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Showing posts with label Gibson GA-6 (1954). Show all posts

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tech Talk - Gibson GA-6 (1954)

GA-6 (tweed)

10-14W 2x12" Guitar Combo (identical to the GA-14 Titan except for the 12" speaker)
Speakers: 2x12"
Inputs (instr. + mic.): 2+2 (tweed)
Channels: 2
Volume Controls: 2
Tone Controls: 1
Tremolo: No
Tubes: 5 (2x12AX7, 2x6V6, 5Y3 or (newer version) Pre (2x7025), Pow (1x6V6 PAIR + 5Y3))
Watts Output: 10-14
Shipping Totals: See GA-6 (two-tone)
Harmony Central Review GA-6
Schematic with 2x12AX7, 2x6V6, 1x5Y3

For info on and pics of the Gibson GA-6 Interim Model see Miles O'Neal's web-site.

This amp replaced the BR-6. The circuit is identical to that of the GA-14. (, March 28, 2003)

Push-pull 6V6s; like a Fender 5D3/5E3 Tweed Deluxe; cross between the two Fender circuits