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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Gateway Music artists: The Blues Overdrive - Clinch! - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Clinch! by The Blues Overdrive and I really like it! Opening with suspenseful track, Pistol Blues, this Danish band really understands it's craft. With a feel of North Mississippi and easy instrumentation by Martin Olsen on guitar and vocal, Andreas Andersen on guitar, Thomas Birck on bass and Lars Heiberg on drums these guys create an invite to their cool blues interpretation. Rolling Thunder steps up the rock feel but maintains the stripped down feel with cool double stopped guitar riffs. Cool! Shuffle track, Three Time Lover, starts to show more of the richness of Olsen's vocals and Olsen and Andersen compliment each other nicely as they trade lead/rhythm guitar riffs. Duke Robillard steps up with a signature solo of his own blending right in. Very cool! A little twist of Latin in the rhythm give Woman Of Love a more pop blues feel. Simple guitar riffs and overtones of JJ Cale make the track smooth and breezy. John Nemeth's Daughter of the Devil is one of my favorite tracks on the release having a bit of a Kimbrough feel. With it's swampy feel and tight guitar riffs (featuring Robillard) this is certainly one of my favorite tracks on the release! Jealous has a cool shadowy sound and maybe a track of early Black Keys. This track is infectious and with it's slightly out double stops is extremely effective in creating tension. It even has an underlying almost western guitar themed solo... excellent! Joel Patterson joins on Cherry providing a cool lap steel aura. With it's Latin rhythm this track is airy and fun. Another of my favorite tracks is blues rocker, Lay Your Burdon Down, again with a real stripped down feel and almost a John Kay feel. Vibrant guitar riffs on this track and tight drumming from Heiberg gives it an almost Jimi Hendrix blues taste. Very smart! Living Here With You is an excellent track with a JJ Cale style. With it's light funky rhythm and Mark Knopfler style lead guitar penned against it's David Gilmore like vamps, this track is sure a winner. Excellent! Wrapping the release is Aurora, a thick and greasy track with really rich guitar tones. Olsen's vocals are really soulful on this track and with it's strong blues flavor and even John Lee Hooker like blues riffs, is my favorite on the release. This is an absolute sleeper of a release that needs to be heard! Check it out!!

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