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Friday, August 15, 2014

Roller Records artist: Berdon Kirksaether - Latenighters Under A Full Moon - New Release review

I just received the newest release, Latenighters Under A Full Moon, from Berdon Kirksaether and it's really quite interesting. Opening with Go Cat Go, blues fusion track with a walking bass line and organ bottom setting the stage for cool guitar improvization by Kirksaether. Very Nice! The band is a mix of musicianship from Kirksaether joined by Stein Tumert, Per Eriksen, Olaf Olsen, Finn Tore Tokle and Leo Volskiy. Cool Cats On The Move has a very ethereal feel with a snappy drum rhythm and bass ride overlayed with guitar harmonics, bent arpeggio's and cool effects. Conrad's Bar Bounty is a straight up 12 bar with solid lead guitar soloing over B3, drums and bass. The B3 work on the track is actually quite cool and blends nicely with Kirksaether. Rendezvous has a Latin rhythm and a simple pop melody played on electric guitar. Smooth and cleanly articulated. Jumping The Night Away is another straight 12 bar number finding Kirksaether soloing over a simple rhythm guitar, bass and drum line. Midnight Haze has a little bit of the feel of WAR and it's ghetto beat but with more complex guitar feel. Kirksaether twists and bends notes creating an interesting weave of guitar sounds for an experimental pop jazz number that is quite successful. Another One Going Down has a real somber feel like Wes Montgomery. A quiet track with light handed guitar experimentation. Layered guitar lines and organ basics make this a smooth but tightly meshed jazz number with blues overtones. Pitstop By The River is pure guitar improv with an electronic rhythm pattern and layering of guitar solos and riffs. It's actually quite interesting with blending of Knopler like riffs, sonic guitar riffs and loose sax soloing. Walk And Your Feet Will Follow has a wallking bass line and keys creating a basis for melodic guitar lead. A nice piano solo on this track gives it a clean jazz feel. Title track, Latenighters Under A Full Moon has a juxtaposition of grinding blues fusion riffs over a quiet jazz bottom. A mind fetching and suitable conclusion to a cool experimental release.

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Although not from this release, a taste of Kirksaether's music: