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Friday, May 15, 2015

Butter & Bacon Records artist: Voo Davis - Midnight Mist - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Midnight Mist, from Voo Davis and it's hitting on all 12 cylinders! Opening with When I Get Back To You, Davis is on track and laying down an easy to love melody along the lines of the early Doobies but with flashing hot guitar riffs poking from north, south, east and west. Nicely crafted, Davis' multiple guitar lines compliments themselves and the track nicely and his vocals are great as always. Title track Midnight Mist, is strongly melodic with clean articulate acoustic guitar work. Strong slide guitar work from Davis highlights this track with it's almost Marshall Tucker or John Mayer like warmth. My Love hammers it's way out of the gate with a driving guitar (Davis) and drum (Craig Borchers)combo topped with hot harp work from Calvin Conway. This is exactly what I liked about Voo Davis the first time I heard him. Strong, stripped down in your face blues rock. Excellent! Cajun Sun has an infectious guitar rhythm and Louisiana rhythm with hot slide riffs over the top. Very nice! Riverside Blues is a soothing track with a catchy melody. It's super how Davis can take a simple melody, sing his guts out and rip quietly behind the scene on his slide without making it overbearing... a very cool quality. Southern funk infused Low Hangin' Fruit has a great groove. Davis' vocals on this track are some of the best on the release teased along by Conway and Davis in addition to resonator work hits Lowell George flavored slide work on electric. Excellent! Howling Out Your Name is the most highly produced track on the release reminding me of some of the tracks done by Plant and Page in 1969 (without the hindrance of Plant's annoying vocals). Find Me A Backbone has a real raw country blues feel with wound out electric guitar sounds and rudimentary drum beats. This is a simple but possibly the coolest track on the release. Excellent! Nothing Changed At All is a nicely crafted track with a smooth sophistication. Music In The Streets has a quick funky tempo with a really slick guitar lead. You Gotta Wait has a strong R&B feel. A well structured track highlighting Davis' soulful vocals and tight drums by Borchers and B3 by Michael Burkart. Davis has great feel for lead guitar and adds just the right amount without making the track feel overburdened. Laughing Out Loud is a simple but nicely executed ballad. A quiet blend of slide guitar, acoustic guitar and vocals makes this a particularly nice track. Void has a feel of early country folk music. With acoustic guitar, piano and vocal accompaniment, this is a track that should see a bit of radio play. You Wanna Know Why almost has a cat Stevens like vocal and a familiar Clapton riff that is repeated throughout the track as garnish. Davis finally cuts loose on his electric guitar for an extended and adventurous guitar solo. A simple rocker this is another track that could easily see broad appeal.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chicago-Based Blues/Roots Guitarist Voo Davis Creates a "Midnight Mist" on His New CD, Coming April 28 on Butter & Bacon Records, with Bonus Video Included

Chicago-Based Blues/Roots Guitarist Voo Davis Creates a Midnight Mist on His New CD, Coming April 28 on Butter & Bacon Records, with Bonus Video Included

CHICAGO, IL – Guitarist/singer Voo Davis announces an April 28 release date for Midnight Mist, the third CD from this talented musician whose musical sound gumbo encompasses the roots of blues, with additional flavorings from Americana and jam band spices. Produced by Davis and recorded in organic analog sound at Bogalusa, Louisiana’s Studio in the Country, Midnight Mist includes a bonus video of “Riverside Blues,” filmed in and around Clarksdale, Mississippi, that perfectly captures the spirit of the new music on the album. To watch the video for the song, which Davis directed and edited: 

“Being able to return to Studio in the Country and expand my guitar sounds was something I really looked forward to on this project,” says Davis about the recording sessions. “The tones were something that I really wanted to play with, not just get stuck on one sound.”

Guitar tones are something of a specialty with Voo Davis, who played an assortment of vintage guitars, as well as pedal steel, mandolin, and keyboards, including all the instrumentation on two of the album’s 14 tracks. Joining him on Midnight Mist are Craig Borchers – drums; Michael Burkart - Hammond B3 organ; Reggie Winterland – bass; Calvin Conway - harmonica, fiddle; Carolyn Broussard and Dorian Rush - background vocals.

Coming off the critical success of his last album, Vicious Things, Voo Davis continues to build on the momentum of what has come in the past with a keen eye toward the future. While all three of his albums show differences, the common thread among all of them is Voo’s ability to mix genres of music and blending them into a common thread that flows naturally in each release.
Midnight Mist isn’t like my previous two albums, but I think it’s a mixture of both with a more mature side,” he states. “The difference between the first two and this one is that on Midnight Mist the song took precedence.”

A nonbeliever in slick computer fixes, Davis uses the one-take approach throughout the new disc, relying on musicianship instead of computers, emotion instead of effects. The result is an album that has a live performance feel to it with an energy level that is palpable.

“We recorded the album in three days, two of which were spent on instrumentation, and on the third day I finished up vocals. It was ten hours in the booth that day and if something didn’t work the first or second time we moved on.”

Born in Anniston, Alabama, Brian “Voo” Davis’ moved with his family to Chicago while still a child. That transition helped embed his Alabama clay roots musical foundation with some Chicago juke joint flash. The resulting sound mix permeates throughout his overdriven acoustic slide guitar playing style. Touring with former Koko Taylor guitarist and Blues Music Award-winner Eddie King, Davis learned to travel the blues circuit and sharpen his craft alongside one of the best. Critics began to take notice, too: Illinois Entertainer hailed Davis’ vocals as “built for the blues;” while iTunes called him “one of those rarities who takes his music to the same ol’ hangouts but finds something new and revelatory in the experience;” and Goldmine Magazine summarized its review by describing his music as a “Hendrix/Buddy Guy/RL Burnside combo of blues-rock chops.” 

His 2012 basement-recorded release, A Place for Secrets, spent seven months running through the Americana and Roots Music charts respectively, while surprising the blues/Americana music scene with an overdriven acoustic mix of slide-based guitar songs. While personal tragedy with the untimely passing of his wife in 2009 motivated the young guitarist back to music, the songs Davis has created since that time have been called “lyrically encouraging.”