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Friday, October 19, 2018

Electro-Fi Records artist: Mark Hummel - Harpbreaker - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Harpbreaker, from Mark Hummel and it's one of the best Chicago style blues records that I've heard in a long time. Opening with terrific harp boogie, Harpoventilatin', Mark Hummel wastse not a second showing why he's one of the top blues harp players in the world today. With strong pace, and great phrasing, Mark Hummel leads the way joined by Charles Wheal on guitar, Steve Wolf on bass, Marty Dodson on drums and Bob Welsh on keys. Jump track, Rotten Kid really is hot with Wheal laying out some terrific guitar riffs working nicely with Hummel's own featured playing. Excellent. With a super strut, Walkin' With Mr. Lee has just the right snap. Featuring Wes Starr on drums, RW Grigsby on bass, Charlie Baty and Anson Funderburgh on guitars, this track is terrific. Slow blues, Cristo Redentor has such a presence with it's soulful melody and smooth guitar phrasing by Kid Anderson. Excellent! Senor Blues has a beautiful Latin feel with a floating melody and features confident solos by Hummel, Chris Burns (keys) and Johnny bones (sax) backed by Rusty Zinn on guitar, Lech Wierzynski on trumpet, and Willie Panker on drums. Smooth shuffle, Glide On, features nice solos from Zinn, Burns and Hummel. Very nice. Harp boogie, Chuckaluck, is a great showcase for Hummel with Dave Eagle on washboard, Aaron Hammerman on piano and Billy Flynn on guitar. Sweet. Wrapping the release is classic blues number, See See Rider with Zinn on guitar and Hummel on harp, about as stripped down as a modern blues gets. Super closer for an excellent release.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Real Gone Lover - JW-Jones featuring Little Charlie Baty

JW-Jones (born July 15, 1980) is a Canadian blues guitarist, singer and band leader. Jones is signed to the NorthernBlues Music label in Toronto, Canada, CrossCut Records in Europe, and Ruf Records in USA. In the last decade, he has released six albums and played in 17 countries, 4 continents, over 260 cities and over 1000 appearances. Jones, who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, has performed at blues festivals and clubs in Canada, US, Europe, Australia, and Brazil. He records and tours with drummer Jeff Asselin, and Hammond organ player Jesse Whiteley. "J-Dub" endorses Gibson Guitars.

Little Charlie Baty has been long associated with the popular blues band 'Little Charlie and the Nightcats' that existed for over 30 years and recorded ten CDs for Alligator Records. After his decision to retire from non-stop touring, Charlie put his energy into starting a small gypsy jazz and swing combo that played across musical lines. Charlie's love of the music of Django Reinhardt, fused with his extensive knowledge of blues and swing, provides a unique guitar voice in the gypsy style. Jason Vanderford was invited to participate as a guitarist from the celebrated group 'Hot Club of San Francisco' and his strong rhythmic pulse, youthful energy, and interesting solo ideas greatly enhance the project. Long time musicologist and multi-talented instrumentalist Bob Armstrong was also called on to join the Caravan, and brings an incredible knowledge of songs from the 20's and beyond along with the skill to play guitar, steel guitar, ukelele, accordion, and saw. This plethora of sound possibilities greatly expands the quartet sound. Finally, the bass position was filled by Keith Cary, another musician who excels on many instruments and is familiar with swing, polka, country western, and many other important genres for the Little Charlie Caravan. The Little Charlie Caravan is currently unsigned and is in the process of rehearsing and developing new material. Check this site often for updates. Thanks! Little Charlie Baty on guitar, Jason Vanderford on guitar, Bob Armstrong on accordion, saw, uke, steel guitar and guitar, Keith Cary on string bass
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hurry Up and Wait- Little Charlie and the Nightcats

Baty (born July 10,1953) was attending University of California Berkeley and studying mathematics when he formed Little Charlie & the Nightcats with Rick Estrin (born 1949) in 1976. The band's music relies chiefy on electric urban blues of the Chicago variety, but mixed in with other compatible styles, including early rock and roll, soul, surf music, swing, jump blues, and western swing. The Nightcats issued their debut album, All the Way Crazy, in 1987, including the songs "Poor Tarzan", "Suicide Blues" and "When Girls Do It". The following album Disturbing the Peace (1988), included "That's My Girl", "My Money's Green", "She's Talking" and "Nervous". The records help established them on the blues festival and club circuits, and they began touring the country extensively, playing a number of international venues. They have played at the San Francisco Blues Festival in 1980 and 1982, the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the San Diego, California Street Scene and Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival plus the Juneau Jazz & Classics Festival in 2002.

Their 1993 album, Night Vision was produced and played on by Joe Louis Walker. It featured "My Next Ex-Wife," a witty blues-rocker that won Estrin a W.C. Handy Award for 'Song of the Year', highlighting his steadily growing reputation for songwriting prowess. Original drummer Dobie Strange left in 1996, after 20 years with the group, and his spot was taken by June Core.

In early 2008 Baty announced he was entering "soft" retirement, no longer tours with the band, except for possible reunion tours/shows in Europe and select North American festivals. Baty performed with JW-Jones at Mont Tremblant Blues Festival, Ottawa Bluesfest, and Piazza Blues in Bellinzona, Switzerland in July 2009. The high-energy shows received praise from fans and industry professionals who enjoyed the package.

Estrin continued with the band re-billed as Rick Estrin and the Nightcats. Baty was replaced on guitar by Chris 'Kid' Andersen (born 1980), originally from Telemark, Norway. Andersen had played backing Charlie Musselwhite as well as fronting his own band.

Baty's most recent blues recording was as a guest on JW-Jones, Bluelisted (2008), an album which marked the first time in his career that he documented his harmonica playing on a recording, and the first time he and another west-coast blues musician, Junior Watson, had recorded together on the same tracks.
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