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Showing posts with label Not So Simple. Show all posts

Monday, October 31, 2016

VizzTone Label Group artist: Austin Young Band - Not So Simple - New Release review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Not So Simple, from the Austin Young Band and it's quite good. Opening with Take Me Away, the Austin Young Band establishes firm footing in the blues based rock world. Featuring Alex Goldberg on bass and Forrest Raup on drums Austin Young has the lead guitar and vocal role and handles it readily. With a solid bottom and especially crisp drums, Young's guitar work is fluid and inventive and his vocals nicely done. Barren Road Blues has roots in Hendrix with an edge of Living Colour. Well written and performed, I really like this. Funking it up a little bit and with the addition of horns, Something More, is a real mover. Young's guitar shows rich tone and his lines are clean and clear. Building steam and they roll this track hits hard. Title track, Not So Simple, is a bluesy ballad with a great melody. Destined to be one of the crowd favorites on this release, Young's vocals are gripping and his guitar lines bluesy and heartfelt. Very nice. Sets Me Free has a casual "Beast of Burden" feel and is likely the poppiest track on the release. Shuffle track, Heal My Heart, cranks up the horns, ramping up the bluesy swing features of the track. Young's guitar phrasing resembles Clapton quite a bit with concise compact concepts. Letting Go puts me in mind quite a bit of Golden Earring with it's driving rock bottom. Blended vocal harmonies are rich and warm and Raup's drum work is especially cool. Moving On has the smart feel of a well written Steely Dan track with smooth vocals and a bright jazzy tempo. Very nice. Mountains On Fire is a bluesy ballad with soulful vocals by Young. With considerable musical tension and emphatic drumming under cool bass lines, Young soars on his strat with stinging intensity. Free has a progressive edge with an irregular but contagious bass line. A solid rocker, this track really shows off Raup's drum work. Nice . Instrumental, Whirlwind has the bite of Mountain with a taste of Focus and Edgar Winter. Goldberg bass work on this track is particularly solid and Raup's drum work super. Young takes the track to another level with his guitar solo as the band amps up the pressure. Smokin! Wrapping the release is acoustic number, Angel Flying Home, a quiet, nicely written track with a memorable melody and lightly accompanied with melodic guitar soloing over the body. A nice conclusion to a really cool release.

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