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Showing posts with label Yes I Believe I Will. Show all posts

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Out Of The Past Music artist: Steve Howell & The Mighty Men - Yes, I Believe I Will - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Yes, I Believe I Will from Steve Howell and it is really hauntingly good. The release opens with I Had A Notion, a simple acoustic country rocker not unlike contemporary Eric Clapton on JJ Cale tracks. Walk On Boy is a cool track written by Mel Tillis and long covered by Doc Watson having a distinctive Hot Tuna/ Gary Davis sound. Very cool. Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning has long been one of my favorite acoustic blues with spiritual overtones. I was first introduced to this track on the first Hot Tuna release and it has always stuck with me. Howell, who plays most of the acoustic guitar on this release is joined by Chris Michaels on electric guitar on this track and he adds some really cool riffs that are almost unworldly in tone. Love it! Another real eerie sounding track, Country Blues originally written by Dock Boggs is performed here with a lot of authenticity and feeling. There is a real humble but warm feel conveyed by this type of track that makes it hard not to like. Again the acoustic work by Howell is complimented by Michaels and Dave Hoffpauir on drums. Willie Brown's Future Blues is up next with a contemporary beat. Wasted Mind, a Danny Barnes penned track, deserves more exposure. It's a great track with great lyrics and a great melody. This is a track that may not see the airwaves... but it should. The liner notes comment "A mind is a terrible thing to waste as any age"... I like to quote my sarcastic friend Sandy Peterson... A mind is a terrible thing.... :) A pop ballad has crept in here and after now listening to it a few times, it has grown on me. It is Mr Blue written by DeWayne Blackwell of the Fleetwoods in the 50's. Devil's Side has a nice simple blues feel with nice electric guitar accents. This band, though not very polished (a good thing) manages to take just the right note and place it in just the right location to tweak the sound. I really like it! Catch the simple understated guitar work on this track... really nice! You will hear traces throughout this release that sound like the Dead or Hot Tuna but not more than on this track, I Know You Rider, which has been covered by both bands as well as other notables. Rake and Rambling Blade has a very pure sound like those folk tunes left us by our founding fathers and the simple country folk tunes. It is a beautiful melody and nicely executed. If you like simple mostly acoustic country blues and traditional folk music... this is a nice one!

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This track is not on the release but respective of Howell's work.