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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Midnite Johnny back in USA with at show @ Crazy Uncle Mike's in Boca Raton this Saturday 1/05/2019

Mosher St. Records Presents
Saturday, January 5th
6450 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton,
9 PM-10 PM -SOLO,
 10:30 PM -1:30 PM -BAND 

Midnite Johnny review…October 3, 2018….
Posted October 4, 2018 by dvcrow56 in Uncategorized.
Guitarist Midnite Johnny (Morana) was long a mainstay of the south Florida blues scene, and, since his relocation to the UK, virtually the whole round blues world knows he’s here! His latest set is the aptly-titled “Long Road Home,” thirteen originals and one cover that shows his penchant for blues, rock, and roots music. With a style of playing rooted in that of the masters, he opens the set with a favorite, the infectious boogie of his lover’s “New Occupation–makin’ a fool outta me!” A fine, jazzy, slow-blues cut might well play out Johnny’s life as a road-warrior bluesman, for, sometimes, all that’s left is “Motels, Whiskey,And Me!” Johnny hits a strong Clapton-inspired vibe on a tune to which we can all relate, as Steve Zoyes’ acoustic piano rides over Johnny’s shout-out to all his debtors, “I can’t give what I ain’t got, and that’s All You’re Gonna Get!”
Johnny covers two standards in his own inimitable way, too. His slide guitar is the catalyst on an uptempo read of J. J. Cale’s “Crazy Mama,” while Big Bill’s “Key To The Highway” is presented in the spirit in which it was written–Johnny’s vocal and guitar only.
We had two other favorites, too. “Long Road Home” digs on a Muddy groove, with a rollin’, tumblin slide, as our hero proclaims he “coulda had religion, but bad luck and whiskey would not let me pray!” The set closes with this song presented in an entirely different light–it is done in an acoustic setting complete with a string section, and becomes an ethereal, almost reverential, beautiful ending to this album.
Midnite Johnny has won over legions of fans “on both sides of the Pond!” His may have been a “Long Road Home,” but, we believe he’d say it’s all been worth the ride! Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

Midnite Johnny Band!
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Midnite Johnny home . . .
. . . Midnite Johnny has worked extensively throughout his native USA and has established a reputation as one of South Florida’s most powerful Blues and Rock guitarists.
A lead/slide guitarist and vocalist specialising in Blues, Blues Rock, Classic Rock, and R & B, Guitar style reminiscent of Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Freddie King and Buddy Guy.
One of South Florida’s hottest musicians whose resume includes work with Bo Diddley, Harvey Mandel (Canned Heat),Warren Ceaser and many more. This veteran of the South Florida Blues scene employs a library of riffs from Freddy King to Otis Rush and Eric Clapton to Stevie Ray Vaughn along with his own original material.
Since relocating to the UK Midnite Johnny has fast built a dedicated following throughout Europe. With his band they offer a wide ranging and varied array of Blues, R&B and Roots Rock. The bands vast influences and experiences take them to a place where "The Roots Of Blues Meet The Hard Edge Of Classic Rock & Roll".

NumberOneMusic Charts | week 10, 2018
Hi Midnite Johnny Band!
Congratulations, Your songs hit 21 in Hot 1000 N1M Chart!

"So Complicated" on Mosher Street Records
Songs went up to#21 for Blues in United Kingdom
Johnny's 2nd CD
Johnny's first release


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Mosher St. Records artist: Midnight Johnny Morana - Long Road Home - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release,  Long Road Home, from Midnight Johnny Morana and it's got a nice flow. Opening with Texas style shuffle track, Your New Occupation, Midnight Johnny hits the road running with solid vocals and a loping guitar feel. Backed by Steve Zoyes on keys, John Grillo on drums and Sergio Caizzo on bass, this is a real cool opener. One of my all time favorite JJ Cale tracks, Crazy Mama,  gets a cool cover with a slight upward adjustment in speed. Johnny's vocals are a bit more country in styling and with the addition of Zoyes piano work and nicely laid in guitar soloing, this track works nicely. Title track, Long Road Home is based on a rework of Rolling and Tumblin giving Johnny the opportunity to dust off his slide and throw some fire, backed by Arlene Coutee on vocal. With a Latin beat and real flair, Tired of Foolin' Around is a really cool track showing off some real nice piano riffs and some fat fat slide. Very nice. With an blues /jazz fusion feel, All The Blues features a super sax solo by Stan Waldman and some round jazz guitar riffs from Midnight Johnny. Very nice. Digging into the blues with Motels, Whiskey and Me, Midnight Johnny shows off not only his nest vocals but also his hottest guitar riffs making this one of my release favorites. Instrumental track, Baby Batter is really just a crusin jam but it gives Johnny a great platform to lay out some nice soloing. Very nice. Big Bill Broonzy's Key To The Highway is an exceptional, old style blues track with clean vocals and finger picked guitar soloing. Excellent. Wrapping the release is an acoustic version of Long Road Home and it has a really nice feel. With ethereal slide work and a strong melody, it puts me in mind of Rod Stewart's Mandolin Winds. Excellent closer. 

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