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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Mighty Bosscats - Boiling Point - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Boiling Point, from The Mighty Bosscats. Opening with I Need A Friend, having a sloitary Dire Straits sound is a likely radio play track for this release. Boiling Point is an easy going blues rocker with smooth harp work from Phil Pawsey sprinkled over like sugar. 2:45 Express is a happy go lucky blues based track with a western twist. Pawsey add cool piano on this track as well. Flashy guitar riffs from vocalist Richard Townend and Terry Hiscock compliment the tight bottom by Phil Wilson (bass) and Glen Buck (drums). A fun based nod to Nashville and rockabilly is Elvis Coming Home. Some sweet chicken picking adds to the general feel of this track. Bad Luck Blues, an easy going shuffle track is complimented by nice key work and harp from Pawsey. Candyman has a more substantial rock kind of sound with a blues base. Slide work creates a cool feel and overall this track is my favorite showing some of the tastiest guitar work on the release. Devil Inside has a loose country like rock sound and Knopfler style guitar riffs and vocals. Lordy Lordy Lordy has an interesting vocal harmony intro. The track then leads to a wide open country gospel style track with nice pickin. Cool. Switch The Tracks is driven by Glen Buck on drums, Pawsey on harp and Stephen Foster-Plikington on violin. Waco Station is a country pop style ballad. Primarily vocal driven, Townend shows his consistent writing style. The release is wrapped with another radio strong ballad, Pride. Nice light guitar work compliments this catchy melody and leaves the listener with a strong flavor of The Mighty Bosscats flavor.  

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