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I started a quest to find terrific blues music and incredible musicianship when I was just a little kid. I also have a tremendous appreciation of fine musical instruments and equipment. One of my greatest joys all of my life was sharing my finds with my friends. I'm now publishing my journey. I hope that you come along!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Nerus Records artist: The Hitman Blues Band - The World Moves On - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, The World Moves On, from The Hitman Blues Band, and it's a lot of fun. Opening with Bad, Bad Man, The Hitman Blues Band stomps onto the scene with a real cool rocker. Led by Russell "Hitman" Alexander, this band has a great swagger with Hitman's strong vocal attack and slide guitar work, firmly backed by Kevin Bents on piano and organ, Mike Porter on bass and Guy LaFountaine on drums. That's What It's Like To Be A Man is a cool boogie track with a cool driving bass line from Glassman and great slide work from Hitman. Very cool! Rocker, Don't You Tempt Me, has a modern blues rock beat. Hitman really delivers on vocals and horn backing by Mikey Vitale on tenor and Nick Clifford on bari give the track full traction. Moving On reminds me quite a bit of I've been Down So Long By The Doors. Another gem, this track not only features super slide work from Hitman, Clifford and Vitale on sax but nice organ work from Kevin Bents on piano and Guy LaFountaine on drums. Two Minute Warning has an easy, Steeley Dan jazz rock feel with easy rhythm guitar, nicely stylized guitar solos and solid sax work from Vitale and Clifford. The World Moves On is a solid radio track with a classic sax solo from Vitale. Neil Alexander leads off Two Trains Running on harp and Mike Porters bass line holds down the beat under Clifford and Vitale on sax and Kevin Bents on keys. Another cool sax solo on this track gives it a poke in the arm and a double stop riddled guitar solo leading into a nice piano riff. Johnny Gale takes off on a nice bass solo supported by Bernard Purdie on drums. Very cool. Catch-22 Blues has a laid back feel with light drum work by Bernard Purdie under excellent sax work and cool lead vocals, Bobby Forrester on keys and stylized guitar lead by Hitman. Ray Alexander sets in some really nice vibes for a different feel altogether and this Charles Brown styled track sets a nice pace. Ballad, Angel In The Shadows features Richard Crooks on drums, Seth Glassman on bass, Murray Weinstock on piano and Kevin Rymer on organ. I really hear a lot of similarity to Donald Fagen on delivery and vocal timbre. Radio bound. Rock n Roller, Jenny Goodbye, has a strong boogie woogie beat and power horn saxs. Hitman slips in some real nice slide work but it's the sax solos by Michael Snyder that nails this one. Hitman brings the lights down low for I'm All About You with only piano and his vocals on the intro. Slowly building this soulful ballad with real nice piano work by Bents and cool guitar and horn accents give this track a great feel. Vitale rips out a great solo on this one and backing vocals by Joanna Alexander and Nancy Hampton really help to give this track a spiritual feel. Excellent! Wrapping the release is Willie Dixon's Hoochie Coochie Man and you've likely not heard it done like this. A flat out boogie done LaGrange style, this track is laying down flames. Vitale is up first with a smoking sax solo cushioned by Bents on organ. Clifford doesn't let any grass grow under his feet either with a sky high bari sax solo that will set you back in your chair. Porter's bass line and LaFontaine's drums keep this train on the track and Hitman has the phrasing just right. Bents takes a real nice electric piano solo leading up to a smoking hot guitar closer by Hitman. Excellent closer to a real strong release!

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nerus Records artist: The Hitman Blues Band - Blues Enough - New Release Review

I just received the newly released (January 31, 2013)recording, Blues Enough, by The Hitman Blues Band. The recording opens with the title track, Blues Enough, a rockin' blues style track featuring Russell "Hitman" Alexander on guitar and vocal, Kevin Tymer on keys, Mike Porter on bass, Guy LaFountaine on drums, Michael Snyder on sax, Eric Altarac on trumpet and Al Alpert on trombone. Sam The Bluzman is a swinging big horn sound blues track with Alexander playing some cool riffs under the vocal track. Fishing Where The Fish Are has a Latin beat and clever lyrics. About midway through as is often the case with Latin style blues the band breaks into full swing and then back to Latin rhythm. Alexander lays down some nice heat on this track. Snyder warms up the bottom with his sax style. Backhand Drive opens with a hot guitar riff and Alexander continues throughout the track with some hot slide licks. Snyder steps up again and plays some hot riffs on sax and Alexander chases him with slide over a bed of brass. Very cool. Every Piece Of Me is a really nice soul style blues track like (I'd Rather Go Blind) and Altarac and Alpert fill out the back over LaFontaine keeping a stiff beat. Alexander takes a cool guitar break and is followed by Rymer on organ. One of my favorite tracks on the release. Everything You Do is an upbeat blues track with a Texas style lope, and gives Rymer a nice shot on the piano. Alexander plays some "Allmanesque" slide riffs and Snyder again contributes some nice sax work. Streets of Downtown is a slow ballad allowing Alexander to show some his best vocal work on the release as well as flash his hand on the fretboard. Life's Too Short is another swinging track with a Latin soaked beat and Duane influenced slidework. Although not at all sounding like a ABB track, Alexander has captured Allmans 'spirit" in his playing. Better Class Of Bums shows a bit of humor and allows tha band to "play it loose". With a cool light jazz feel on a swing blues track, Rymer plays some really nice keys on this track. Mike Porter quietly keeps the groove going and Altarac and Alpert fill the back with warm horn work. Alpert takes an unexpected trombone solo on this track and that always adds a nice spark to a track. Altarac also gets the chance to rips some nice lead work. Deaf, Dumb and Blind is another slow soul style blues track. This track is again really well suited for Alexanders voice and he echo's his voice with complimentary guitar work and the horn section. Finishing the release is Tough Street, a rip roaring slide bonanza. If you dig slide guitar this is your track. This is a cool release with a lot of flavor.
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