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Showing posts with label Cryin' Mercy. Show all posts

Friday, November 7, 2014

OmniVibe Records artist: Altered Five Blues Band - Cryin' Mercy - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Cryin' Mercy, from Altered Five Blues Band and it's smokey hot! Opening with the slinky Demon Woman, Jeff Taylor leads the way on lead vocals and Mark Solveson lays down a real nice bass line. Jeff Schroedl really steps out on guitar and Scott Schroedl on drums and Raymond Tevich rounds out the band on keys. I'm In Deep is a cool shuffle track and this time it's Tevich that steps out with a cool key solo. Jeff Schroedl isn't far behind smoking the fretboard. Very nice! R&B ballad, Find My Wings, meets all of the criteria for a top player on the airwaves and even includes a smooth melodic guitar solo accompanying Taylor on his vocal outro. Very cool! Stay Outta My Business has a funky twist on the blues with a cool bass line. Jeff S. shows just how versatile his bag of tricks is with a really tasty solo on this number over the keyboard backing of Tevich. Counterfeit Lover is another prime radio style track with mostly strong vocal work from Taylor but with some exceptional guitar riffs from Jeff as well. I Got You has an almost marching drum style setting a unique feel. Tevich sets up some really nice key phrasing and again a blistering guitar solo from Jeff S. is hard not to notice. On blues rocker, Who's Your Lover, I almost feel an Ike Turner rhythm on the bottom. Tevich and Jeff S. trade riffs on this mostly radio driven track. Move House opens with a really hot Albert King style guitar intro from Jeff S. Taylor, sounding more like BB than Albert, grabs this track by the short hairs for one of my favorite performances on the release. The entire band is hitting hard on this track making it my release favorite. Here's Your Hat, What's Your Hurry, is a high stepper with a catchy melody, strong organ and guitar accents. Another funk infused track, Urgent Care, gets you squirming around in your seat. Jeff S. hits with some laser sharp guitar riffs blending nicely with the general feel of the track. Scott S. adds significantly with his precise attack as well. Closing the release is Back Button, a cool R&B style track with a trace of James Brown rhythm. Tevich takes the lions share of soloing on this track but Jeff does hit with a cool riff on the end. This is a cool release with blues, R&B and funk.

 Check it out.

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