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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Rising Blues Rock Artist - Advanced Way Beyond Her Years

Rising Blues Rock Artist
Advanced Way Beyond Her Years

on the Connor Ray Music Label, recorded at Red Shack Recording Studio Houston

The Real Deal at Seventeen

The level of feeling that a seventeen year old artist can bring to the stage can be simply amazing. As their performance begins your mind isn't fully grasping what you are seeing and hearing on stage. You notice a level of established comfort that radiates from the young performer.  The mind can easily form an early opinion that it’s just another novelty act because it rationalizes the question, "How could anyone be deeply in tune with the blues at just seventeen?"  Then as the show progresses it happens, the age factor simply erodes, it goes completely away.  Obviously, it would be one thing for the  young performer to bust an axe with perfection at seventeen but it's quite another when they already possess the stage presence of the relaxed, older blues artist.  It’s a very cool experience to witness as it backs up the age old adage that the blues is a feeling and of course that feeling can reside in anyone, at any age. Overall, it is this set of combined abilities which are possessed by both young and older artists alike that allows them to present the blues in a mind blowing, magnificent way.  Ally Venable is a seventeen year old female blues rock artist who possesses these abilities.  She immediately transforms her audiences from being in that initial curiosity phase into the "this is way cool" phase.  Festival talent buyers are noticing Ally and she continues to perform at such notable events as The T Bone Walker Blues Festival in Longview, Texas and the Mud Bug Festival in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Ally Venable is a young blues rocker that is following the original footsteps of her female contemporaries and may well be the rising star on the horizon. 
Ally Venable, simply amazing!

The inspired, natural on stage presence of the Ally Venable experience

Watch Ally include a very young fan from the audience at this performance
Check it out - just click on the arrow below

Steve Krase, President, Connor Ray Music, "From the moment I saw Ally perform I knew I wanted to sign her.  This is an amazing talent that will indeed reach amazing heights as her career continues to unfold."

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Conner Ray Music artist: Ally Venable Band - No Glass Shoes - New Release review

I just had the opportunity to review the debut release, No Glass Shoes, from Ally Venable Band and it's a solid blues rocker. Opening with Trainwreck, a cool track with a solid walking bass line by Zach Terry, Ally Venable takes the lead on vocal and guitarist Bobby Wallace simmers nicely. Title track, No Glass Shoes, has a bluesy basis with a strong guitar and bass vamp. Elijah Owings keeps the bottom tight on drums and Venable's vocals are sassy. Boogie track, Woke Up This Mornin', has a great driving bass line with call and response guitar riffs. Wise Man has a cocky, Junior Wells feel and Venable grinds her vocals, displaying her guitar licks backed by Randy Wall on keys. On Junior Wells, Messin With The Kid, her vocals have edge and her guitar playing shows adventure. Too Much Too Soon has a really solid, bass line and features Steve Krase on harp. A super track, may be my favorite on the release. Wrapping the release is the Chris Smither track, Love Me Like A Man. Given much more girth than Bonnie Raitt's hit, Venable belts out the lyrics backed by strong B3 work, clean guitar riffs and Krase's harp work.

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