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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dennis Herrera Blues Band - Livin' Life Not Worryin' - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Livin' Life Not Worryin' from the Dennis Herrera Blues Band and it's terrific! Opening with All This Fun's for Free, a cool blues rocker featuring Igor Prado. Herrera brings a great band featuring Rich Wenzel who really plays out the piano on this track. Prado throws down some hot rockin riffs on guitar and Herrara's vocals are just right. Denis Depoitre steps on the gas with his harp playing topping off this real nice opener. Can't Get Enough is a stinging rocker with Alan Maggini with great tone on guitar and Wenzel laying down some great organ riffs. Loping, Damn Uncle Sam opens with Depoitre on harp and a cool Lee Campbell drum riff. Herrera has just the right vocal style for this track and Maggini cuts it up pretty nice on guitar. Hank Van Sickle's bass lines are spot on, with Wenzel giving the track a great rhythm. Uptempo blues, Chicago style, Love You Good, has a cool vintage feel with distorted vocals and super harp riffs from Depoitre. Bill Bates steps up on guitar on this one with some cool slide riffs and leaves the track with some precise thrillers. Title track, Livin' Life Not Worryin' features Prado on guitar and he kills it. Depoitre hits the harp just right with great tone. This is a really hot track and one of my favorites on the release. Slim Baby Slim is a rock n roller featuring Lynwood Slim and Jeffrey Paul Ross on guitars and Slim also takes the lead vocal role. Wenzel takes a lead piano solo and the house is rockin! Depoitre grabs tight and blows a great few lines. Excellent! Mean Ole Texas Shuffle features the one and only Anson Funderburgh. Depoitre takes a real nice long harp solo supported nicely by Wenzel, Van Sickle and Campbell. Herrera guides the track nicely on vocal and Funderburghs are stylistic and precise. Very nice! Funky track, Sun Is Shining, has a great waddling pace. This is one of those tracks that just gets your head bobbing. With Dan McCann on bass and Depoitre on harp, this track hits hard. Wenzel's organ work on the track, punctuated by Maggini's guitar work make this a standout track. Lynwood Slim, Maggini and Jeffrey Paul Ross are back on guitar on Talkin' At My Back Door and fat sliding gives this track a trace of Elmore. Slims vocals and Wenzel's piano work dress this track nicely and Depoitre's harp work brings it home. Blues rocker, Something I Read, features a real nice blues rock guitar rhythm and a casual vocal delivery by Herrera. Depoitre sets a nice foundation on harp and Herrera lays out some really nice guitar riffs of his own. Rock n Roller, This Ain't Nothin' New has Funderburgh back and again he hits it square on with his trademark riffing. Wenzel takes a nice keyboard solo of his own, pushed along by Campbell and Van Sickle. Depoitre wraps the track in exchange with Funderburgh making this a solid rocker. Excellent! Wrapping the release is a hot boogie called Hooker Heat. A very characteristic Hooker style track features hot riffs from Depoitre, Maggini and Tommy Castro coaxed along by Herrera. This is an excellent closer for a really hot release!

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