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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

JBR Records artist: James "Buddy" Rogers - By My Side - New release review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, By My Side, from James "Buddy" Rogers and it's strong! Opening with Come Back To Me, a solid blues number with a super lope, Rogers had the lead on vocal and guitar establishing firm ground. With Freddie king like riffs and with solid backing from Slammin Mike Wedge on bass, James Hollywood Badger on drums and Lewis Stephens on keys, this is a great opener. On title track, By My Side, Rogers shows a smooth R&B style and his vocals are soulful and fitting. Stephens key board work is bright and clear nicely surrounding Rogers vocal phrasing. Very nice. On rocker, Can't Get You Off My Mind, Rogers had the solid drive of Chuck Berry but doesn't use and stereotypical riffs. His charge is direct and tight. Sweet ballad, You Belong, has an almost Eric Clapton feel with fresh, electric guitar riffs playing under the melody. Don Nix's Goin' Down is up next with a mix of Jeff Beck and Freddie King attacks. Rogers' guitar approach is new and interesting and the track still sounds fresh and compelling. Another blues rocker with a serious attitude, Hell To Pay, has a great swagger. Rogers plays his riffs prudently and with intent. Pop rocker, Runnin' is a cool track with a catchy hook. Albert King like guitar riffs (or Stevie Ray if you prefer) gives this track plenty of sting. Simple ballad, You & I, is quiet and radio geared. With it's solid melody and easy vocals, this track has all the elements of a hit. Am-Ola-Dora is a really cool and funky instrumental track that I'd say has a Freddie King beat. With it's bluesy, funky 60's, organ driven, Latin rhythm, this track soars. One of my favorite tracks on the release, this track is just too cool. Wrapping the release is another radio style track, Change, in the style of Peter Frampton. Nice melody, acoustic in nature with solid vocals, this track is a perfect closer.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

James 'Buddy' Rogers - My Guitar's My Only Friend

James 'Buddy' Rogers
New CD My Guitar's My Only Friend

In the few short months since its release, British Columbia  blues guitarist James 'Buddy' Rogers' new CD My Guitar's My Only Friend has been getting regular airplay and admirable reviews from critics in Canada and USA, as well as regular positions on the Roots Music Report charts.
Here is what some critics had to say:

"It is clear he has a passion for the blues. Listen to any of the instrumental portions of the songs and that is instantly recognizable. His guitar playing is stalwart and reminiscent of his blues heroes. He can write a blues tune; that becomes indisputable when listening to the title track. The album is solid and worth a second or third listen." - Blues Rock Review

"My Guitar's My Only Friend" was my first intro to James "Buddy" Rogers, and what a great intro is was, one that truly had me not only becoming an instant fan but also has me really looking forward to more of his music in the future, but for now, I am pretty glad I have this little treasure to listen to" - John Vermilyea, Blues Underground Network

"You would you be able to play these songs even 50 years ago. You can feel every moment. He has found his voice and his place in the blues tradition. When he plays his guitar, your questions are answered." - Wasser Prawada (Germany)

My Guitar's My Only Friend has been added to Radio Submit for programmers and stations to download for broadcast.

About James 'Buddy' Rogers:

Most blues musicians can proudly recall their age and stage in life when they received their introduction to blues music. It is a coming of age in a sense – before the blues and after the blues. For Vancouver’s James ‘Buddy’ Rogers, life as he knew it was inherently different after discovering the blues.

James ‘Buddy’ Rogers learned to love the blues close to home.  His dad, Bud worked for the railroad and often brought home records and a guitar and by the time little Buddy was 10 he was lifting licks. By 11 he’d formed a band and started gigging. Within two years he was a regular at local blues clubs. At 15 his band Texas Storm was being booked by Canada’s top agency for opening concert slots. “My dad went to the liquor control board and got a license that he would take to bars so I could legally play there.  I began playing shows sitting in with all the great blues guys around Vancouver back then. The ones that really stand out, who took me under their wing, so to speak were the late Muddy Fraser, Tom and Jack Lavin, Jim Byrnes and Russell Jackson.  These guys always invited me out to play with them and open for them.” Rogers recalls.  

At the age of 19, Rogers teamed up with former B.B. King bassist Russell Jackson and began tour that lasted five years.  Based in Kansas City, they played an endless string of clubs, concerts and festivals sharing the bill with Canned Heat, Sam Taylor, The Holmes Brothers, Elvin Bishop, Kenny Neal, Katie Webster and countless others.  In 2000 Buddy started his own band and played blues clubs across Canada and Europe.  When he wasn’t working under his own name he appeared on US tours and recordings with many other blues acts.

James ‘Buddy’ Rogers main influences on guitar -  Johnny Watson, Jimmie Vaughan and the three Kings - plus years of being a blues road warrior have helped shape him into one of the most inventive and penetrating blues guitarists performing today.

His new CD My Guitar’s My Only Friend was produced by Tom Lavin of Powder Blues fame and features 10 songs written by Lavin and Rogers.
This CD showcases a guitar and voice forged by a life in the blues.  James ‘Buddy’ Rogers; his blues is here to stay.

Upcoming Performances

November 15
Sandpiper Pub -  Whiterock, BC  

November 24
Cresent Beach Legion #240 - Surrey, BC

November 29
Sandpiper Pub -  Whiterock, BC

December 1
Blackfish Pub -   Gibsons, BC

December 2
Garden Bay Pub Hotel & Marina -  Garden Bay, BC 

December 7 & 8
The Blues Can - Calgary, AB 

December 9
Inlet Theatre - Port Moody, BC 
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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Guitar's My Only Friend - James "Buddy" Rogers

I just received a copy of the new release, My Guitar's My Only Friend, by James "Buddy" Rogers and it's really good. Rogers, who formed a band at 11 and having formal bookings by 15 has been at this game for a while and his chops show it. The release opens with the title track, My Guitar's My Only Friend, which could be right out of Albert King's Stax catalog. Vocals are cool and riffs are hot! Let's Get Loose has a smooth jazz style but staying in the blues zone along the lines of Robben Ford if anyone. This track definitely swings and the blues riffs played with heave Texas influence just roll off of the strings. I'm On The Road Again has a bit more of a rock feel with a dash of ZZ Top and a dot of Robert Palmer and a little SRV mixed in to the mix. Rogers really takes the opportunity to lay down some nice riffs creating a track which could see a bit of air play. Disappearing Baby Blues traces back to earlier blues roots with a lot of swing. Another track that has the hook which could catch the airplay ear. Sweet Little Girl, a blues track along the lines of Robert Cray or a R&B track but actually having the familiarity of a Steve Miller track and even some more Texas style guitar riffs feeding the ear a lot of candy. Blame It On The Blues, another swing style blues has a real nice groove and Rogers demonstrates his abilities as a singer and player to be reckoned with. Very smooth and appealing. Guitar Sue takes the rhythm of Mr. Chuck Berry but stays out of the classic groove and finds his own way. The guitar riffs have tips of the hat to Berry but the sound is fresh and clean. Nicely done. Lovin, Kissin, Huggin is a real uptempo blues brushing rockabilly without actually getting into it. Rogers keeps the pace up on the track and plays some flaming riffs making you think of Gatemouth Brown. DAWG is a real funky blues track and describing the relationship between man and his dog how could he lose. Definitely my favorite track on the release. Rogers plays some really hot riffs on this track and the funky rhythm keeps your head bopping as he does his thing. Buddy's Walk has a Freddie King like style and and a solid swing rhythm. The only instrumental on the release, Rogers gets a a good long run on guitar and leaves you wanting more. Very nice job!
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