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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Gonzalo Bergara - Zalo's Blues - New Release review

I just received the newest release, Zalo's Blues from Gonzalo Bergara and it's terrific! Opening with instrumental, Drawback, a quick paced shuffle, you'd swear you were listening to Gatemouth Brown featuring Gonzalo on Guitar, Mariano D'Andrea on bass and Maximiliano on drums. These guys are hot and flaming! On rock and roller, Drinking, Chuck berry Style, Gonzalo steps up to the mic and shows his appreciation of fine rock. This stuff is pure and fun ... dig the riffs! This release doesn't have any weak spots and this is one of my favorites on the release. Singing My Song puts me in mind of a song, Made Into A Movie, from one of the best (sleeper) ZZ Top albums, XXX. If you don't have it....get it! This is a dramatic ballad with smoking hot emotional blues guitar soloing. Excellent! Opening with Jimmy Reed himself, You Don't Have To Go is augmented by the band and Gonzalo's vocals are sticky and the pace is amazing. This is the blues...yes! Excellent! Dirty Socks is a great track with like a blend of like Jeff Beck and ZZ Top sounds with a funky beat and excellent bass work. Gonzalo really gets into a great groove showing just a band is supposed to do with an instrumental track! Really switching gears, Gonna Go, is full out country truck driving music with "chicken pickin" and "train drums". Guitar soloing is nothing less than great. Yes...this is cool! Nice Texas style blues with a rocking lope is what makes No More click with solid vocals and fresh guitar riffs from Gonzalo over a tight bottom. Super. Another flame thrower, Been Runnin' is just scorching with jazz lines coming like a freight train. I would have loved to have seen this guy on stage with Gatemouth. Excellent!!! Woosh is a super track that sneaks up on you. Dynamics to burn, this track has super vocals, a great melody and raw guitar riffs that will throw you back. Excellent! Levi has a great groove and builds over a twist on a simple riff. An excellent instrumental, this is a super showcase of what a talented guitar player and writer can do, given the freedom to express himself! Bulls-eye! Ines is a beautiful instrumental track, subdued in nature but with a haunting melody and twin guitar leads blended just perfectly. The lead soloing is tight and expressive. How many times can I say excellent! Wrapping the release is Won't Stay With You, a cool acoustic number with Zalo accompanying his own vocals. Done in more of a modern Piedmont style, it has traces of Jimmy Cox's Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out. Excellent closer. This may be the best release that I've heard this year. With the excellent album cover, this is the entire package... get it now and tell your friends. You can thank me later!

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