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Friday, December 6, 2013

Parachuting Buddha Records artists: Buck 69 - No Medicine Like The Blues - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, No Medicine Like The Blues, from Buck 69 and it's a real rockin' party. Opening with These Blues and it really moves with JJ Cale like melodies and British guitar riffs. John Sevilla shows right up front that he's packin' on guitar and Tom Clawson is solid on vocals. Ugly Teacher Blues seems an answer to Hot For teacher by Van Halen with plays on both lyrical and guitar riff themes. Vocals are handled by rhythm guitar player Tom Clawson and lead guitar by Randy Parades. Dead End Road has a slinky rhythm by drummer Daryl Burgess and bassist Dennis Gulley and warm organ work from Johnny Neel. Title track, No Medicine Like The Blues, is a cool jazzy blues ballad with really clean guitar melody by John Sevilla. Clawson on lead vocals does a nice job with call and response against the lead guitar work. This is a pretty smokey track and certainly one of the best tracks on the release. That's Life adds some funk to the mix and horn section made up of Ryan Sondergeld, Stan Stahl and Olaf Gerhard give it a totally different flavor. Songbird, Candice Coleman Lange takes the lead on Without My Baby, an understated ballad. This would be the most likely radio track on the release with cool instrumentation backing a solitude vocal presentation. Love Ain't Easy has a nice shuffle beat and again Clawson takes the lead on vocal. Sevilla clips some hard curbs on lead guitar on this track. Nice John! Tell Me Why has a great groove along the lines of "Fool For Your Stockings". Sevilla handles both bass and guitar on this track and drives the bottom home. Clawson on lead vocals backed by Sevilla harmonize nicely on this track but british style guitar riffs are the key to this number. Randy Parades leads off with slide on Hard Times and Tom Clawson leads on vocals. A cool memorable track with a cool back beat. Don't Shave My Beard (When I Die) has a country rock (Charlie Daniels/Marshall Tucker) feel with Tom Clawson on lead vocal. Just from a band anthem standpoint, this will likely be one of the band's most requested tracks. Soakin' Up The Blues is a cool heavier rock style track with heavy blues influence. It is a cool track and it's the differences of the track that I really dig. With an unusual time signature and rhythm pattern it really is cool with some soaring lead guitar work from Alex Clawson and stiff drumming from David Alan. My Car is a straight up rocker featuring Tom on Vocal and Alex and Randy on lead guitar. All Night Long is a slick conclusion to a rockin release from this Toledo based band. Paredes is back on slide and really does a nice job. This track has an Alvin Lee R&R fee but with Alex Clawson picking against Paredes sliding. This is an all out guitar blowout and a hot rocker. Nice job!

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