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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ulrich Ellison - Synergy - New Release Review

I just received the most recent release, Synergy, from Ulrich Ellison and the band has picked up where they left off. Opening with My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You, a blend of rock, funk and jazz, is a super intro for Ellison to highlight his well crafted vocal, guitar, keyboard blend complimented by Sabine Ellison on bass and backing vocals and Winton Reynolds on keys. My Maryann is a melodic ballad with warm vocals and singing guitar lead over nicely blended vocals. On Morganfield classic Rollin' and Tumblin', Ellison uses a Jeff Beck arrangement with his own twist. A nice arrangement to showcase his guitar skills with strong drum work from Avila. Sleepless has a stronghold on progressive rock and a nice melodic hook. Crisp guitar riffs from Ellison and cool violin work from Michelle Alany carry this track. On Around The Moon, a soft rock ballad, airy guitar effects, nicely blended keys and vocals make this a cross airplay track. Machete has a little taste of the far east blended into a euro rock sound. Lead violin by Alany, behind the vocals of Ellison creates a whole different world on this rocker with strong keys from Reynolds and cool guitar riffs from Ellison. Leaves Keep Falling delves further into the euro rock sound with classical styling and middle eastern rhythms. Never leaving it's classical styling this is cool track harkening back to earlier days of album rock (before they made it pop). Singing guitar riffs are carried on a bed of violin. Very cool. Never Remains The Same is a pop rocker with a nice melody and light guitar lead. Ellison has a nice hand at his guitar, using it as a second voice rather than as a hammer to drive stingers. I'm Falling has a distinct feel of British pop music and in some cases even Peter Townsend. Move On Closer is a light jazzy number with a Latin feel. Instrumental contributions from Ellison, Alany and Davila and vocal lead from Ellison makes this one of the strongest tracks on the release. Don't Be A Fool has a definite Texas blues base with some stinging guitar but still not leaving the rocking feel that Ellison creates throughout this release. Wrapping the release is Driftin Blues, taking an ethereal trip on a classic theme. Opening the guitar up for a romp on a progressive but jazzy ride along with a supportive bass from Sabine Ellison and especially Davila on drums makes this track my favorite of the release.

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