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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Gonzalo Bergara - Zalo's Blues - New Release review

I just received the newest release, Zalo's Blues from Gonzalo Bergara and it's terrific! Opening with instrumental, Drawback, a quick paced shuffle, you'd swear you were listening to Gatemouth Brown featuring Gonzalo on Guitar, Mariano D'Andrea on bass and Maximiliano on drums. These guys are hot and flaming! On rock and roller, Drinking, Chuck berry Style, Gonzalo steps up to the mic and shows his appreciation of fine rock. This stuff is pure and fun ... dig the riffs! This release doesn't have any weak spots and this is one of my favorites on the release. Singing My Song puts me in mind of a song, Made Into A Movie, from one of the best (sleeper) ZZ Top albums, XXX. If you don't have it....get it! This is a dramatic ballad with smoking hot emotional blues guitar soloing. Excellent! Opening with Jimmy Reed himself, You Don't Have To Go is augmented by the band and Gonzalo's vocals are sticky and the pace is amazing. This is the blues...yes! Excellent! Dirty Socks is a great track with like a blend of like Jeff Beck and ZZ Top sounds with a funky beat and excellent bass work. Gonzalo really gets into a great groove showing just a band is supposed to do with an instrumental track! Really switching gears, Gonna Go, is full out country truck driving music with "chicken pickin" and "train drums". Guitar soloing is nothing less than great. Yes...this is cool! Nice Texas style blues with a rocking lope is what makes No More click with solid vocals and fresh guitar riffs from Gonzalo over a tight bottom. Super. Another flame thrower, Been Runnin' is just scorching with jazz lines coming like a freight train. I would have loved to have seen this guy on stage with Gatemouth. Excellent!!! Woosh is a super track that sneaks up on you. Dynamics to burn, this track has super vocals, a great melody and raw guitar riffs that will throw you back. Excellent! Levi has a great groove and builds over a twist on a simple riff. An excellent instrumental, this is a super showcase of what a talented guitar player and writer can do, given the freedom to express himself! Bulls-eye! Ines is a beautiful instrumental track, subdued in nature but with a haunting melody and twin guitar leads blended just perfectly. The lead soloing is tight and expressive. How many times can I say excellent! Wrapping the release is Won't Stay With You, a cool acoustic number with Zalo accompanying his own vocals. Done in more of a modern Piedmont style, it has traces of Jimmy Cox's Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out. Excellent closer. This may be the best release that I've heard this year. With the excellent album cover, this is the entire package... get it now and tell your friends. You can thank me later!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Walking thru the Park - Adrian Jimenez

Adrian Jimenez was born 16th January 1971 in Buenos Aires. He started his first steps with the harmonica in 1990, taking lessons with Luis Robinson, for over a year. After that, he had the opportunity to study with Bruce Ewan (harp player from Washington, USA). He also attended several master classes with Billy Branch (from Chicago, USA), Flavio Guimaraes (from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), and Norton Buffalo (from California, USA), and constantly improving as a self-taught person. He has been sponsored by Hohnner since 1999. He has been part of the Argentinian blues scene since 1993, performing in the most important clubs in Buenos Aires and in the rest of the country with several bands such as: Insoluble, La Texaco, La Suburbana, The Cotton Pickers, Blues del Sur, etc. He also plays country blues since 1995 with Gabriel Gratzer and “The Country Blues Boys”. He has also performed as guest with local blues bands, such as King Size, Easy Baby, etc. He has been an outstanding performer in several festivals like “Buenos Aires no duerme” (Buenos Aires doesn’t sleep), organized by the Buenos Aires City government and in 6 National Harmonicas Festivals. In Buenos Aires, Jimenez has opened International Blues Shows such as Dave Myers, Billy Branch, John Primer, Eddie C. Campbell, Phil Guy, etc. He has been to Chicago, where he could play in bars and blues clubs, sharing stage with important blues musicians such as Billy Branch and John Primer. Along his career, Jimenez has played at top clubs, concert halls and theaters in Buenos Aires, becoming himself the first harp player who has performed in one of the most important and historical classic music theater in the world, The Colon Theater (Teatro Colon). He has also performed in San Martin Theater, Maipo Theater and Larreta Museum. All this places are considered as the most important into the historical and cultural circuit in Argentina. About his teaching experience, he has given harmonica classes at the San Martin Cultural Center. He has also taught at the Collegium Musicum Blues School since 2001, and he has given private lessons of both standard (diatonic) and chromatic harmonica since 1994. Jiménez has been deeply dedicated to the study of the harmonica since its beginnings, from the 20’s until our days, walking through the grand masters’ different styles. His most important references are Big Walter Horton, Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson I and II, Sonny Terry, Deford Bailey, George Harmonica Smith, and many others. Nowadays he is featuring his first own work, called Harmonica blues. He plays in it with the most representative musicians of the local blues scene. Harmonica Blues has six instrumental tracks, from Jimenez’ own creation and the other nine tracks are his own versions of traditional blues songs. The predominant style in his work is Chicago blues, but we could find other styles as well, such as Louisiana, Mississippi, etc. He has participated with Luis Saltos, Franco Luciani, Mavi Diaz and Domingo Cura among others in the film "A Los Cuatro Vientos", a tribute film to Hugo Diaz, one of the best argentinian harp players from all the times.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Found Love - Nacho Ladisa Blues Club

NACHO LADISA: Su primera formación musical lo acerca al Blues y al rock, participando en varias bandas hasta el año 2000 donde se une a la banda de blues tradicional "La Caterva", con esta agrupación ha tocado en lugares como: Blues Special Club, Jazz & Blues, Honkers Club, participando también en el programa de cable Jazz & Blues y en programas radiales de Blues como el de Adrián Flores. Con Brotzman y Torres Blues Band participó dos años consecutivos del festival de Jazz en el Subte. Además se sumó a la Blues Special Band como guitarrista ocasional y acompañó a distintos armonicistas de la escena local. En el 2003 perfecciona sus estudios en el SADEM como músico interprete de música popular. A partir del año 2006 se suma a las Ranas Criollas, banda formada por el legendario Javier "ciego" Gofman a quien acompaña por mas de tres años. Desde el 2007 se desempeña como profesor de guitarra en la Escuela de Blues. Es integrante del equipo de Blues En Movimiento... A principios de 2010; Nacho Ladisa, forma la agrupación "Nacho Ladisa blues club" que propone revisar un repertorio de Blues clásico de los años '50 y '60 de grandes artistas de este genero como Jimmy Reed, Muddy Waters, Eddie Boyd, Little Walter, Elmore James y Howlin' Wolf... Nacho ladisa colabora ademas en los proyectos personales de los armonicistas, Huguis Lopez y Junior Bizugna, con quienes se presenta en distintos lugares del circuito de blues de Buenos Aires.
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Chill Out - Vargas Blues Band

Javier Vargas ( Madrid , 1958 ) is a guitarist with blues and rock , the founder and leader of the Vargas Blues Band .Diecisesis has recorded studio albums with the Vargas Blues Band and three live, as well as several DVDs of his concerts and several compilations, all during his twenty years with his band.

In March 2011, Javier start a new project, under the name VARGAS, Bogert & Appice or VBA , and moved to Las Vegas to record with the consecrated Carmine Appice (drums), Tim Bogert (bass), both ex Vanilla Fudge , Cactus, Jeff Beck, King Cobra, and Paul Shortino (vocals), former Rough Cutt and Quiet Riot, an album with versions of classic rock and R & B, which are masterfully renovated air. El album se graba en Hit Track Studios en Las Vegas , y se mezcla en Ardent Studios , en Memphis con el prestigioso ingeniero Brad Blackwood . The album was recorded at Track Studios Hit in Las Vegas , and mixed at Ardent Studios in Memphis with the prestigious engineer Brad Blackwood . Está previsto su lanzamiento para el mes de junio de 2011. Is scheduled to launch in June 2011. Se publicará mundialmente por la discográfica Warner , en formato CD, y una edición especial del CD + CD Live Wire (gira europea 2010 de la Vargas Blues Band) + DVD con videos del making off del disco con Bogert, Appice y Shortino. Will be published worldwide by the label Warner , on CD, and a special edition CD + CD Live Wire (European tour 2010, the Vargas Blues Band) + DVD with videos of the making off the disc with Bogert and Appice Shortino.