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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Allmusic - Alma Mares - Promotional Release Review

I received a sampler of music from Ocala, Florida. It has a mixture of musical styles and musicians. The commonality in the release is Alma Mares on keys. Russell Alexander opens the set with a ballad backed by keys. Deep Sharma follows with Longing, a quiet ballad with eastern influences. Waltz Trisle is an interesting keyboard jazzy instrumental. Another track by Deep Sharma, She Is Falling, has a British eighties/nineties pop sound. I Want To Be One featuring Carl Erwin is a reggae beat track with smooth vocals. autumn, another instrumental composition on keys is well written and executed. Old Town Chicago, with Marta Kubisova and June has a lot of traditional country roots. Dave Trezak is up next with a classic ballad, Dancing In Your Eyes. Lullaby featuring Peter Sujan maintains an ethereal sound of vocal over keys. Pedro, another instrumental, has a Spanish flare and classic writing. Memory by Dave Trezak is spoken poetry over light keys. Quasimodo, another instrumental, has a lot of qualities of a musical soundtrack. Stay, another instrumental by Alma maintains the them of keys and electronic rhythm. Alma has a particular style and is is very soothing. Watching the Sea, another instrumental maintains the serene soundscape but with in this case lead on keys sounding like pan flute. In My World featuring Marta Kubisova and Dave Trezak is again a vocal ballad. Finishing up the demo is a upbeat instrumental called Bright Days.

Thanks for your submission Alma and good luck to your artists.  

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