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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tedeschi Trucks Band - Revelator - Release review

Another in a series of releases that I believe are noteworthy which weren't sent to me for review, Revelator by the Tedeschi Trucks Band is as fine a contemporary R&B/ blues release as you're likely to hear. When slide guitarist extrordinaire, Derek Trucks determined to pair up with his wife, blues guitarist and vocalist Susan Tedeschi it was a marriage literally made in heaven. Tedeschi has a sassy vocal that lends itself really nicely to R&B and blues/pop music and Trucks, like many of the great players of our times needs a musical vehicle to express his art. Opening with Come See About Me, a funky pop track with really strong vocals, key work, great rhythm and hot hot slide work! Don't Let Me Slide has a bit of formatting like some of the earlier Allmans work but again with Tedeschi's silky vocals and super harmonies. It is nearly impossible for Trucks to play on any recording without being noticed as his sound is so his signature...and that is great. Midnight In Harlem is a soul style ballad really well suited for Tedeschi's vocal style and Trucks plays beautifully in concert playing solo's so characteristically like Duane Allman capping an ending over 40 years ago. Bound For Glory, another pop/R&B style track showing again how nicely Trucks and Tedeschi have teamed up to make a great good than both separately. Trucks has the talent to be on of the greatest guitar players of his times. Like so many before him, it's the stimulus that takes him higher. Whether it's the hard driving blues of Elmore James when playing with the Allmans or as the sharp foil of the Tedeschi Trucks Band, he has definitely come into his own! Ball and Chain is a solid bluesy ballad with smooth vocal harmonies and an interesting organ effect sounding like a calliope against the earthy slide work of Trucks. Learn How To Love hits like a hammer (think ... When The Levy Breaks). This is a hot track with Tedeschi at her sassiest and Trucks off the leash. Splaying open his notes like a fisherman with his fresh catch, Trucks cuts and dices on this track with fat girth and slashing leads... terrific! Wanna get your groove on? Shrimp and Grits is a smooth jazz groove bound to get your head boppin and your butt squirmin. Love Has Something Else To Say is a hot jazz influenced R&B style track with cool Billy Preston like keyboard riffs. Wah wah guitar riffs keep the track flowing and very uncharacteristic jazz guitar riffs float to the surface. Vocal duets with Tedeschi gives her a chance to show her versatility and funky guitar riffs are traded with sax runs making this a very interesting change in pace. The release is completed by Shelter,  a very sultry vocal ballad which could be the most likely broad airplay track on the release. Vocal harmonies, strong writing, musical hook and of course hair raising slide work from Trucks makes this my recommendation for the large audience appeal. This is a very strong release exhibiting broad appeal without sacrificing art, interest and quality. Super job!

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