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Showing posts with label Little G Weevil. Hunnia Records. Show all posts

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Hunnia Records artist: Little G Weevil - Live Acoustic Session - New Release Review

 I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Live Acoustic Set, from Little G Weevil, and I really like it. From the intro on original track, Keep Going, you can tell that Little G Weevil's newest release is going to be good. Totally acoustic and alone, Weevil shows a respect and love for the original delta style blues.  Another Weevil composition, Real Men Don't Dance, shows a lot of similarities to Hill Country blues style with very simple guitar riffs and call and response between his acoustic guitar and his own lead vocal. Very nice. On R L Burnside's Early In The Morning, Weevil rides tight on a traditional blues riff and wails the blues from his gut. With thumped strings and percussive raps on the guitar body, Weevil shows all the prowess of a delta blues man. Fluid lead runs and a great story line characterize Sasha Said, a straight up Chicago style blues track. Morganfield flavored, Apple Picker, is deep. Weevil really drills down on the guitar lead, accents and double stops before breaking cadence with some really nice fluid soloing and delivers the lead vocal in traditional style. Excellent! I really like the drone note bottom on On My Way to Memphis, with quick fillers supporting the vocal melody. Weevil of course takes a few bars to set the melody off and flesh out the tune. On closing Weevil takes the song very quiet, then exploding, showing just how much emotion one can put into a track with only acoustic guitar and voice. Very nicely done. Slow blues, She Used To Call Me Sugar, is an excellent example of strong blues guitar soloing on acoustic guitar and wailing blues vocals. I've always loved this style which I would call Hooker style with it's mix of changes in time, hammer ons and tight little soloing riffs. Really nice. Wrapping the release is John Lee Hooker's Roll And Boogie. Hooker was known for a lot of things but nobody charged a boogie like he did. Weevil dives into it head first with his driving guitar rhythm and stomping foot, pushing his grinding vocal attack, grunts, groans and fanning attack on the guitar. Excellent closer for a really strong release. 

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