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Monday, March 27, 2023

Delmark artist: Demetria Taylor - Doin' What I'm Supposed To Do - New Release Review

 I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Doin' What I'm Supposed To Do by Demetria Taylor and it's a rowdy, R&B infused, blues release. Opening with Eddie Taylor's, Chicago style blues, 83 Highway, Demetria picks up where she left off with fiery vocals, joined by Billy Flynn on lead guitar, Mike Wheeler on guitar, Larry Williams on bass, Brian James on keys and Melvin Carlisle on drums. Excellent opener. Williams isn't messin' around with his funky bass line on Bad Girl Day. This aggressive bass line really sets the pace for this track adorned with cooll guitar work by Wheeler and Carlos Showers and full organ by James and tight to the bottom drumming by Carlisle. Another Eddie Taylor track, funky high stepper, Welfare Blues, really gets moving with a lot of push by Williams, saturated organ by James and strong vocals by Demetria. With it's Al Green styling, Wheeler penned, I'm Gonna Tell It lays nicely in the groove. With a firm bass line by Williams, and cool guitar riffs by Wheeler, this is a strong radio contender. Another strong R&B track, Stay Gone, has good radio potential with a great melody and a perfect timing. A tight solo by Wheeler really hits the spot and punchy bass work by Williams gives it the bottom it needs. Wrapping the release is easy shuffle, Young Gun Taylor, featuring Demetria in call and response with Wheeler on guitar and rolling piano work by James. This is a solid closer for a totally enjoyable release. 

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

When You Leave, Don't Take Nothing - Demetria Taylor

I wasn't aware of this great talent when I received her "Bad Girl" cd and I was an immediate fan! I saw this new video and wanted to share it with you. Demetria is a talent not to be missed!
Demetria Taylor is the seventh child out of eight from the family of late Blues Legend Eddie Taylor Sr. Demetria, 38, is helping keep the legacy of her father (along with other Blues Greats) alive. Born in Chicago in 1973, Demetria was born into a Blues family. Not only was her father a Blues Artist, but her mother, Vera Taylor was also a Blues Artist. Demetria can recall distant memories when many Chicago Blues Legends would visit their house. Some of those artists were: Floyd Jones, Carey Bell, Sunnyland Slim, Johnny Littlejohn, Sam Lay, Willie Kent, Taildragger, Eddie Shaw, Johnny B Moore and Magic Slim. Growing up in a Blues Home, she could be found listening to some of her biggest influences such as: Etta James, Bessie Smith, Big Mama Thornton, and, most importantly, ”The Queen of the Blues” Koko Taylor (No Relation to the Eddie Taylor Family).
" Demetria is the youngest Taylor offspring and latest to break out as a blues star on her own, following her father, (long time guitarist with the great Jimmy Reed); mother, vocalist Vera Taylor; great uncle, Chicago soul/blues icon Jimmy Burns; Brenda and Edna Taylor (sisters/vocalists), Larry Taylor (brother/drummer /vocalist), Milton Taylor(Drummer) and brother, the guitarist Eddie Taylor, Jr"

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Delmark Records Presents: Bad Girl - Demetria Taylor

First I have to comment on the cover of this release. I am so used to all of the fancy covers on all cd's that this one kinda caught me off guard. It is very reminiscent of the covers of old soul albums old the 60's. I don't know if it is intentional or coincidental but it's what's inside that counts. And after listening to the release, I think the cover is respectful.

I had not been earlier exposed to Demetria or knew of her through her father, the great Eddie Taylor. Now with all this against her, I am listening to the cd and i got to tell you I am pleasantly surprised.

The release sounds authentic and not a clone of everyone who came before her. She has a grindy blues voice and the band is tight. The recording isn't just Demetria singing but there is a chance for the band including Billy Branch, Eddie Shaw, Eddie Taylor jr., Shun Kinkuta, Roosevelt Purifoy, Greg McDaniel, Pookie Styx and Luke Pytel to stretch out "Chicago style". Of the new cd's I've hear recently this one hits the Chicago blues square on the head beginning to end...and I say everyone should listen to it.
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