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I started a quest to find terrific blues music and incredible musicianship when I was just a little kid. I also have a tremendous appreciation of fine musical instruments and equipment. One of my greatest joys all of my life was sharing my finds with my friends. I'm now publishing my journey. I hope that you come along!

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Outside Music artist: Kat Danser - Baptized By The Mud - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Baptized By The Mud, from Kat Danser and it great! Danser, a singer.sonwriter and guitar player has put together a great set opening with Sun Goes Down, a southern gospel style rock track in the vein of Delaney and Bonnie. Featuring Steve Dawson on slide, Darryl Havers on piano and Geoffrey Hichs on piano this track really gets things started. Warm vocal backing by Dawn Pemberton and Marcus Mosely add to the feel of the track. Sweet Baybay is up next with super sweet slide work by Danser and heavy tom tom work by Hichs. Dancer has an unusual voice and one that adds nicely to the mystic overtones of this track. None of Us Are Free has a cool melody and an interesting rhythm. Baptized By The Mud has an easy going pace with Dawson adding nicely on pedal steel. Danser has a real interesting voice which blends nicely with the music. Crazy For You is a slick little blues rock track with a twist of country. A cool slide solo in this track is icing on the cake. One of the sweetest tracks on the release is a remake of O' Mary Don't You Weep. I would recommend the album based on this track alone (but I don't need to obviously). Performed with a quiet Latin rhythm and dobro slide work, this is a terrific track and one of the nicer arrangements that I have heard of the track in a long time. An interesting bass solo by Jeremy Holmes is a nice surprise. Winsome, Lonesome has a real nice early blues sound. Primarily vocal with acoustic guitar this has a sassy Memphis Minnie/Maria Muldair kind of style with a tasty understated guitar solo. Havers also steps up with a nice piano solo as well. Notes From The Other Side is a somber ballad accompanied by resonator guitar and keys. A well written and executed track, it is nicely complimented by Dawson on steel guitar. Nothin' At All has has a nice easy step to it with nice harmonic vocals and slide guitar and dobro accompaniment. Prove It On Me Blues has a strong New Orleans sound with great vocal harmonies and particularly cool snare work from Hichs. Havers has a nice piano solo on this track horn sounding bass notes must be coming from Holmes. A really nice slide solo on this track shows real taste. Excellent! Hear me Out, Think It Over is a somber ballad with a strong melody. Dancer steps way out in front of the band with this primarily vocal track. A nice electric guitar solo from Dawson accents this really nicely constructed track. Another great cover track is You Gotta Move opening with fat fat slide work. Dancer takes a nice comfortable pace on this track and Hichs plays the simplest of straight up drum riffs which is perfect. The fat slide work continues throughout and Havers plays a strong piano solo making this another of my favorites on this release and a super way to close a fine set.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blues Guitarist Dan McKinnon Releases New CD As Sharp As Possible

Blues Guitarist Dan McKinnon Releases New CD As Sharp As Possible
November 19, 2013 

Mixing equal parts musical scholar, businessman and tattooed rock n’ roll rebel, Toronto guitarist Dan McKinnon is not your average bluesman. While his music is rooted in blues styles ranging from traditional, country and electric, McKinnon has also publicly declared his love for glam rock, fusion, hard bop, and heavy metal. It is this mélange of musical influences that has created the sound that McKinnon is known for and presents on his new CD As Sharp As Possible.

His self-titled debut E.P. was released in early 2012 to glowing reviews and widespread airplay across North America - including regular positions on the Roots Music Report charts. “Dan McKinnon is certainly ready for the spotlight. His debut EP shines a light on the wide spectrum of sounds he can create. From the slow and soulful to the edgy solos that really bite, the road ahead knows no limits.” (Blues Rock Review) 
As Sharp As Possible is McKinnon’s first full length CD release and with the high expectations placed on him after the first release - it does not disappoint.  It is musically deep but accessible with sharp lyrics, massive riffs, searing solos and catchy hooks. No two songs sound alike, but there is a common thread weaving each story and song together to create a new and exciting experience for the listener. "On "A.S.A.P", I wanted to capture the sound of a band that played as if it had something to prove. The common characteristic the musicians I admire most have is that they are constantly striving to outdo themselves while never accepting the notion that "Good enough is good enough" or that certain musical conventions can't be broken or challenged. What was most important was capturing the fire and intensity of a group that is looking to push beyond their own limits, striving to be better than what they are….to be as sharp as possible”, says McKinnon.
Produced by JUNO Award winning blues guitarist Jack de Keyzer and recorded at Canterbury Studios, As Sharp As Possible features Dan McKinnon on guitar and vocals, Aaron Carter on bass and Jon Foster on drums. Each of the ten songs were written by McKinnon with topics that range from relationships, self-reflection and personal loss. From the heavy opening riffs on the first track “Ain’t Looking Back”, to the slow groove and soulful solos on “Killing Time”, and the forlorn lyrics and classic blues feel on “One Regret”, the combination of McKinnon’s voice and guitar playing, along with the solid foundation from the band, As Sharp As Possible will quickly become a favourite among blues fans all over.
“Dan McKinnon is one of the brightest new lights on the blues scene.  A well schooled guitarist, he adds just the right amount of jazz intuition to his searing blues playing. With a nice vocal tone, killer riffs and wicked guitar chops Dan McKinnon is a name you will be hearing a lot about in the coming months, years and decades”, says producer Jack de Keyzer.  Only in his thirties, McKinnon’s education, life experiences and talent will certainly ensure a long and healthy career in the blues genre.
"This disc delivers the goods with room to spare. The passion and fire in McKinnon’s playing is stepped up a notch here. He’s a veritable Riffzilla, throwing out of big, meaty, juicy hooks”.
- John The Rock Doctor, Newcap Radio
"5 stars for ‘As Sharp As Possible’
A really big contender for this year’s Best Canadian Debut Blues Rock Album..."
 - The Blues Underground Network
Ain't Looking Back
King of the Hill
Lucky One
Got It Bad
Killing Time
Heart Attack
Perfect Ten
The Recipe (feat. Jack de Keyzer)
One Regret
A Different Road

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Guitarist / Songwriter Sean Pinchin Releases Rust Bucket

Guitarist / Songwriter Sean Pinchin Releases Rust Bucket
November 12, 2013 

Watching Toronto-based guitarist Sean Pinchin perform live, it's hard to see the separation between the man and his instrument. Each slide and bent note is delivered with a shocking balance of passion, intimacy and also bewilderment.
Where does Sean begin and his guitar end?
His new album Rust Bucket illustrates the evolution of his music from rocker to folk/roots singer to bonafide major player in the blues scene - marking the start of what will surely be a long and exciting career.
Juno winning producer Rob Szabo gives Rust Bucket a ton of mileage and revisits Sean’s electric days informed by the influences of Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Lang and Chris Whitley. "Sean is an extraordinary talent, a total natural with a dirty feel when he plays that you can't fake. We recorded most of the album live off the floor in 2 sessions with Sean playing slide guitar and singing live with the band. Very few players can pull that off. Sean is the real deal." says Szabo.
Firmly planted in the blues, the title of the album captures Sean’s musical and personal journey. He says, “Rust Bucket is a reference to my body, mind and guitar. They are all strong but weathered from years of abuse and accomplishments. Music has saved my life again and again.”
The album is supported by a cast of some of Toronto's finest musicians including Adam Warner on drums (Jill Barber, Royal Wood), Mark McIntyre on bass (Danny Michel, Dean Brody), and Toronto singer/songwriter Emma-Lee provides backing vocals.
Thematically Sean delivers stories of personal struggle and triumph after living with depression for many years. Realizing that his grief could be put to constructive use he began writing about everything that caused him pain, fear and heartache. The result is a stunning collection of songs ranging from barn burners like “Broke Down Automobile” and “Boo Hoo” to moody, evocative pieces like “Comin’ Home” and “Can't Stop Falling In Love”.
The confidence heard in his voice and songs on Rust Bucket are not without a history of hard work – averaging 150 shows per year, Sean has worked tirelessly at promoting himself and gaining fans at a grassroots level. Despite its name, Rust Bucket is a gleaming gem ready for the road and destined to bring Sean Pinchin into the spotlight.
Track List:
1.    Broke Down Automobile
2.    Boo Hoo
3.    High Heel Shoes
4.    Wanna Stay in Bed  
5.    Gotta Move
6.    Comin’ Home
7.    Dirt Poor Blues
8.    Complete Fool
9.    Confession Blues
10. Can’t Stop Falling In Love
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