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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

R. Music, Inc artists: Generation Blues Experience - Private Angel - New release review

I just received the newest release, Private Angel, from Generation Blues Experience and it's hot! Opening with Little Mama, a cool blues track with a Latin feel features Sammy Lee on vocal and the crisp guitar style of Ray Goren. Lester Lands lays out a really nice bass rhythm joined by Albert Trepagnier Jr on drums and Tadg Galleran on keys. Dan Weinstein (coronet and trombone) and Bobby Hurricane Spencer (tenor sax) add some depth on horn. Goren opens the second track, the title track, Private Angel, with soulful BB King like riffs and takes lead on vocals. A young but solid voice, Goren does a really nice job. Crazy slows it down for a deeper blues and Jamie Powell on vocals. Powell has a great blues voice and he hits it here! Lee adds a nice harp backing on the vocals and Goren really rips it loose on guitar on this track. I like his feel of texture and reckless abandon. Not saying he sounds like Buddy Guy, but Guy is one player who has made reckless abandon his trademark and Goren seems to be exploring this avenue. Excellent! R&B track Rainin' features Goren on lead vocal with solid horn backing. A cool radio player, this track is the lead single for the release. Sammy Lee is back on lead vocal on Katrina and BB King like guitar attack by Goren shows strong composure. A cool swinger, Goren tackles this blues like an old pro developing some nice chops. Sugar Momma is one of my favorite tracks on the release with a really nice harp intro from Lee on the intro. Lee's rich voice resonates nicely on this track and Goren trades guitar riffs with lee on harp for a solid set. Very nice! Lester Lands steps up to the mic for Put Love On Your Guest List. He has an exceptional voice more along the lines of Curtis Mayfield or some of the better R&B singers and I really like it. Goren plays a tasty swing guitar solo backed nicely by Powell and Lands on rhythm guitar. Weinstein and Spencer add warmth to this already smooth track on horns. Swingin'! On Bill Withers', Ain't No Sunshine, Goren takes the lead on vocal and the track has a bit more of a "Thrill Is Gone" rhythm allowing Goren the chance to really stretch it out a bit. With really nice bends and and double stops, this is absolutely Gorens chance to lay it all out there. Taking the volume down for some dynamic range Goren works the crowd. Nice job!

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