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Friday, July 9, 2021

Pajarito Verde Records artist: Alex Martin - Folk Songs, Jazz Journeys - New Release Review


I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Folk Songs, Jazz Journeys, from Alex Martin and it's quite good. Opening with Postal De Bata, a heavily Latin influenced instrumental, Alex Martin on acoustic guitar, Keith Butler Jr. on drums, Tyler Sherman on bass and Uasuf Gueye on balafon, this track really has a Central American flavor. Gueye's playing is central to the theme and Martin's guitar soloing is cool. Another track with a light Brazillian flavor, Viceversa,  features Maya Rogers on vocal and tightly articulated guitar riffs over brushed drums and bass. Triangulo is very reminiscent of Brazilian jazz from a few decades ago. Without adding a lot of contemporary frill, Elin Melgarejo's lead vocals and Martin's electric single line guitar soloing make a very nice pair. Backed by Butler on drums, Foote on bass, Deepak Shenoy on tabla and Bruno Lucini on triangle, this track moves nicely. My favorite track on the release is Rue Des Ursulines, a cool, almost fusion style track with a jagged rhythm anchored by Foote and butler and with melodic guitar lead by Martin. Very strong. The Traditional Scottish folk tune, I Once Loved A Lass is worked in nicely with Jodi Beder providing the beautiful melody on cello on part one and Martin the melody on acoustic guitar on part two and including a nice acoustic bass solo by Foote. This is a very cool track and one that works well with this release. Another traditional folk tune, Laridee is worked into the mix featuring Martin with traditional guitar formatting. The track is then, with the addition of Gaby Kerdoncuff on trumpet and the excellent rhythms of Butler and Foote segued into a cool fusion track featuring Martin with a nicely articulated lead solo. Very nice. Wrapping the release is Estamos Aqui Para Colaborar, a solid, Latin influenced track with a light yet meaningful theme. I really like Foote's lead work on bass here and Martin's lead over chord guitar work is very nice. Solid closer. 

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