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Monday, May 23, 2016

Connor Ray Music artist:The Mighty Orq - Love In A Hurricane - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Love In A Hurricane, from The Mighty Orq, and it's packed full of energy. Opening with Sweet In Between, a cool rocker with dynamics, quiet melodic vocals and powerful slide riffs, this is a super opener. Falling Down has a cool hook and smooth vocals by Orq, backed by Jimmy Rose on drums, Barry Seelen on organ and Terry Dry on bass. Pack It Up has a boppy funk to it, and Orq shows that he really is a tune master. With clever slide riffs and a crafty dance beat, this track is a strong radio player. Say It With Silence has a cool soul attack with Dry's bass emphasis focusing the beat and Orq again shows his solid radio appeal with smooth vocals and clean guitar solos. Title track, Love In A Hurricane, has traditional ballad lines featuring Orq's strong vocal attributes, an extremely clean acoustic guitar riff, tight drums and solid key work. The Possum Song has a low slung blues rock feeling with a driving rock guitar rhythm, nice organ work and a a driving drum beat. Carry Me Home is a quiet vocal ballad accompanied by piano and acoustic guitar. Carry Me Home is a real nice easy country rocker with a sweet melody, tight harmony and compact guitar solo. Made for the radio. You're In Love (That's Alright) has a real nice New Orleans flavor with super snare work, Seelen showing his accordion skills and a good time feel. One of my favorites on the release. Big Boat lays out the funk with cool percussion from Rose and real nice phrasing from Orq. Stepping up with a slick guitar solo and cool organ backing this track is tight! Very nice! A real rocker, Let Me Have My Fun, is driven by Seelen's piano work and a great rocking guitar riff. Very nice! An unusual take on Son House's Death Letter Blues, has as primary backing to the lead vocal, only drone note and minor atmospheric guitar sounds. Very interesting. Wrapping the release is Cannon Ball, a somber, acoustic guitar piece. It is captivating and well done.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Connor Ray Music Signs 2016 International Blues Challenge Finalist The Mighty Orq; Houston-Based Singer/Guitarist Is Playing Up a Storm on Label Debut CD, "Love in a Hurricane," Set for Release on May 20

Connor Ray Music Signs 2016 International Blues Challenge Finalist The Mighty Orq

Houston-Based Singer/Guitarist Is Playing Up a Storm on Label Debut CD,
Love in a Hurricane, Set for Release on May 20

HOUSTON, TX – Connor Ray Music announces the signing of Houston-based singer/guitarist The Mighty Orq, and will release the 2016 International Blues Challenge finalist’s label debut, Love in a Hurricane, on May 20. Recorded at Houston’s legendary Sugar Hill Studios and produced by The Mighty Orq and Josh Applebee, Love in a Hurricane features his regular touring band: The Mighty Orq (vocals, electric, acoustic, resonator, cigar box and Weissenborn guitars); Jimmy Rose (drums, percussion, mandolin); Barry Seelen (organ, piano, accordion); and Terry Dry (bass).

“I'm particularly excited about the new album because I've finally been able to combine all the elements of my various performance styles in one place,” Orq says about the new Love in a Hurricane. “There are rockers, singer-songwriter tunes, solo acoustic and cigar box songs, as well as southern rock, gospel and blues. It feels like the most complete portrait to date of all the musical styles I love to play.”
Always known as a stand-out guitarist and vocalist, over the last 13 years Orq has matured both as a writer and arranger. Where early-on the musical emphasis was on raucous drum and guitar lines, now Orq takes a more song-centered approach, letting songs dictate the instrumentation rather than the other way-around. On Love in a Hurricane, new compositions such as the title track, “Say It with Silence,” and the Weissenborn guitar instrumental that closes the album, “Cannon Ball,” showcase an experienced composer, instrumentalist, and singer beginning to reach his stride. Besides the10 original tunes, the new disc also includes exciting takes on Freddy King’s “Pack It Up,” courtesy of Orq’s funky, soulful blues shouting; and Son House’s “Death Letter Blues,” where Orq creates a brooding, atmospheric vibe that befits the content of the lyrics.  
As a testament to his growth as a musician, The Mighty Orq recently made it to the finals in the 2016 International Blues Challenge (IBC) in Memphis sponsored by the Blues Foundation, which saw him competing against musicians from all around the world. He was also a finalist in 2011. Beloved Texas singer/songwriter Ray Wylie Hubbard even posted on Twitter: “I dig that cat – the Mighty Orq stands flat-footed and delivers pounds of solid blues with whatever he plays.”
Born Josh Davidson and raised in Houston, he got the nickname, “Orq,” in high school, which later became “The Mighty Orq,” so dubbed by fellow Houston bluesman Tony Vega.
Since 2002, The Mighty Orq has been performing solo and with his band across the USA and Europe. He has won multiple awards, previously released six albums and an instructional DVD for solo resonator slide guitar. He is a uniquely talented singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist with a focus in the American roots music genres.
The Mighty Orq has also been a frequent winner at the Houston Press Music Awards, garnering honors as “Best Blues Act” in 2015 and 2012; and “Best Guitarist” in 2010 and 2007. He also was awarded an Individual Artist Grant from the Houston Arts Alliance in 2011.

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