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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dan Bubien - Empty Roads - New Release Review

I just received a new release, Empty Roads, from Dan Bubien. It's not often that I get to review an artist from my original hometown, Pittsburgh Pa. but it's a solid pleasure when I do...and the music is great! Bubien presents not only a pleasant rack of tunes but a strong voice and great instrumentation. This release is a bit more "popular" sounding than I typically listen to but it's always cool when musical strength, catchy tunes and vibrant grooves collide. Opening with the title track, Empty Roads, a funky, Little Featesque, track with strong vocals and cool guitar. Excellent start. The guitar work on this track is straight forward and interesting exhibiting solid chops. Fight Club pulls even more funk with Andy Taravella on drums, Gary Ripper on bass, Timmy Mabin on keys, Jonathan Vallecorsa on guitar, and especially Eric DeFade on sax. Crazy Days really has a strong Philly sound (the other side of the state) and I really like it. If you don't know the Philly sound, it's also called blue eyed soul. Excellent! Andre Marocco adds backing vocals to this track, a key component to the authentic sound. Exile Blues is a nice light 12 bar number and includes the addition of Chris Nacy on harp and a nice clean piano solo by Mabin. Slide work by Bubien adds a vocal warmth to the easy going track. To Youngstown has a distinctive Little Feat feel to it and a touch of Traveling Riverside Blues. Really cool track. Dizzy Eyes is an uptempo R&B style track with a load of horns by Steve McKnight (trumpet) and Eric De Fade and backing vocal by Jimmie Ross, Morgan Maybray and Marocco. Joe Monroe lays down a nice organ solo on this track and the push is all JB's. Irony is another strong R&B style track and a solid hit coming. Bubien has a definite knack for melody and DeFade and McKnight add warmth to the bottom. A super stinging guitar solo by Bubien is a terrific compliment to his excellent vocals. keep Love In Mind is another sweet Philly love song (straight out of Pittsburgh). Bubien is just waiting for the ear because the music is absolutely here. Do you even kind of like Daryl Hall? How about Smokey Robinson? You'll love this guy! Sniper is an easy going blues track with a country feel. Marocco adding vocal backing and Justin Stagg adding banjo along with Bubien's slide work make this a smart ending to a really cool release.

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