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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blue Hoss Records artist: Frank Bang & the Secret Stash - Double Dare - New Release review

I just received the new release, Double Dare from Frank Bang & The Secret Stash. Bash, an ex Buddy Guy band member delivers his 5th release and it's quite unpredictable and interesting. Opening with the title track, Double Dare, Bang has the joint rockin. Having traces of Rory Gallagher and Jimi Hendrix, Bang plays some wicked slide. Burnin' Up The Wind is a cool modern blues rock track with traces of Willie Dixon. Russ Green plays some drifting blues riffs on harp and Bang sings the blues complimented by nice slide work. Next up is Lose Control demonstrates a unconventional approach to the blues such as that shown by Chris Duarte or Eric Gales. Bang has a sound all his own with hot horn interludes from Greg Ward and interesting guitar work.. God Fearin' Man is a great blues rocker with a crisp drum rhythm by Bobby Spelbring and continuing a strong set of driving blues rock tracks. Wonder Woman has a more solitary sound featuring excellent vocals and resonator slide work from Bang. As the track picks up steam it starts to take on the life of a Led Zep style track with nice electric slide work, additional harp work from Green, Ryan Fitzgerald on bass and really nice drums work from Spelbring. Nice track! My Own Country Way is a catchy acoustic foot stomper with real nice resonator guitar work from Drew Pentkowski and Phil Miller and some of the best vocal work on the release. 18 Wheels of Hell rings back to the trucker sounds of the 70's or the country rock sound first popularized by the likes of Charlie Daniels. Spelbring really drives this track home being right on the mark. Finishing up with acoustic number Mattie's Girl, Bang accompanies himself with some real nice finger/slide guitar work and soulful vocals. This is a pretty cool release with a slice of blues rock, country and acoustic blues to please less hard core listeners.  

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