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Thursday, May 7, 2015

On The Fly Music artist: Lee Palmer - Like Elway - New Release Review

I just received the newest release (May 12, 2015), Like Elway, from Lee Palmer and there's a lot of airplay coming. Opening with Rockin' This Chair, a bluesy, country kind of thing with a pinch of New Orleans, Palmer on vocal has enlisted Lance Anderson on accordion and Elmer Ferrer who screams a pretty good electric guitar solo to make this a fun opener. On pop country ballad, Life's A Mess, Anderson on keys and Al Cross on drums provide most of the music not produced by Palmer on acoustic guitar and vocal. Light, breezy jazz number, Those Winter Blues, has a smooth bass line by David Woodhead and crisp runs from Anderson on piano and Ferrer on guitar. Lonely At The Top is a simple 2 stepper with a catchy melody and vocal harmonies by Mary McKay. Country flair is added by Ferrer on guitar and Cross keeps the drums tight and simple. Title track, Like Elway, has a real cool feel with a Latin beat. Palmer spins a talking tale as McKay sings a catchy chorus and Ferrer adds tasty slide guitar riffs. Possibly my favorite track on the release. With a distinct New Orleans flavor, Palmer creates the bluesiest track on the release, This Feels Like One Of Those Days. Roly Platt adds some of his rich harp work to this laid back track with backing vocals from McKay. Anderson lays down some great electric piano riffs giving the track an even more authentic feel. Very nice! Another ballad, Maybe That's Why, has the purest melody with nice vocal blending with McKay. Anderson adds a warm European flavor with accordion and Ferrer lays down one of the most beautiful Spanish style guitar solos I've heard on a contemporary release in a long time. Have A Wonderful Life is a stripped down rocker with a tension created by Joaquin Nunez and Cross on percussion and drums as well as Anderson on keys. Ferrer opens the final track, Axe to Grind, with a slick slide guitar solo. Nunez on percussion, Cross on drums and Palmer and McKay on vocals are nicely balanced by Anderson on keys and Platt on harp. A straight up rocker, this is a great closer for a solid release.

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