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Showing posts with label Dennis Jones Band. Show all posts

Friday, September 14, 2018

Blue Rock Records artist: Dennis Jones Band - WE3 Live - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, WE3 Live from the Dennis Jones Band and it's a solid blues rocker. Opening with funky blues track, Blue Over You, Dennis Jones on lead vocal and guitar is backed by Sam Correa on bass and Raymond Johnson on drums. Tight and funky with some really tasty bass work and Jones' slashing guitar style, this is a solid opener. Hot stepper, Hot Sauce, has a really snappy drum line with a driving bass line giving Jones the opportunity to play some country styled blues riffs. One of my favorite tracks on the release is Don't Worry About Me with an aggressive bass line and flowing blues guitar soloing by Jones giving the track real bite. Boogie track, Super Deluxe has a real nice flow with components of Texas blues and jazz mixed equally giving it a foot stomping, guitar gripping edge. Very nice. Funky blues rocker, Enjoy The Ride, has a great bottom giving Jones a great platform for his assertive rhythm playing and compelling soloing. Very cool. Wild card track, Kill The Pain shows a lot of Jimi influence with vocal and guitar inflection over a droning bass line. Some of Jones' most choice guitar riffs come out on this track making it another of my favorites. You can feel the tension building as this live show goes on with Big Black Cat and it's powerful drive. Really digging into his bag of tricks over tom tom heavy drum work, Jones is lighting it up on Devil's Nightmare. Shuffle track, I'm Good has great flow with a tight rhythm, solid vocals and crisp guitar riffs. Wrapping the release is Albert King's Born Under A Bad Sign, with Jones pulling out the stops. His Hendrix influence is heavy but not dominant and he really shines. This is a super closer for a solid blues rocker. 

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Live at the Temecula Theater DVD - Dennis Jones Band - New Recording Review

I just received Live at the Temecula Theater featuring the Dennis Jones Band. Dennis is a young axe slinger with a tight backing made up of Michael Turner on Drums and Sam Correa on Bass (both on vocals). The band opens with Kill The Pain, a blues rock track with the underlying rhythm of a Jeff Beck like track (solid) and featuring Jones out front with his honey burst Les Paul. Jones has a very versatile voice and has mastered the guitar quite well. His vocal styling is definitely influenced by Jimi and certainly not a bad choice. His riffs, played in a modern style have their roots in the delta. Next up is Him Or Me, which actually has the construction of a Hendrix track but of course is totally original. Jones seems to prefer Bogner amplification for his dirty sound and Fender Blonde Vibrolux Custom for his clean channel. This is a cool song with again a blues rock feel there are definitely some Jimi influenced riffs on this track. Jones, now on a sunburst Stratocaster with a rosewood board, plays I'm Good, built around Hookers One Bourbon concept, takes on a new life and sounds very fresh. Brand New Day, a fast boogie track finds the band driving quite hard. This is a pretty cool track with limited guitar work but really solid. Passion For Blues, title track of Jones' second release, is laid over a solid bass/drum riff and gives Jones the opportunity to play some more fingered chord style rhythm and hold the volume back for the clean solos which follow. A Strat and a Vibrolux belong together. The Best That I Can brings the tempo up a little and exhibits a more modern approach to the blues with rock riffs. Jones demonstrates once again his clean mastery of the fretboard and I'm watching. Big Black Cat has a great classic driving bass line and Jones fires up the fretboard like he's from Texas. Riffs are red hot and driving but with a little jazz in the mix. Very cool track! The second set starts off with Don't Worry About Me, a strong blues infused rocker. When I Die again demonstrates how important a bottom end is to a trio with the drums and bass setting the table for Jones to lay out his pallet if musical colors. Home Tonight has a modern R&B style feel but doesn't inhibit Jones from demonstrating a short burst of pyrotechnics. Back on Les Paul, Jones plays Try Not To Lie, a straight up boogie giving the band a chance to break loose and even finds Jones with a Chuck Berry riff in there. Back on his Strat, Jones leads the way with some beautiful clean guitar riffs on Fresh Out Of Love. Although this concert is filled with terrific guitar playing, this particular track really shows Jones mastery of sensitivity and articulation on his axe. Super Deluxe is back on the boogie train with the walking bass line and Jones raking the chords in rhythm. Hot Sauce see's Jones stripped down to a "wife beater" and cowboy hat and playing a butterscotch black guard Tele demonstrating that he can cross the lines and play a hot country based blues rocker to finish up the set.
There are 4 Bonus Tracks included on this DVD, Something Good, a slow blues track which may be one of the best tracks on the recording; Falling Up, a more airplay oriented track; the hard driving You're Wrong based on Jimmy Reed riff and pushed into a modern rocker and Stray Bullet, a soul style ballad with strong guitar work.
The people who attended this show got their money's worth and when you check this DVD out, you will too!!
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