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Monday, December 2, 2013

Island Records Group release: The Motown 7s Box - New release review

I just received the latest release, The Motown 7s Box, from Island Records Group and it's a fast paced mouthful of savory soul and R&B style. Opening with Marvin Gaye's This Love Starved Heart, the release is hopping from the start. The Spinners', What More Could A Boy Ask For, is slick and smooth with horn and vocal backing. Frank Wilson's Do I Love You is a strong driver with full orchestration. Wilson is on top of his game on this track. The Originals' Suspicion has such a strong Motown trademark sound with the drums in front with the vocals and underlying strings and backing vocals. Very nice. The Supremes do a straight up version of Stormy. This is a really cool track with classic styling. Stevie Wonder, one of the best song smiths of our time, is up next with Just Enough To Ease The Pain. This track is closely related to Light My Fire melodically with a definite Wonder twist. The Four Tops' Clip My Wings moves along at a fast moving clip and leaving you wanting more. Tammi Terrell contributes one of my favorite tracks, All I Do, which shows just how talented she is. Barbara McNair, with It Happens Every Time, has a nice easy paced pop tune. David Ruffin's I Can't Be Hurt Anymore is a terrific R&B track showing Ruffin in solid groove. The Temptations' Forever In My Heart has trademark vocal blending with that superior bottom. Kim Weston picks up the pace with You Hit Me Where It Hurts. This is a great pop track with super vocals and melodic harmonies. Chris Clark steps up with Something's Wrong, another of my favorite tracks. It has just the right pace and feel. The Isley Brothers wrap the release with the smooth My Love Is Your Love. This is a really warm track and a perfect track to close the set.

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