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Monday, December 16, 2013

Proper records artist: Henry Priestman - The Last Mad Surge of Youth - New Release Review

I just received the newest recording (February 17, 2014) from Henry Priestman and it is a strongly constructed and very melodic release. Opening with At The End Of The Day, Priestman and co writer Lotte Mullan present a very nice ballad. True Believer is accompanied by acoustic strings, guitar and flute. With an upbeat pace, Priestman paints with words over a warm familiar melody. Writing in retrospect, We Used To be You, Priestman tells the story of how we all go through the pains of youth and adulthood. Reflective and interesting. Goodbye Common Sense continues along the lines of introspect but adding more acoustic instrumentation with fiddle and banjo or mando. Valentine Song is a simple love song written over arpeggiated chords on electric guitar with reverb. Nice track. Horns and Banjo open In My Head, a light poppy track again showing very strong writing and arrangement. Title track, The Last Mad Surge Of Youth, shows nice harmonies and again reflections of someone seeing youth slip away. Rant'N'Rave, a folk rock track with a lot of pop style continues the thought that the listeners aren't too old to do a lot of the stuff we used to do. Huntin' and Gatherin',  a sweet simple reflective ballad with personal implications. Again very nice. Same Circus Different Clowns has a light "John Hartford" pace with banjo and steel guitar. I Cried Today in 3/4 time is one of the warmest tracks on the release. Rich harmonies and strong writing make this my favorite track on the release. A Pint Of Bitter and Twisted Please ventures back to the rock world but still on the light side. With a sense of drums and electric backing agan keeping to the folk construction makes this a good song to wrap up the set.

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