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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Shake-It-Sugar Records artist: Murali Coryell - Mr. Senator - New Release review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Mr. Senator, by Murali Coryell and it's quite good. Opening with title track, Mr. Senator, Murali Coryell, son of guitar legend Larry Coryell, leads on vocals and guitar, with Ernie Durawa on drums and Chris Alcaraz on bass. A light radio style track, it has a memorable melody and clean articulate lead guitar riffs and nicely blended guitar additions by Louie Ortega. Dysfunctional Child is an autobiographical modern blues track with a R&B sound. An almost Dickey Betts influence shows through on the guitar riffs, with cool vocal blending and a solid bottom. Tuff Love, has rock feel and strong radio potential. Bill Evans contributes a real healthy sax solo giving the track more bite. One of genius, Leon Russell's best known tracks, also covered very successfully by George Benson, This Masquerade, is covered here nicely by Coryell with his best vocal effort on the release. I really like Levin's bass work on this track and Durawa's Latin percussion provides a really nice platform for Coryell's soloing. Very nice. Solid soul track, You Blew My Mind, shows complex vocal harmonies and soulful guitar lead. Stevie Wonder's Higher Ground, stays the course with somewhat original arrangement but Coryell's guitar work is anything but course with Stevie Ray like fire. Very cool. Latimore's Lets Straighten It Out has the most intoxicating guitar work on the release with lush tones and rich riffs. Coryell's vocals are spot on making this my favorite on the release. A real rocker with complex guitar tones, My Pedal Board, is tight with gospel roots. Wrapping the release is Latin influenced, Tejanos, a really nice track. Sung in Spanish and with blended vocals and guitars over strong percussion, this track is an excellent closer.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Shake-It-Sugar Records artist: Murali Corell - Restless Mind - New release review

I just received the newest release, Restless Mind, from Murali Coryell (yes, it's Larry's son)but not at all following in dad's footprints. Opening with country rock styled Waiting and Wasting Away, Coryell is out there on lead vocal and guitar sounding more like Glenn Frey than Larry Coryell. Joined by Ernie Durawa on drums and Chris Alcaraz on bass this group is tight. Kiss Me First has a bit of R&B but with a bit more tasty guitar indulgence. Again, not the chorded jazz infused playing but more wide open SRV style wailing. On title track, Restless Mind, Coryell has more of an introspective take, with a quiet approach to this strong ballad. Cleanly articulated guitar solos over Lating percussion make this track tick. I'm So Happy returns to the country rock style and really reminds me quite a bit of Steve Miller with it's rockin sound and vocal blending. No slouch on guitar Coryell lays out a few nice guitar riffs to spice the track up. Sex Maniac is a straight forward rocker with a lot of cockiness. With a high stepping strut the band band lays it out there and coryell gets some really nice round guitar tones on his soloing. Crime of Opportunity, a R&R style track is one of my absolute tracks on the release. Coryell gets into a super groove vocally and the band sets up nicely right behind him. A well executed guitar solo caps this track making it one of the coolest tracks on the release. I Can't Give You Up has a funky rock feel and the addition of Joe Morales on sax and Jimmy Shortell on trumpet warm this track up nicely. A super radio track. Tag Along is a smooth shuffle track again with nice horn backing. A real nice sax solo from Morales and a hot trumpet solo from Shortell are the topper on this track..... check it out! I need Someone To Love has a real bluesy feel with a shuffle tempo. Coryell uses the blues tempo to his absolute advantage throwing down so hot guitar riffs really popping the track up. Very cool. Latin ballad Lonely Eyes features nice vocal harmonies and it really is a strong radio track contender with it's simplicity and strong hook. Everyday Is A Struggle has a real funky blues lope with SRV/A King flavors. This rhythm has to coax the flaming guitar riffs out of a man and it certainly does. This is the hottest guitar track on the release by far and a smokin' groove. The release is capped by Marvin Gaye's Let's get It On. This is done pretty much right along Gaye's arrangement but with updated instrumentals. Coryell lays down some real nice funky riffs on this track making it not only a great tribute to Gaye but a great track with hot riffs. Very nice!  

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