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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Conner Ray Music artist: Steve Krase - Just Waitin' - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Just Waitin', from Steve Krase Band and it's strong. Opening with Hank Williams' Settin' The Woods On Fire Steve Krase on lead vocal and harp gets this country flavored boogie rockin'. Backed by David Carter on guitar, and Tamara Williams on drums, a super opener. I Don't Mind has an up tempo "Bo Diddley" beat and with flaring tom tom work by Williams an excellent floor for some hot riffs by Krase. Kenan Ozdemir joins with lead guitar on Just Waitin' On My Brand New Baby, a cool Chicago style shuffle matching super harp and guitar leads behind solid vocals. Very nice. One of my favorites on the release is a Zydeco take on The Ballad of Jed Clampett. With Brian Jack on accordion, Mike Vee on rubboard and James Gilmer on percussion added to Krase's vocal and harp and the tight rhythms of Williams, this is super. Slow blues, Nobody Loves Me exhibits some of Krase's best vocals on the release, complimented nicely by Carter's rich guitar lead and Krase's own harp work. Excellent! Wrapping the release is Howlin' Wolf's My Baby Walked Off with it's classic Chicago styling. With strong soloing by Carter and Krase, this is a strong closer for a very enjoyable release.

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Monday, April 30, 2018

Harmonica Ace Steve Krase Expands His Blues Roots on New CD, "Just Waitin'", Coming June 15 from Connor Ray Music

Harmonica Ace Steve Krase Expands His Blues Roots on New CD, Just Waitin’, Coming June 15 from Connor Ray Music

HOUSTON, TX – World-class harmonica player Steve Krase expands his blues music into new territory on his fourth CD, Just Waitin’, coming June 15 on Connor Ray Music. Produced by Rock Romano (who also played bass and sang backing vocals), Just Waitin’ features Steve Krase (vocals and harmonica), backed by a solid cast of additional notables, including David Carter (guitars and backing vocals); Tamara Williams (drums, percussion and backing vocals); James Gilmer (percussion); Brian Jack (accordion); Mike Vee (rubboard); and Kenan Ozdemir (lead guitar).

Steve Krase will celebrate the new album with a special CD pre-release show at Houston’s famed Big Easy Club on Friday, May 18th (5731 Kirby Dr., Houston), where he’ll be joined by several special guests including the legendary singer Trudy Lynn, plus James Gilmer on percussion and Brian Jack on accordion. “I’m so pleased to be showcasing our new CD at one of the finest Blues Clubs in the world, Houston's Big Easy,” says Krase. “This is a new band, a new sound, and I'm excited to roll it out.”

Just Waitin’ spends much time within the blues world, with songs from Howlin’ Wolf and Big Walter Price, among others; but also traverses beyond that into roots and Americana styles, with a song on the new disc from Hank Williams (“Settin’ the Woods on Fire”) and even a Zydeco –flavored take on the theme from the “Beverly Hillbillies” TV show (“The Ballad of Jed Clampett”).

In the liner notes for Just Waitin’, Krase sends a big shout out to all the musicians, production personnel and fans for their work and support. “Thanks to all the great musicians that I am lucky enough to have in my corner,” he says, “especially to my band: David Carter, Tamara Williams and most notably to Rock Romano, who pulled triple duty as bassist, producer and sound engineer on this recording, in addition to penning three of the songs. Special thanks also to Trudy Lynn, who continues to amaze me with her talent and from whom I continue to learn. Very special thanks to the clubs that continue to support live music and KPFT Houston radio for all of their support  Finally, I want to thank all of the people that contributed money to assist the Houston Blues musicians in need after Hurricane Harvey.”

Said producer/bassist Rock Romano about the recording sessions: “Steve really delivered on this CD; great song selections delivered with dynamic heart-felt vocals along with his unique and powerful harmonica style.” And special guest James Gilmer, longtime percussionist for Lyle Lovett, added, “I love this project! It’s like Magic Dick and Peter Wolf meet Howlin’ Wolf and Little Walter!”

Just Waitin’ Track Listing

1)  Settin' the Woods on Fire  

2)  I Don't Mind     

3)  Just Waitin' on My Brand New Baby

4)  Irene Irene   

5)  The Ballad of Jed Clampett  

6)  All in the Mood  

7)  Dirty Dirty  

8)  Blame It All On Love 

9)  Nobody Loves Me 

10) My Baby Walked Off