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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Landslide Records artist: Tinsley Ellis - Get It! - New Release Review

I just got a copy of the newest Tinsley Ellis release, Get It! and it's really strong! Ellis has put together a 10 track all instrumental recording and he demonstrates that you can say a lot without uttering a word. Opening with Front Street Freeze, Ellis cranks up the funk accompanied by Kevin McKendree on keys, Lynn Williams on drums and Ted Pecchio on bass. Ellis plays smokin guitar that he is known for and adds a little Albert Collins sting. Sassy Strat is another track with a funky bottom. Speaking with his own guitar voice and a bit of wah, Ellis takes a Beck, lay back and let it come to me approach on his melodic lead. McKendree keeps the flame hot with Billy Preston like richness. The Milky Way is a very solitude track with quiet drums and organ on the bottom and single line leads not unlike those seen from Dutch guitar great Jan Akkerman. This is a really nice track with a strong melody and smart use of the fretboard. Detour is a twistin' Texas infused surf track with great guitar riffs, double stops, reverb and effects. Is there beach in Texas... damn straight! This track should see a lot of airplay due to it's refreshing sound and cool beat. Anthem For A Fallen Hero is a classic guitar ballad... the kind of stuff that has made Bonamassa and Moore rich and famous. It is nicely constructed and crisply played. Get It! is a hot Texas style loping blues track with great guitar sounds. McKendree adds just the right amount of keys to Williams drumming to give Ellis a great platform to lay down the goods. This is one of the hottest tracks on the release! Fuzzbuster is a blues rock reminding me quite a bit of ZZ Top in attack but with some real great fuzzy guitar riffs. McKendree has the piano rolling and Ellis doesn't hold back on this track at all. This is definitely one not to miss with Williams keeping you on the path with simple solid beat structure. Freddy's Midnight Dream is another guitar ballad but this time with a country twist really calling to mind Roy Buchanan, Danny Gatton or young Arlen Roth in composition. This is a great track with layers of key work paving the way for Ellis to show his mastery of soul, blues and country all at once. Berry Tossin' has a bit of Chuck Berry flavor mixed into a basic 12 bar structure as thought by Freddie King and then well digested in technicolor by Ellis. McKendree plays some particularly cool piano riffs on this track as well so take note. Catalunya crosses another bridge altogether... David Gilmore's brother born in Atlanta, and jammed with Santana? Ellis takes from what he hears and does an excellent job of creating his own sound from bits of life. On this track with it's Latin rhythm and searing guitar riffs, Ellis creates a sound unique to him. It is an excellent conclusion to a very strong blues guitar release. You like guitar? You like Blues? This is a real good release!

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