Doyle Dykes' superlative cover of Les Paul and Mary Ford's 1951 classic, "The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise."

Throughout his career, Johnson has approached music as a healing force, a way to enhance a listener's consciousness and conjure joy and inspiration. "That's what I've always appreciated most about other artists," he says. "Some artists inspire us to wake up and get back to the clarity of consciousness. With this record, I'm trying to do that too, because I appreciate it so much in other people."

Confirmed appearances include:
1/15     Austin, TX                                                      Paramount Theatre
1/17     Tucson, AZ                                                     Rialto Theater
1/18     Phoenix, AZ                                                    MIM
1/19     Anaheim & Los Angeles, CA                         NAMM & Grammy Museum Appearances
1/20     Agoura Hills, CA                                            Canyon Club
1/21     Pasadena, CA                                                  Rose Theater
1/22     San Juan Capistrano, CA                                Coach House
1/24     Sacramento, CA                                              Crest Theater
1/25     Oakland, CA                                                   Yoshi’s
1/26     Napa, CA                                                        Blue Note
1/27     Napa, CA                                                        Blue Note
1/28     Napa, CA                                                        Blue Note
1/30     Seattle, WA                                                    Jazz Alley
1/31     Portland, OR                                                   Aladdin Theater
2/01     Spokane, WA                                                  Bing Crosby Theater
2/03     Boise, ID                                                         Egyptian Theater
2/04     Salt Lake City, UT                                          State Room
2/07     Ft. Collins, CO                                                Lincoln Theater
2/08     Denver, CO                                                     Gothic Theater
2/10     Santa Fe, NM                                                  Lensic Theater
2/16     Dallas, TX                                                       House of Blues
2/18     San Antonio, TX                                             Aztec
2/19     Houston, TX                                                   House of Blues
Additional appearances will be announced as confirmed.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Provogue artist: Eric Johnson - ej - New release review

I just had the opportunity to review Eric Johnson's newest release, ej and it's quite special. An all acoustic release with acoustic guitar and piano it is a different side of Johnson. Opening the release is an instrumental cover of Simon and Garfunkel's Mrs. Robinson. Solid and very ornately adorned, a beautiful track. Somber ballad, Wrapped In A Cloud features Johnson of vocal, piano and acoustic guitar with strings. A very nice track outside of what you would traditionally think of with Johnson. Once Upon A Time In Texas is a curious, adventuresome, guitar interlude with a lot of dynamics and almost Spanish accents. Very nice. Jimi Hendrix's One Rainy Wish has the introspective melody of Hendrix with it's complexity but with a totally new twist. Johnson has successfully take it to a new place with new dynamics. Very nice. One of my favorites on the release is the classically structured, Serinidad, with it's chord bases and jazz like lead. Very special indeed. Les Paul's The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise is a super guitar duet with Doyle Dykes and it literally really runs. A fine blend of gypsy styling, country jazz and pure Les Paul style, this track is a shining star. Simon and Garfunkel's Scarborough Fair, gets a more classical styling with piano and solid vocals. One of the best vocal outings on the release. Wrapping the release is Song For Irene, an intricate acoustic piece with cleanly articulated melodic runs. A nice conclusion to an interesting direction for Eric Johnson.

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