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Friday, December 21, 2018

Conner Ray Music - Dry Johnson - Long Live Them Blues Vol. 1 - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Long Live Them Blues Vol. 1, from Houston based duo, Dry Johnson and I really like it. Opening with lumbering blues rumbler, Daddy's Got A Cadillac, features favorites Annika Chambers and Mike Zito on vocals with Zito and Terry Dry on guitars and Matthew Robert Johnson on drums. Cool opener. On title track, Long Live Them Blues, Trudy Lynn's distinct lead vocals are coupled with Steve Krase on harp and Mighty Orq on guitar for a grinding groove. John Del Toro Richardson has the lead on guitar and vocal on Hit That Highway, a real nice blues shuffle. Two stepper, Drunk Girl With A Tambourine has kevin Snit Fitzpatrick on lead vocal and the Mighty Orq on guitar. This is really a strong track with kick. Juke Joint is a slick shuffle with a Bob Wills feel. Featuring Dry on lead vocal and Mighty Orq and James Wilhite on guitar this track is a great swinger. A track with a lot of texture is I Walk Alone featuring the gritty vocals of Wilhite and opposing shimmering guitar vibrato. Very cool. With a bluesy funk, Trashy Women & Cheap Guitars is another great track with Dry on lead vocal and drums and sweet guitar riffs by Zito. Definitely one of my release favorites. Fried Chicken is a super cool instrumental featuring Zito on lead guitar. Get funky my brother. Very nice. Wrapping the release is Little Bird featuring Terry Dry on vocal and acoustic guitar  with a strong folk track. I got to say, this release has a lot of sounds but it's all super. This is a great Christmas idea, and get one for yourself.

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Connor Ray Music Set to Release New CD from Houston-Based Duo, Dry Johnson, "Long Live Them Blues Vol. 1", On October 5

Connor Ray Music Set to Release New CD from Houston-Based Duo, Dry Johnson,

Long Live Them Blues Vol. 1, On October 5

HOUSTON, TX – Connor Ray Music announces an October 5 release date for the debut CD from Houston-based duo, Dry Johnson, Long Live Them Blues, Vol. 1.   

Dry Johnson is comprised of bassist Terry Dry and drummer Matthew Robert Johnson, who collectively have formed the powerhouse rhythm section backing award-winning Texas guitarslinger Mike Zito for almost two years. Zito returns the favor on Long Live Them Blues, Vol. 1 by playing guitar and singing on several tracks of the new disc. Zito also joins another Houston favorite, Annika Chambers, for a soul-searing vocal duet on the lead-off song, “Daddy’s Got a Cadillac.”

Other special guests on the Dry Johnson debut include legendary singer (and Connor Ray labelmate) Trudy Lynn, guitarists John Del Toro Richardson, Mighty Orq and James Wilhite, harmonica ace Steve Krase, and beloved Houston musician Kevin “Snit” Fitzpatrick on vocals. 

All of the songs on the new CD are originals, with the exception of a nifty cover of Johnny “Guitar” Watson’s “Hit the Highway.”

“Getting this out has been a year and a half in the making,” admits Matthew Robert Johnson.” Terry and I originally thought up the idea after a gig with Mike Zito in a hotel room in Florida. We discussed the idea of doing a project as a rhythm section, with all of the artists that we have either worked with in the past, or would like to work with in the future...and Dry Johnson was born. I can only hope that we have done this great city and its incredible musical legacy some justice with this recording.”

“I met Matthew Robert Johnson and Terry Dry in St. Louis around 2002 when I opened a show for Hadden Sayers,” writes Mike Zito in the album’s liner notes. “I still remember thinking they sounded really good and had a big sound.

“Matt and Terry share a love for the American art form. The blues brought them together and has given them a musical purpose to work toward. Matthew's drumming is strong and immense, while Terry's bass playing is solid and straight forward. Together they make a sound that is large and tight, round and moving. Always musical and consistent, they work together to form a foundation that any guitarist, vocalist or band can make great music with.

“When I was ready to put together a band based in Texas, my first choice was to get Matthew and Terry and build on that big sound. They have delivered in spades. Dry Johnson has stood the test of time. Rarely do musicians stay together this long or continue to complement one another, but Dry Johnson forges the Blues that brought them together. It was only a matter of time for the duo to make their own album and showcase more of their talent. I am very excited to have been included on this debut recording and I am proud to have Dry Johnson backing me on stages all over the world.”

Terry Dry and Matthew Robert Johnson met for the first time in Fargo, North Dakota in 1998 and played together a few years later in Houston, Texas. They have continued playing music together off and on for 20 years. Throughout that time, they have learned to back many guitar players and singers on bandstands, festivals and recordings.