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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Nola Blue artist: Benny Turner - When She's Gone - New Release Review

I just received the newest release (February 14, 2016), from Benny Turner and it's smooth! Now on his 4th release, Turner, brother to Freddie King (yes, that Freddie King) really has it going. His last release, Trouble
was really nice and this one is even better! Opening with I Can't Love, a cool swinging blues with a nice heavy bottom compliments of Alonzo Johnson, and sparkling keys courtesy of Samuel "The Bishop" Berfect gives the track traction and Turner's solid lead vocals and backing vocals by Diane Lotny and Yvonne Washington give it a James Brown twist. Very nice! On Pity On This Lovesick Fool, The Bishop on piano, Davell Crawford on Rhodes and organ and Marc Adams set an almost Billy Preston presence and Turner, joined by Marva Wright on lead vocals gets in the groove. Smooth ballad, Because Of You, features Turner right up front and with such a soulful melody, should hit the radio hard. Backing vocal by Tanya Jarvis, The Bishop on keys, Dr John on guitar, Alonzo Johnson on bass and Herman Ernest III keep this really tight. Solid! On Bill Withers' super track, Ain't No Sunshine, Turner hits with some of his best vocals ,Bob Margolin adds key ethereal slide work to a really nice arrangement of a really cool track. Complimented by Derwin Perkins on rhythm guitar, Turner on bass, Keiko Komaki on keys and Jeffrey Jellybean Alexander on drums this may be the best redo of this track I've heard. So Deep is a really interesting track with lead bass lines by Turner. A gospel feel with full backing vocal ensemble including Davell Crawford, Craig Adams, Carla Davis, Yvette Whittler and Charles Chucky C Elam, over just Charles Brown on piano, The Bishop on organ and Larry Williams on drums makes this one of my personal favorites on the release. Excellent! If I Can't Have You has a cool bass line by Johnson and a really nice walking groove. Turner's vocals, backed by Lotny and Washington, is point on and keys by the Bishop, harp by Sean Lewis and drums by Alexander a really nice track. Have You Ever Been Lonesome, again finds Turner supplementing his lead vocals with some really tasty bass lead. A slower soul style blues track is really smoking fanned by the Bishop on keys, Johnson on bass and Alexander on drums. Excellent! Lowell Fulson's Reconsider Baby gets a slight swing and excellent guitar punctuation by Bob Margolin. John Paxton and Keiko Komaki roll the keys and Marglolin lays in some of the tastiest guitar riffs you'd love to hear. Very nice! Jimmy Rogers' That's Alright is laid back with cool harp riffs. Turner takes his place at lead guitar and vocal and his guitar style isn't flashy but soulful and nicely matches his vocals. Very nice! Wrapping the release is Jessie Mae Robinson's Black Night and Turner takes the bull by the horns. With an aggressive vocal style, clever guitar work by Marc Stone and key piano and organ work by Brown and the Bishop, punctuated by Jason Mingledorff on sax and Barney Floyd on trumpet makes this an excellent closer to a super release.

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