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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Blue Bella Records artist: Hank Mowery - Excuses Plenty - New release review

I just received the newest release, Excuses Plenty, from Hank Mowery and it's a cool mix of rural country, R&B/soul and blues. Opening with Anna Lee, a country rocker featuring Mowery on harp ad vocal, Troy Amaro on guitar, Chris Corey on piano, Patrick Recob on bass and Theo Ndawillie II on drums. I Don't Want to Know is a nice R&B ballad with strong radio appeal. Jimmie Stagger and Claude Nine add some real nice guitar work to this track but in a melodic contained envelope. Title track, Excuses Plenty, has a country 2 step feel but a euphoric harp wail that really gives the track a special feel. Troy Amaro adds some nice guitar work on this track as well. Country rocker, Walk With Me has a strong pop influence. Mowery's vocals are really super and Mike Morgan adds some hot guitar riffs to Mowery's own lead harp line. Straight up Chicago blues number, One And Only, has a real nice vocal duet with Recob and Morgan is really fluid on guitar backed by Pete Curry on drums and Larry Taylor on bass. Little Bit Of Rhythm has a light touch and a lot of swing with Corey and Amaro playing a really nice instrumental duet. Early 60's style rocker, Cry For Me, has a surf feel but without the tremolo shimmer. Clavoline work by Corey add a , backing vocals by Matt Mason and vocals give it a country twist. Bluesy ballad, Would You Still Love Me On A Rainy Day, features serious vocals by Mowery and some ultra tasty harp work by harp maestro, Dennis Gruenling. This is some serious dramatic harp work and joined by Doug Deming on guitar this is my pick of the release. Hot blues stomper, Telephone Is Ringing, also features Deming and Gruenling with Danny Banks on drums, Andrew Gohman on bass. This is a hot track really stoking the fire before the close. Mowery's vocals on this track are super and the track really hits! Wrapping the release is Skip James' I'm So Glad, an acoustic number with Piedmont style picking by Amaro. Excellent conclusion to a versatile release.

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