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Showing posts with label The Triangle. Show all posts

Monday, April 20, 2020

Melody Place Music artist: Lisa Mills - The Triangle - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, The Triangle, by Lisa Mills and I really like it. I feel immediately that this release will solicit comparisons to some of more known blues singers but I think that Mills has her own voice. This first set was recorded in Muscle Shoals and the opener, Little Richard's Greenwood, Mississippi is a warm R&B style rocker with plenty of spunk. Backed by Clayton Ivey on keys, Bob Wray on bass, John Willis on lead guitar, Fred Mollin on rhythm and acoustic guitars and Justin Holder on drums and with punchy horn work by Jim Hoke on sax and Steve Herman on trumpet, this is a solid opener.  Clarence Carter's, Tell Mama has the spunk you'd expect from James or Joplin but her vocals are in a groove and with the unmistakable horn work of the south, the cool guitar solo by Willis and key solo by Ivey, it's all south! Very nice. Moving on to Memphis for the next set the tracks get a little more funky with That's What Love Will Make You Do. Michael Toles on lead guitar lays down a cool solo line and with Lester Snell on keys, Leroy Hodges on bass, Steve Potts on Drums and Rev Charles Hodges on B3. A new town and a definite different spin puts you right on the middle of that soul sound. Very nice. Another great track from this set is Otis Redding's, sweat soaked, That's How Strong My Love Is. Sounding like it's right off of a 45 in 1968, this one is smooth. On to Jackson, Mississippi, and Denise LaSalle's Someone Else Is Steppin' In. Buddy Guy has almost adopted this as his trademark track and Mills' voice is really made for it. In the audiophile business, they say a speaker loves a voice, her voice loves this track. It really does show off the richness of her voice and a ripped sax solo by Hoke is a perfect topping. This set features Sam Brady on keys, Mike Thorn on bass, Brennan White on lead guitar, Mollin on rhythm guitar, and George Lawrence on drums. One of my favorite tracks on the release is Travel On. There's just something about certain tracks and how they make you feel and this one has it! Excellent! Wrapping the release is Just Walking In The Rain, a simple, soulful ballad.. Mills and Michael Toles on guitar. This is a real nice cool down track for what is an exceptional soul release. 

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