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Monday, October 5, 2020

VizzTone Label Group artist: Andy Watts - Supergroove - New Release Review


I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Supergroove, from guitarist Andy Watts, Israel's Ambassador of the Blues and it's solid and features appearances by Joe Louis Walker and Eliza Neals. Opening with title track, Supergroove, Watts leads the instrumental on guitar, backed by Eyal Klein on keys, Ioram Linker on sax, Gregory Rivkin on trumpet, Llan Hillel on bass and Top Bollig on drums. Linker's solo on bari really sets the track apart, moving real air. Roy Young has the mic on Rick Estrin's shuffle, Living Hand To Mouth featuring Coastin Hank on harmonica and crisp guitar soloing by Watts. My favorite track on the release is slow burner, Burning Deep, featuring Joe Louis Walker on lead vocal and some real nice guitar work by Watts. Walker really digs in and Watts matches him step for step. Very nice. Young is back up front on funky, Pack It Up with it's contagious groove. Watts hangs nicely in the pocket accenting the track with punctual riffs. Very nice.  Eliza Neals is featured on lead vocals on Blues Of The Month Club and takes the wheel, pairing nicely with Watts' firey guitar soloing and snappy drum riffs of Bollig. Wrapping the release is Peter Green's Super Natural (The Supernatural), a cool laid back, Latin fused instrumental with lush guitar work and nice trumpet work by Rivkin and a wark key solo by Klein. Nice closer for a solid release. 

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Friday, July 22, 2016

The Blues Rebels - Voodoo Land - New Release Review

I just had the chance to review the newest release, Voodoo Land, by The Blues Rebels and it's solid. Opening with shuffle track, Changed My Ways, Dov Hammer takes the lead on vocals and harp, backed by Andy Watts on guitar, Amos Springer on bass, Avi Barak on drums and Martan Ashkenazy on keys. Hammer takes the first solo on harp followed by a sweet solo from Watts. Title track, Voodoo Land has a strong wood block stroke and an overall Hendrix feel. Hammer and Watts both solo again and Ashkanazy's keywork adds the tension. A super track, this band can rock! Well Run Dry is a modern interpretation of a Robert Johnson riff with a contemporary rock feel. On Some Day, a strong radio with a solid melody, Joe Louis Walker adds tasty acoustic guitar and electric solos with cool bongo rhythms by Barak and melodic harp work by Hammer. Very nice. Knee slapper, Everybody Loves My Baby, features Walker on lead vocal with Hammer. Slow blues ballad, Burning Deep, features some of Hammer's best vocals as well as some scorching guitar work by Watts. His shimmering chords also add nicely to the overall successfulness of this track. A cool bass line drives this track under Hammer's lead vocals. Wah Wah effects give the rhythm guitar a cool sound and versatile guitar riffs give this track a standout sound. County pop style ballad, Shadows, features Walker and Ashkenazy on acoustic guitar backing Watts on electric and some of the nicest vocal blending on the release. Another soaring guitar solo by Watts gives this track wind. Funky, Old School, features Springer on bass and Barak on drums. Hammer's vocals are certainly leading the way but with Watts and Hammer on harp, the entire band shines on this one. Instrumental, Blue Dreams, is a really nice composition featuring Watts leading the way on guitar melody joined by Hammer. Very nice. A remix of Well Run Dry wraps the release with Amir Hacchen on keys and electronic percussion joining the band with a much more electronic sound. Using it as a platform for a jam over a dance track, I'd say it's quite successful.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Kalo - Dear John - Release Review

I just received the most recent release, Dear John, from Kalo and it's quite interesting. Opening with title track, Dear John, Israeli born, Bat-Or Kalo leads this blues rock power band with solid driving guitar riffs and her own vocals. Backed by Mack McKinney on bass and Erin Nelson on drums these guys mean business. Treat Me Bad has a light funky beat, joined by John Knudson on keys. With a catchy melody and even balance, this is a cool radio track. March To The Light has a lighter European folk sound with Knudson on Banjo and with light acoustic accompaniment backing Kalo's vocals. Marie is an easy paced radio ballad with a sweet melody. Heartbreak is a rich sensuous pop track with a soothing melody. Kalo's guitar soloing is quite slick and tasty. Boogie track, Oh Father, has a real nice bottom with Nelson and McKinney leading the way. Todd Clark joins on harp and Kalo drives the vocal harmonies and ultimately frenzied guitar soloing. Very cool. Down, Down, Down is a funky pop track with a lot of polish. Blue Chevy has a nice blend of rock, pop and country with Kalo controlling the tension on guitar with smooth vocals. Looking For Me has a bluegrass undertone with banjo and fiddle by Knudson and Nelson on drums. Once I Had A Heart has a really cool flanged bass part diving it a darkness and with crisp drums from Nelson and strong organ attack from Knudson. Kalo lays down solid guitar/vocal duet work giving the track a real interesting sound. Goodbye is a really nicely written and performed ballad. Structured over a simple arpeggio and with clean vocal and guitar work, this is a definite standout track. Like It Or Not is an updated boogie track with nice reverb laden chords and a nice bass line. Very cool. Tender Love is a nicely written ballad where Kalo's vocals are supported by piano. The richness of her voice against the clarity of the piano is really strong. Tension is raised by the addition of drums and guitar before bringing the track back to quiet. Very nicely done. Can't Sleep At Night is a simple folk track with Kalo singing tandem lead vocals. Nicely blended vocals over acoustic guitar and the addition of violin provides a simple clean statement as a conclusion.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Israeli Blues Rocker's “X-Mas Blues” and “New Year’s Blues” Trigger Avalanche of New Fans on Social Media

Israeli Blues Rocker's “X-Mas Blues” and “New Year’s Blues” Trigger Avalanche of New Fans on Social Media

(Lazer Lloyd on Facebook:

CHICAGO, IL - Lazer Lloyd, known as “Israel’s King of Blues Rock,” may have released the holiday songs of the season and grown legions of new fans in the process.  His “X-Mas Blues” (link below) posted on his Facebook page, quickly drew over 400,000 views and hundreds of comments. He followed that with “New Year’s Blues” (link below), attracting over one million views, 14,000 Likes, 10,000 Shares and 1,400 emotional and enthusiastic comments from music fans discovering him for the first time. The phenomenon has continued with “Living Is to Struggle,” a non-holiday tune which has now been viewed 800,000 times with 5,700 shares. Lloyd draws large crowds in Israel and has a growing, passionate following in the U.S., where his “Burning Thunder” is the #2 song of 2015 on the Blues Rock chart and “Broken Dreams” is #6. 

People of all kinds are discovering this genre-defying artist whose music is inspiring them to make comments such as:

Mike Scott (Iowa) “Would LOVE to find where I can purchase this song. I sat here in my office for 90 minutes, listening to it - over and over. Very cool sounds. First of its kind I've ever heard.”

Scott M. Bernard (Louisiana) “You got a sound that’s out this world man! Made me think, just because we say to ourselves ‘Guess I didn’t need 'em around when they hurt me’...doesn't make it any easier to let them go. Keep on jammin brother!”

Sidney Panek (Michigan) “Don't know how you popped up on my feed, but you're sticking around. Jimmy and SRV and anyone else I can think of comes back from the dead.”

Andy Alpern (Israel) “This was the only thing that stopped my baby crying after an hour straight this morning! Thanks Lazer.”

Jonjuan Santiago  (Florida) “Wow, amazing just what I need it at this moment going through a lot at the moment and something told me to click on this video and your energy with the electric guitar gave me goosebumps, love this video thank you…Much respect.”

Robert Stevens (Minnesota) “You have a true gift, this is the first I've seen you. Must See More. I've always wanted to play guitar, and you give me inspiration to try.

Lazer's visibility has also been spreading through traditional media as shown by the raft of rave reviews printed throughout music publications in the summer of 2015. His current feature as one-to-watch in the glossy Vintage Guitar Magazine's 2016 holiday edition describes Lloyd “showing off his chops on tough blues-rockers, soul ballads, and funky Hendrix-inspired rock.” More
“Exuberant vocals and razor sharp guitar work” - Downbeat
“Reminds of Santana's Best” - Elmore
“An almost spiritual force” – Gonzo Online (Canada)

Whether smoking hot or meditative, Lloyd’s unique style is forged through the white-hot furnace of his three insatiable loves: songwriting, guitar, and communicating with the audience.  At the core he notes is, “Blues, roots rock, folk, it’s real; it’s about everyone’s life story and it heals.”

“Xmas Blues” by Lazer Lloyd

“New Year’s Blues” (original title is “Dikla”) by Lazer Lloyd

“Living Is To Struggle” by Lazer Lloyd

Lazer Lloyd on the phenomenon of his songs spreading around the world

“The X-Mas Blues was inspired by hearing many of my friends and fans from the U.S. talking about the pressures of the holiday and even complaining that they dread the holiday season either because of how competitive it can be or because of the feeling of loneliness it brings up. This is something I hear from both my family and friends from all backgrounds around the holiday season so I wanted to give over a message on the deeper meaning around the holidays.

“Within about 24 hours, as we climbed above 100,000 Facebook views, I realized that the song had really touched a nerve. So a few days later I posted “To Live Is to Struggle” and “New Year’s Blues.” The “New Years Blues” was originally entitled “Dikla” and it is an instrumental song which was written from a place of deep pain but also hope during this wave of terror here in Israel and around the world. The beauty is that the melody is wordless, so to each person it can mean something else. 

“To me the message of these songs is not to deny the pain and terror we are experiencing, but to use them to connect with others and help heal their pain. I think the holidays to many people represents a time of loneliness and exclusion and I wanted my music to be a cure to that.

“I play about 100 shows overseas per year to literally every type of crowd and I firmly believe that even if our beliefs are not the same, we can all respect each other and learn from each other. I think we need musical and cultural bridges between people and that’s what I try to do.
“I've made an effort to read through the thousands of comments and have replied to hundreds of them, and I see that the songs really touched people, each in their own way. This is unbelievably gratifying and humbling to me.”


Israeli blues rocker Lazer Lloyd's burgeoning success in the international roots music scene was already growing into a powerful force for healing divisions and improving world unity. The trailblazing singer/songwriter’s live shows and his brand of blues and psychedelic roots rock are legendary in his home base of Israel. He is now blowing down the doors of clubs and festivals worldwide. Major influences include BB King, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter, Santana, and Middle Eastern Oud.
“Fasten your seatbelts!” wrote Gary von Tersch in his review. “I’m impressed by Lazer’s tightly composed compositions, deeply expressive writing, plangent vocals and crackerjack guitar and harmonica work.”

Tim Parsons, editor of Tahoe on Stage, laid out the case clearly: “It’s one thing to be a student of the blues, which began as gospel, and it’s another to be able to release the emotion to make it authentic. Lazer Lloyd does both.”

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Israeli Blues Musician Lazer Lloyd Responds to Murder of Young Couple in Israel with Video of His Song, "Never Give Up"

Israeli Musician Lazer Lloyd Responds to Murder of Young Couple in Israel with Video of His Song, “Never Give Up”

JERUSALEM – Israeli blues musician Lazer Lloyd has issued a response to the murder of a young couple in Israel with the best way he knows how: by creating a special video using his song, "Never Give Up," and posting it on Facebook and YouTube pages. He will be raising money to help support the children whose parents were murdered in front of them. Video links:

"Never Give Up" YouTube:

"This beautiful young couple was killed last night in Israel in front of their four young children in cold blood by terrorists sent personally by Abu Mazan and the Fatah movement,” Lazer Lloyd said.

“It is true they have temporarily saddened us here in the country as well as Jewish and Israeli people and our friends around the world, but we will ‘Never Give Up.’ We will continue to spread love and life and show that the way of God is the way of kindness. The enemies of Israel will not succeed using tools of violence, murder, and hate.

“Nothing will ever put out the dreams of this young couple and their beliefs. All of us should make new resolutions to live in the land of Israel to visit and to support the Jewish people around the globe.”

Friday, July 17, 2015

LL Records artist: Lazer Lloyd - Self-titled - New Release Review

I just received the newest self-titled release from Laser Lloyd and it's quite good. Opening with blues rocker, Burning Thunder, Lloyd shows a definitive sense for contemporary music with a stripped down feel and a rock solid beat. Joined by Moshe Davidson on bass and Elimelech Grundman on drums Lloyd handles vocals and guitar. Suffering still has strong roots in blues but with an almost hip hop vocal delivery the track is a blend of new and old. Opening on harp, Lloyd blends in a little country on Rockin' In The Holy Land giving the track early 60's kind of sound. Fluid guitar riffs and a solid bottom makes this track tick. Bluesy ballad, Never Give Up, has the wholesome sound of "The Band" or Van Morrison. Melodic guitar soloing by Lloyd compliments the track nicely making it a solid radio player. Digging down in the blues mud, Broken Dreams really has a heavy feel. I like the base set by Grundman and Davidson and Lloyds vocal - guitar approach making this one of my favorite tracks on the release. Lloyd's tone and soloing on this track are really quite nice. Title track, Broken Dreams, is a real nice blues ballad along the lines of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Tuesday's Gone. A really contagious melody, crisp drum rhythms, a nice bass line and aggressive guitar work make this another strong choice on the release. Set My Soul Free is a really cool track with an underlying funk and heavy bass riffs along the lines of Mountain. I really like this track for a couple of reasons. 1) it had a great beat & 2) Lloyd really riffs nicely off the beat with aggressive guitar concepts. Very nice! On Otis Redding's The Dock Of The Bay, Lloyd does an acoustic cover which has a soothing feel. Moroccan Woman is a slick blues ballad with a real simple bottom. Davidson runs a hot bass line under the melody and as Lloyd sings the lead, he cuts some really tasty riffs on lead guitar (think Thrill Is Gone). Very nice! Time To Love is as straightforward a blues track a la T-Bone Walker that you are likely to hear. A slow track with plenty of room to breathe, Lloyd sings and plays the blues for soft to hard and from subtle to raucous. Excellent! Wrapping the release is Whole Heart, a ballad but with gospel and R&B features. A quiet but powerful tune, a super track to close a very cool set.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Blues Rebels- Open Road - New Release review

I just received the newest release, Open Road from the Blues Rebels and it's title is spot on. Blues artists Andy Watts (guitars) and Dov Hammer (vocals/harp), together with Avi Barak on drums and Amos Springer on bass make up the blues rebels. Opening with boogie track, All I Want,the Rebels establish a gritty take no prisoners attitude with a solid bottom, a driving guitar rhythm and solid vocals with Dov and Andy trading hot licks on harp and guitar. Very cool! Before The Jubilee has a real poppy sound with a catchy tune but I particularly like the hot guitar riffs at the end. Driving rocker, Seen The Light, has a steady rhythm and warm harp additions. Devil By My Side is a smokey boogie with a great bass line. Dov maintains the lead throughout with some creative harp riffs. Turn Back The Clock has a R&B feel with another cool bass line from Springer. Vocal harmonies on this track give it a more polished feel that may appeal commercially. What If is slower paced, constructed over the bones of a pop format. Watts takes a nice guitar solo in this track complimented by Hammer on harp. Reason To Live has a bit of western styling with guitar strumming and wind swept harp soloing. Very nice! Don't Want You Back is a nice blues based rocker with a cooker of a groove. Watts and Hammer both take nice stretches on this track. One of my favorite tracks on the release. Ballad, Looking In, opens with a sorrowful harp riff and is followed by smooth vocal harmonies. This track reminds me of Marshall Tucker Band in structure. Watts lays down a cool solo on this track and Hammer carries melody on harp when he breaks from vocals. Boogie track, Secret Smile, really grinds it down and Hammer cooks on harp. Yes he does. Living The Dream has a bright but cocky strut. I Don't Mind has a lighter jazzy feel with vocal harmonies and a catchy sound. This track catches a nice wave reminding me of some of the sounds that Savoy Brown used to get on some of their jams. Very nice! Trying To Get Paid is a jazzy shuffle track. Hammer takes his nicest run on harp on this track with the band keeping a tight track behind him. His vocals are also nicely suited for this style of music. Watts takes a crisp solo on this track as well but overall always remaining contained. Wrapping the release is title track, Open Road, with Matan Ashkenazy on Fender Rhodes piano and Hammer on harp. This is a really clean instrumental ballad with Watts' screaming guitar riffs taking center stage. Excellent completion to an interesting release.

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Israel's Blues-Rock King, Lazer Lloyd, delivers a hot, new, self-titled album due June 9th in North America and kicks off his 2015 tour at the House of Blues in Chicago on April 20th

Israel’s Blues-Rock King, Lazer Lloyd, delivers a hot, new, self-titled album due June 9th in North America and kicks off his 2015 tour at the House of Blues in Chicago on April 20th

Lazer’s signature deep lyrical writing and vocals combined with his virtuoso guitar work takes listeners from the depths of mind-searing pain to the highest pleasures of love, hope, and healing

CHICAGO, IL – Israeli blues-rock singer/songwriter and guitaris­­­­t Lazer Lloyd announces a self-titled album of all new electric and acoustic material to be released on CD and vinyl in the USA on June 9th.  The Lazer Lloyd album, releasing on the Chicago-based LL Records label, is packed with 11 new original songs and a cover of Otis Redding’s “(Sittin’ on the) Dock of the Bay.” It follows on the critical success of his 2013 stripped-down acoustic solo album, Lost on the Highway (on U.S. label Blues Leaf Records) and his 2012 electric CD, My Own Blues (on Helicon, chosen by the Israeli Blues Society’s for best 2012 blues album). The new album was written and recorded in two Tel Aviv studios (Sonic and Papa) during a period of intense songwriting throughout 2014.  Lazer gives voice to his experiences shuttling between a demanding touring schedule on the stages of Israel, as well as in Russia and North America – often playing live knowing his wife and five children were sitting in a bomb shelter back home. 
The cover art for the album was done by Markus Greiner, a brilliant Chicago-based artist who designed the DVD release cover for the 2015 Oscar-winning film, Ida, as well as many album covers for Bloodshot Records, and other musicians such as Graham Parker, among others.
Highlights of Lazer Lloyd's upcoming Spring and Summer 2015 tour include: House of Blues (Chicago) on April 20 and May 19 (as part of the Israeli Jazz & World Music Festival); Steve’s Live Music (Atlanta) on April 30; Waterfront Blues Fest (Portland, OR) on July 5; Hayward Russell City Blues Festival (San Francisco Bay Area) on July 12 (afternoon); Biscuits & Blues (San Francisco) on July 12 (evening); The Ark (Ann Arbor, MI) on August 3; and Bayfront Blues Festival (Duluth, MN) on August 7. For a complete listing of tour events, visit his website. On his 2015 North American tour, Lazer will perform his new material backed up in the Midwest by notable blues veterans Johnny B. Gayden (Albert Collins and Johnny Winter) on bass, and in the West by Ron Perry (John Lee Hooker) on bass, with drums by Kenny Coleman of the Chicago Blues Kings and previously Koko Taylor and Sugar Blue, among others.

On the new CD, Lazer Lloyd takes his signature songwriting to another level with guts and groove that won’t quit, and is certain to become a favorite with global blues and blues-rock audiences.  During the recording sessions, Lazer was joined by his regular Israeli bass player, Moshe Davidson, and studio pros Kfir Tsairi on keyboards and Elimelech Grundman on drums.

Lazer’s music is influenced by blues, gospel, southern rock and the great guitar traditions of power and groove from Jimi Hendrix to Wes Montgomery.  Known by many as Israel's King of the Blues, he cites B.B. King as one of his biggest inspirations in music and in life. He also draws on the blues work of Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Son House, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Albert Collins, Albert King, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Winter and Santana.

“This is the first record I ever made where I successfully recorded in the studio things better than I can do live,” Lazer says, “and I really am happy finally with how things came out. Hopefully, I can help release some pain from someone's heart and make them feel good. I think blues in all its forms continues to generate a devoted following because it's real; it's about everyone's life story and it heals." 
He also used a wide array of guitars to get specific sounds he wanted in each of the songs. “All of my guitars are always messed up because I'm always looking for a unique sound somewhere between a Gibson 335, a Fender Telecaster and a Stratocaster, so I usually have homemade stuff that I've changed the pick-ups on at least 100 times and I'm still not happy,” he recalls.

Lazer offered up some comments on the origins of several of the tracks on Lazer Lloyd. “On ‘Burning Thunder’ - this is a song about the raw energy of both the Godly and Animal soul driving a person in opposite directions.”

“Suffering” - “The life on the road and becoming a successful performer tears you in 1000 directions and it's no secret that there are dark times when a person feels alone and enslaved.”

“Rocking in the Holy Land” - “There were many places that I had a chance to break my career from and places that the record company thought I should break it from. But Man makes plans and God laughs - from a strange twist of meeting a homeless man in New York City’s Central Park, I played a concert with a hippie rabbi, who convinced me to play with him in Israel to check it out and I fell in love, so I'm there more than 20 years.”

“Love Yourself” - “This song is expressing the reality of the ultimate oneness of the world and to internalize the fact that if you hurt someone else or - God forbid - kill someone else, you are hurting or killing yourself. My original concept for the song was for so-called religious terrorists.”

“Time to Love” - “Everybody has their own blues and everybody has different levels of blues: their personal blues, blues for their loved ones, blues for their friends, blues for the country and then you have the big picture blues for the world.”

Born Lloyd Paul Blumen in New York, Lazer moved at a young age to Connecticut with his parents.  Eliezer Pinchas Blumen is his Hebrew name.  Lazer is short for Eliezer and Lazer Lloyd is a combination of his Hebrew and English names. Growing up in Connecticut, at age 15, Lazer was already playing in night clubs along the Connecticut shoreline. At 18, Lazer went to Skidmore College to study music under Milt Hinton (bass player for Louis Armstrong), Randy Brecker (Blood, Sweat and Tears), and Gene Bertoncini.

After college, an A&R executive at Atlantic Records organized a showcase for Lazer in Manhattan with plans to send him to Nashville to work with producer Garry Tallent (of Springsteen’s E-Street Band fame).  One night in New York, Lazer played a gig with the legendary singing Rabbi, Shlomo Carlebach, who invited Lazer to play with him in Israel and he quickly decided to take his music to the Middle East in 1994.  Once in Israel, Lazer joined Reva L’Sheva as their lead guitar player.  With few blues fans in his new home country, Lazer became a trailblazer, as he wrote and performed his own blues tunes mixed with the classics and built an audience for the blues in a country where it was an exotic delight. 
In 2014 and 2015, Lazer brought his blues act to the USA to rave reviews, featuring great musicians such as bassists Johnny B. Gayden and Ron Perry, drummer Kenny Coleman, and for  Canadian dates his band featured blues all-stars Gary Kendall and Mike Fitzpatrick from JUNO award-winning band, Downchild. 

Lazer has successfully crossed over into the Israeli mainstream music scene, and has been featured playing live on some of Israeli TV and radio’s most popular programs. As one radio host said, “From the moment the sounds of his blues guitar reached the air, it was completely clear that this is an international-level guitarist. His shows are worth every minute. He’s one of the great musicians.”

Reviews of his previous albums have been total raves. “I have been listening to the blues for most of my life and had never run into a blues record from Israel before, but this first one is setting the bar high. His guitar playing alone is worth the price of admission, and when you add in his vocals and strong songwriting skills, this disc is a winner,” wrote Blues Blast Magazine in its review.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lazer Lloyd, Israel's King of Blues Rock, on U.S. Tour, Plays The Mint

Lazer Lloyd, Israel's King of Blues Rock, comes to the Southland for a series of shows beginning on Monday, November 17 at UCLA and culminating with a show at The Mint in Los Angeles on Monday, November 24. More below and also at

Performs Locally: The Mint In Los Angeles- Monday, November 24

     (LOS ANGELES, CA) - Lazer Lloyd, Israel's "King of Blues Rock," brings his fresh sound, new songs, and deep roots to the Southland for some select solo shows and trio performances with all-star backing.
   Lazer Lloyd performs locally at The Mint, 6010 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, Monday, November 24. Showtime is 9:45 p.m. Tickets $8. in advance, $10. at the door. Info: (323) 954-9400 or

  Lazer Lloyd is an Israeli singer/songwriter and an international recording artist influenced by blues, gospel, southern rock, and the great guitar traditions of power and groove from Jimi Hendrix to Wes Montgomery. His music takes the audience into his world from the tender moments of a traveling musician in the song "By Your Side", to a man struggling with life in "Talk". Lloyd opens hearts with his "world soul groove" sound on "Way Down" and "Back Porch", and then rocks with intensity and joy on irresistible tunes such as "Good Man Down", "Set My Soul Free", and "Rockin' in the Holy Land".

   Lloyd has crossed over into the Israeli mainstream music scene and has been featured playing live on Israeli Channel 8 TV’s “Guitar Heroes” hosted by Tal Friedman, Channel 10′s “London and Kirschenbaum”, Israeli Channel 2's "Good Morning", 88FM with Gedi Livneh, as well as on Yoav Kutner’s Army Radio program. Kutner commented, “From the moment the sounds of his guitar reached the air it was completely clear that this is an international-level guitarist. His shows are worth every minute. One of the great musicians.”

  Flying to the USA fresh from his second tour of Russia, Lazer has opened for such artists as Johnny Winter, Prince, and Olie Brown.  Lazer Lloyd's singing and guitar playing has been honed to perfection by his constant touring in Israel. Lazer and his all-star partners will perform an unforgettable evening of music presenting some of Lazer Lloyd's greatest tunes and previewing his upcoming self-titled 2015 album of new electric music.  His previous album of all original acoustic solo tunes, "Lost on the Highway", was released in 2013 on Blues Leaf Records.  Lazer's 2014 album, "Insides Out" is a  collection of his popular songs from past albums and classic live performances at Jerusalem Woodstock and the renowned Israeli venue, Yellow Submarine.


"Lazer Lloyd’s Lost on the Highway provides a fresh take on the blues and it is definitely worth a listen.  His guitar playing alone is worth the price of admission, and when you add in his vocals and strong songwriting skills, this disc is a winner."
                                                   BLUES BLAST MAGAZINE

“Lloyd’s guitar skills are impeccable, along with a rich, vocal delivery. A consummate musician, writer and storyteller.”    
                                 NASHVILLE BLUES SOCIETY

“He handles his guitar like it was an extension of his lanky, but sturdy body, and the glorious noise that it emits emerges directly from his soul. He’s the best guitarist in Israel.”
                                      JERUSALEM POST

"We are extremely excited and honored to present a world-class musician such as Lazer Lloyd in concert here in Long Beach. Lazer sharing the stage with Long Beach music legend, Bernie Pearl, should be nothing short of magical." 

“This is the best Rock N Roll Blues that I have seen in Israel. Amazing, you have to see him live.”
                             BEN RED, 88FM  (ISRAELI RADIO)

      Lazer Lloyd -  California Tour Itinerary & Radio Interviews
Nov. 16 (Sun.)
Nov. 17 (Mon.)
Nov. 17 (Mon.)
Nov. 18 (Tues.)
Nov. 18 (Tues.)
Nov. 20 (Thur.)
Nov. 21
Nov.  22 (Sat.)
Nov. 23 (Sun.)
Nov. 24 (Mon.)

   *with Bernie Pearl
   Costa Mesa, CA
   Westwood, CA
   Tarzana, CA
   World Wide Web
   Long Beach, CA
   La Jolla, CA
   Laguna Beach, CA
   Charmichael, CA
   San Francisco, CA
   Los Angeles, CA



Monday, January 20, 2014

Show me the way - Dani Dorchin

I am Dani Dorchin, an israeli musician and song writer, currently performing as a one man band, playing energetic, groovy, bluesy songs on guitar, harmonica and foot drums. My debut album, released January 2014, was recorded live in a studio in Tel Aviv in an attempt to capture the raw energy of a live show. No overdubs were used. All my favorite albums were recorded that way and this is my way of connecting to that tradition and to feel like I'm doing something real. I hope it works. The one man band project is my first solo effort, coming after years of playing harmonica with top Israeli acts, such as Asaf Avidan, Black Bruises, Lunacidal Tendencies and The Greenbaums, to name a few. Recently I have been honored to open for and play with blues greats Rev. KM Williams and LC Ulmer on their 2013 Israeli tours, an experience I have never even imagined possible when picking up guitar and harmonica in my mid twenties. Growing up on a kibbutz in northern Israel, a stone's throw away from the historic town of Nazareth, there wasn't much live music around, not blues anyway. Still my childhood was full of music, which came from my father's vast collection of blues and jazz records. From early in my childhood I can recall records of such greats as Big Bill Broonzy, Sonny Terry or Leadbelly being played full blast late into the night. These childhood sounds finally found their way to my guitar after years of travelling the world and learning to play from people I've met on the road. Hopefully this new album will take me back on the road... It actually allready does as this January I am representing the Israeli Blues Society in the 2014 international blues contest in Memphis, Tennesse.  

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