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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Vizztone Label Group: Ruff Kutt Blues Band - That's When The Blues Begins - New Release Review

I just received the newest Ruff Kutt recording, That's When The Blues Begins, and I'm betting you're going to love it! Opening with Deep Elam Blues, Ruff Kutt wastes absolutely no time in getting gritty. Finis Tasby takes the lead on vocals and Zac Harmon and Anson Funderburgh the lead on guitar. The guitar working is stinging and Sax player Ron Jones really beefs up the bottom. Blues In My Blood with a strong funky back beat is up next featuring stinging guitar guitar work throughout. Don't It Make You Cry, a New Orleans soul influenced track gives Jones a great opportunity to play a super melodic solo. Oh Woman!, another strongly soul influenced track features some super vocals by Tasby and Jones pours on the heat on sax. Zac Harmon takes the lead vocals on Down So Low, a loping Texas style blues track with a healthy dose of slick guitar riffs. On Bare Foot Blues, Tasby returns to the mic and the band plays a swing style blues track. Wes Starr keeps things tight on drums and Gentleman John Street rides the keys. Funderburgh plays some really nice riffs on this track. The Blues Ain't A Color is a real clever track and a real swinger. Background vocals by Steven Richardson really give depth to an already rich lead vocal by Harmon. This track has some particularly hot guitar riffs on it as well. That's When The Blues Begins has a deep blues feel which takes strong depth from gospel styling. Vocal blending on this track is particularly strong and allows a nice spacing for really articulate guitar playing. I'm Over You Woman has a Albert King kind of sound again featuring Harmon on vocals. Going To Bluesville has a solid R&B strut. Funderburgh nicely punctuates Harmon's vocals with his guitar together with the band creating one of the most swinging tracks on the release. Let's Dance has a real nice groove and super horn work creating a super blues base. Tasby, back on vocals really delivers the goods on this track and Funderburgh plays a really relaxed but concise solo on this track making for a really cool track. On the finale, When A Bluesman Goes To Heaven, Harmon delivers a great punch on vocals and Funderburgh is right there dotting the i's. A guitar duet ensues on this track and the players nicely compliment each other. This a a really cool release and one that allows a number of really talented players to work together on a special project. I really like this release and I suspect that new fans will be made for the individual players as well as for Ruff Kutt!  

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Deep Texas Blues - Ruff Kutt Blues Band - FREE TRACK

Deep Texas Blues featuring Zac Harmon, Finis Tasby, and Anson Funderburgh

Texan James Goode describes himself as an “old rascal and beat-up coach," but this Rockabilly Hall-Of-Fame inductee, songwriter, bass player, and creator of the Ruff Kutt Blues Band certainly knows how to field one hell of a Blues team.  THAT’S WHEN THE BLUES BEGINS features fourteen songs written or co-written by Goode, performed by world class Bluesmen including vocalist/guitarist Zac Harmon, vocalist Finis Tasby, and producer/guitarist Anson Funderburgh.   

The first Ruff Kutt Blues Band album, Mill Block Blues (2011), garnered critical raves and was so successful that Goode was able to donate $10,000 of proceeds to the Blues Foundation’s HART Fund, providing relief to Blues musicians in need.  When he decided to do a follow up, it went without saying that the first call would go out to Texas Blues guitar hero Anson Funderburgh, who anchored the first CD.  Anson was quick to sign on to produce the new CD, and soon they brought in internationally acclaimed Blues heavyweights Zac Harmon and Finis Tasby to form the nucleus of the team for THAT’S WHEN THE BLUES BEGINS. Rounding things out are Wes Starr on drums, Ron Jones on saxophone, and keyboardist/engineer Gentleman John Street.

This all-star aggregation hits a deep Blues groove and delivers Goode’s songs with the assured, relaxed intensity of seasoned pros.  Sadly, these sessions are the last recordings Finis Tasby completed before suffering a debilitating stroke in December, 2012.  His many friends and fans have been sending prayers, support, and their hopes for his recovery.

Zac Harmon, James Goode, Finis Tasby, Anson Funderburgh

01.  Deep Elam Blues
02.  Blues In My Blood
03.  Don’t It Make You Cry
04.  Oh Woman
05.  Down So Low
06.  Bare Foot Blues
07.  Blues Ain’t A Color
08.  That’s When The Blues Begins
09.  That Woman Gives Me Fever
10.  I’m Over You Woman
11.  Going To Bluesville
12.  Touched By Her Flame
13.  Let’s Dance
14.  When A Bluesman Goes To Heaven
"The triple-threat of Harmon, Tasby and Funderburgh chase the blues away with an ease that belies their total artistic command."  — Dave Rubin