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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Etta Britt - Etta Does Delbert - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Etta Does Delbert, by Etta Britt and it's quite enjoyable.  Britt sings a collection of Delbert McClinton songs adding one original. Opening with Somebody To Love You, Etta Britt shows she has spunk and swagger. With a country feel and a bluesy twist, Britt is backed by Kevin McKendree on keys, Steve Mackey on bass, Lynn Williams on drums and Dana Robbins on sax. Guitarist Bob Britt keeps it low but throws some really nice stingers in there. Old Weakness (Coming On Strong) keeps with a country feel but with a definite Keith Richards guitar feel from Britt. Etta has a real cool feel for the music and McKendree plays a nice piano throughout. On Boy You Better Move On, Britt trades lead vocals and is backed by Scat Springs, Regina McCrary, Ann McCrary George Pendergrass, Bob Britt and Alfreda McCrary. Cool track! Starting A Rumor is a strong ballad with a particular strength actually putting me in mind of "The Weight". A solid B3 solo from McKendree takes the spotlight momentarily but it's the melody and warm harmonies that make this track click. Lie No Better has a funky groove with a plucky rhythm part featuring Bob Britt and Mackey. A definite R&B country fusion is happening here on this, one of the strongest tracks on the release. Every Time I Roll The Dice opens with cool slide work from Bob Britt but it's a solid two stepper like Seeger's Old Time Rock 'n' Roll. Crankin up the voice on this track Britt really takes command, and with cool piano work from McKendree and guitar work from Bob Britt, one of my favorite tracks on the release. You Were Never Mine has a definite soul ballad feel and Britt digs in with strong support from the McCrary sisters. Best Of Me returns to the more country overtoned feel and Bob Britt takes a real nice rife on his fretboard reinforced by the stylized piano work of McKendree. Very nice. I'm With You gets a little country swamp funk going and Britt is on like glue. McKendree both on piano and organ does a really nice job supporting Britt and her sure footed backing vocalists. I'm With You is a strong shuffle track with cool guitar work from Bob Britt and solid bass work from Mackey. This is the best track on the release with a nice blend of vocal, groove and instrumentals featuring Bob Britt and McKendree stepping out. The Jealous Kind is a simple ballad with warm vocal backing. Dana Robbins add a strong soulful sax solo to the mix making this a standout track. Wrapping the release is When I Was With You which has a definite R&B feel along the lines of Knock on Wood. Written by Britt and McKendree, this has a nice feel with a jazzy guitar lead by Bob Britt icing the track.

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