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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blues da Solidão - Bêbados Habilidosos

Bêbados Habilidosos (lit. Skillful Drunk People) is an important Brazilian blues rock band.
The Bêbados Habilidosos was formed in Mato Grosso do Sul by ex-members of the band Blues Band- which was considered the first blues band of the state. The band members have a common passion for the rhythm born on the margens of the Mississippi: The Blues.

The band members have played together for more than a decade. 90% of their compositions are originals and the other 10% are blues classics with their own blues improvisation.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dolores - Marafa Blues

On the road from 2005, Blackmore Rock Bar, Cabinet-making, Magnolia showed up in the best bars of SP, like Bourbon Street, Ton Ton Jazz Bar, Mr Blues, Coffee Wally, between others, besides participating of festivals like the Ibiramotopoint, I project Meetings organized by the Subway of SP and of the Jingle Blues in the Pompeii, where it shared the stage with the Bocatto and given Cyrino. The band also already granted much attention on radio and TV being one of them for the Newspaper of the TV Platform, broadcasting station of the Coast Of Sao Paulo affiliated the TV Globe, his incluida had a music in the Collection of Brazilian Blues Mafia da Mortadela and it prepares his authorial cd for 2011.>> In our repertoire we execute musicians of the most varied artists inside the blues, so much the most ancient how much the newest like Muddy Waters, Etta James, Willie Dixon, Ray Charles, Susan Tedeschi, Little Walter, Amy Winehouse, Aretha Franklin besides releituras for artists like Jimi Cliff, Beatles and Rolling Stones
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Born Blind - Robson Fernandes

It´s impossible to seperate Robson Fernandes from the contemporany Brazilian Blues scene. A man who possesses extraordinary tone and energy demostrating a fantastic technical prowess. His style is at the same level of many of the great harp players outside of Brazil, and that is why many of these same great players bow to young Robson´s creative sound.

Robson Fernandes was born in 1976 in the city Sao Paulo - Brazil, he started playing Diatonic Harmonic at the age of 16, his passion aligned with the study of early 20th century North American Blues. He studied Harmony and Improvisation with the Jazz guitar player Lupa Santiago and the famous Trombonist - Bocato.

In 2002 he released the first Instrumental Blues Harp CD "Sampa Blues" Robson was surrounded by some of the best Blues and Jazz artist on his first outing.

On his second CD 2005 the "Gumbo Blues" marked a new cycle of intense emotions and daring beside his impeccable playing technique, he ventures out not only playing his harp but also doing all of the vocal workouts.This album stands, as an historic landmark for Brazilian harp players the first distributed in Europe and in the United States by Pacific Blues run by the record producer Jerry Hall. Robson Fernandes has participated in the principle Jazz and Blues Festival in Brazil.

After woodshedding with his band Victor Busquets drums, Renato Limao Bass and Danilo Simi on Guitar, Robson entered the studio in June/July 2008. A few month later the “COOL” CD is released. This album was recorded old school style on 24 tracks studer analog tape machines with everyone in the studio playing together thus giving it that distinct sound not found on many modern recordings. This outing by Robson F. was engineered and produced by co-writer Carlos sander from the U.S.

On this Cd Robson explores different styles and rhythms not just your usual 12 bar blues. While maintaining the spirit of Chicago, California and New Orleans. The Recording of “COOL” also had invited guests such as Californian saxophonist Troy Jennings, the incredible guitar work of Marcos Ottaviano and the subtle piano of Ari Borger. Once again Robson innovates by recording a string octet on the track “ I love You So” making in the first Brazilian Blues Record with strings.

Robson strikes again notoriety with his latest CD “COOL” not just here but globally. In November 2009 , RF played at the Blues Festival in the city of Ezquel in Argentina playing along side bluesman Danny Vincent. Next on the Festival circuit RF was invited to perform at the Blues Festival of Torun. After a (SRO) standing room only performance Robson and company played in the city of warsaw both cities located in Poland. All of these shows were written up in great detail by the canadian publishers of “Real Blues Magazine” which awared the “COOL” CD the number eight slot in it´s Top 100.
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Borracho - Duca Belintani

Duca Belintani celebrates 25 years of career with new CD "Na Trilha do Blues."

New Work of Guitarist Duca Belintani, turned to the instrumental blues, the album features the maturity of a musician. From 1986 until now, Duca moved by Pop with Controle Remoto Band, by Rock with Kid Vinyl, MPB in his first solo album "MPBlues", by Fusion with the albums "Conduzir" and "Cuíca", and now has his CD Blues, a style that always had been carrying on all the work he has done and which celebrates its 25-year career.
Accompanied by Benigno Jr. (bass) and Ricardo Fernandez (drums), Duca Belintani is a real stroke of his musical career in both the compositions and the names of the songs. Duca was fortunate to get those moments translate into sounds and references of all he could muster in his career until today. In his new disc is possible to enjoy the high spirits of the guitarist in "De Boa", or participate in its origins as the song "Ribeirão", or even his passion for football "Tá Área", moments in his past that rescues and said this in its history.
In their presentations do not lack energy, and fun all these years on stages and studios, and of course, applied for a guitar, the result of his career as a musician and composer. "Na Trilha do Blues" closes a cycle of Duca Belintani, which shows the CD and the shows that followed the teachings of the great masters of the instrument, that "while there is sound, my guitar always have something to say."
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What's on Your Mind - Blues Etílicos

Completing 20 years on the road (since 1987), Blues Etilicos is a brazilian blues band that presents a “nacional version” of one of the most popular north-amercian genre. The group has played numerous festivals, performed with many visiting American blues artists (i.e. Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Magic Slim and so many others…), and recorded 9 albums of Brazilian-flavored blues. They are the band that BB King had chosen to open his last show in Brazil in 2004.

Blues Etilicos has Greg Wilson: on lead vocals, guitar and trumpet; Flavio Guimaraes: on harmonica; Otavio Rocha: on the base guitar and slide guitar; Pedro Strasser: on drums, and the founder Claudio Bedran: on bass.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Pair Of Kings - Artur Menezes

At 25 years old, and 13 of guitar playing, Artur Menezes is a very active musician in the Brazilian blues/rock scene.

He played in several festivals in Brazil: Guaramiranga Jazz and Blues Festival, Garanhuns Jazz Festival, Canoa Blues, Lençois Jazz and Blues, Bourbon Street and many others.

In 2006 and 2007, Artur Menezes lived in Chicago, where he had the honor to meet the blues closer.

There he played in several Blues Clubs: B.L.U.E.S., Kingston Mines, Buddy Guy’s Legends, Smoky Daddy, Rosa’s, Katherina’s, Vine Tastings and Gabe’s Backstage and Lounge.

In these Clubs he played with John Primer, Charlie Love and The Silky Smooth Band, Linsey Alexander, Phill Guy, Brother John, Big Ray, Jimmi Burns among others.

He also was a member from The Shakes Blues Band, where he played in many gigs. Besides that, he had the single opportunity to improve his guitar playing skills after watching concerts of many names like Eric Clapton, Johnny Winter, Koko Taylor, Jeff Beck, Robert Cray, Magic Slim, Buddy Guy, Eddie Clearwater, Carlos Johnson and many others. Among his influences, we can tell: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King, Albert Collins, B.B. King, Jeff Beck, Johnny Winter, James Brown, Charlie Love and many kinds of brazilian music.

Nowadays, Artur Menezes recorded his newest album called "Early To Marry", by the Blues Time Records brand. He still studies music and teach his guitar skills in some workshops.
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Friday, March 16, 2012

Só Tomando Uma - Paulo Meyer & The Burning Bush

Paulo Meyer é um cantor e gaitista brasileiro, nasceu no dia 27 de outubro de 1955 em São Paulo, SP
Paulo Meyer é um dos pioneiros do Blues no Brasil. Começou sua carreira acompanhando na gaita o guitarrista Nuno Mindelis, participou de gravações com nomes como Sérgio Dias Baptista e Alexandre Fontanetti, trabalhou como intérprete e acompanhante dos artistas estrangeiros na edição paulista do Festival de Jazz de Montreux e no Rio-Monterey Jazz Festival, ambos em 1980, e em todas as edições do festival de blues Nescafé Blues, na década de 1990.

Conheceu de perto bluesmen lendários como Champion Jack Dupree, B.B. King, Pinetop Perkins e Eric Burdon. Nos anos 90, liderou a inovadora banda de blues Expresso 2222, que influenciou toda uma geração de bluesmen paulistanos. Tocou por mais de dezesseis anos blues e rock em pleno carnaval na cidade de Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, onde suas apresentações no Café Paraty são consideradas uma das atrações turísticas da cidade.

Em 2009 participou da décima edição do Festival de Blues & Jazz de Guaramiranga, Ceará. Paulo Meyer fez o show de abertura para o gaitista Toots Thielemans.

Participou em 2009 e 2010 do Paraty Bourbon Festival, em Paraty, Rio de Janeiro.

E nessa temporada de 2011 em campos do jordão o guitarrista Gabriel Sales ,da banda Vento Verde, deu uma canja junto a banda em um restaurante muito famoso da cidade
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Celso Blues Boy

Celso Blues Boy (born Celso Ricardo Furtado of Oak, Rio of January, 5 of January of 1956) is a singer, composer and Brazilian guitarist.

He began to work professionally in the 70's, accompanying Raul Seixas and Sá and Guarabyra. Foreign Legion mounted the band in 1976, with which it was showing up in bars and houses of show. he started to be more known from 1980, when he ordered a strip for the Radio From the state of Rio de Janeiro, in the Rio, turned to the rock repertoire. He cut the first disc in 1984, " Sound in the Guitar ", what was including his biggest success: " It increases that This There Is a Rock Roll ". One of the first ones to sing blues in Portuguese, chose the artistic name in honor of the idol B.B. King, one of the fathers of the type, with the one who also touched in the decade of 1980. At present he lives in Joinville, Saint Catarina.
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jefferson Gonçalves

Jefferson Gançalves, native of Rio de Janeiro, began his musical career in the 1990 ́s, following a common road for many harmonica players: the blues. He right away changed his profession from a banker to a musician, began a band called Based in Blues and an acoustic trio called Blues, Etc., and recording with musicians of different musical genres became known as a consegrated name among Brazilian harmonica players- as well as a Brazilian representative in international harmonica events,like the Society for the Preservation and Advancement of Harmonicas (enconter in Detroit, Michigan in 1998)

However, Jefferson did not limit his musical horizons with American blues. He identified similarities between black american music and Northeastern Brazilian forró music based on rhythms such as baião, xaxada and xote. This perception enlarged his muisical horizons.

He then began a serious study of the representative artists of Northeastern brazilian music. He discovered maracatu and rural samba and incorporated these elements in his first solo CD, “Greia” (2004). This musical mixture was well received by critics and public. “Greia” incorporates in the same “basket” the creativity of Bob Dylan and Luis Gonzagas, and the swing of Jackson do Pandeiro and Ray Charles. It ́s all music, all in all, and of extreme quality. Parallel to this, Jefferson improved his work in art education, centered on the blues, which he has been developing in Rio de Janeiro since 1996. He has released DVD ́s showing the fundamentals of the diatonic harmonica and has established himself as a reference of harmonica instruction in Brazil.

He has taken his playing to diverse audiences, as well as diversifying his area of presentations, broadening his musical and educational horizons. In 2002, 2003, he toured Argentina, performing in some of the best locations in Argentina, like the San Martin Theatre. Also in 2003, he administered the first harmonica workshop in Nova Olinda, located in the Cariri region of the state of Ceara.

For this project, put together in colaboration with an NGO, Fundação Casa Grande- Memorial do Homem Kariri (Main House Foundation- Kariri people memorial), Jefferson used a conceptual basis of his musical mixture. He left a recording also a studio tool, which is a video classroom produced by the very students of the institute.The resutls were extremely positive. Upon returning to Nova Olinda in 2005, one could see the progress of the young ONG musicians, considering the rich possibilities the harmonica offers, a versatil instrument, applicable to different rhythms, of unquestionable portability, and above all, of low cost. Not only this: a support band was created in the city, with which presentations were made in the Cariri region.

Since 2004, in association with SESC- Ce,(social business service), SEBRAE,( Brazilian service support for small business) and the Via de Comunication production group, Jefferson gave many harmonica workshops and formed musical groups, he travelled to the Ceara cities of Sobral,Juazeiro do Norte, Crato, Iguatu, Fortaleza, Guaiuba, Maranguape, Guaramiranga, Piacatuba, Caucáia, São Gonçalo do Amarante, among others. In these cities he chose non-professional musicians and formed a band in every city. He taught musical theory and chose the repetoire of each band, organized the musical arrangements and travelled with these “new” musicians to Guaramiranga, where the bands played during the Jazz and Blues Festival, and today many of these musicians are professionals playing in their respective cities.

In 2005 he challenged himself for his second CD, “Northeast Connection – Greia Live”, recorded July 19, 2005, at the Theatre II of the Central Bank Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro during the It ́s Bues Time project. Still in 2005, he participated in the first edition of the Brazil Harmonica Forum in Fortaleza, the only Brazilian event focusing on the harmonica which combines musical presentations with workshops, reaching all social classes, giving classes to children and teens of the Raimundo Fagner Foundation.

This same year, he returned to the United States for another series of shows, this time along side the guitarrist Big Gilson and the english singer The Wolf. The musicians performed in musical clubs considered essential for the blues and or jazz, like the Blue Note (New York), Deep Ellum Blues (Texas) and the Bamboo Room (Florida), among others. In 2007, he made his first european tour, sponsered by Hering Harmonicas. His first stop was Frankfurt Germany, at the largest musical instrument convention, the Musikmesse, where he officially released a line Hering Harmonicas with his signature and afterward, continued on to Spain where he performed along side guitarrist Big Gilson, in Madrid and Toledo.

In 2008 the musician performed with his band at the 9th edition of the Jazz and Blues Festival of Guarmiranga- Ceara, in march released his third solo CD: Pure Air (Blues Time Records) and in June he performed together with guitarrist Kleber Diaz at the Senegal Folk Festival, taking place in Dakar at the Verdure Theatre of the Leopold Sedar French Institute, an invitation made by the Brazilian Embassy in Senegal and the Senagal musical group, Les Freres Guisse; besides performing with the group, the duo presented to the Senagal public a mixture of blues and Brazilian northeast rhythms and songs from his Pure Air CD. The great sucess enabled the group to return to Senegal in 2009 and 2010, this time accompanied by the dancer, Juliana Longuinho with the Roots project, and besides the shows in the Hann park and Hann beach, Jefferson gave harmonica workshops for needy children in Dakar.

With all this experience obtained in hundreds of shows, recordings and workshops, Jefferson Gonçalves has been a reference for harmonica playing in Brazil.
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Terceiro Whisky - Blues Etílicos

Blues Etílicos é a mais popular banda de blues rock e a que está há mais tempo em atividade no Brasil. Comemorando 25 anos de estrada, a banda lança seu primeiro DVD, com repertório autoral e músicas de seus 10 CDs lançados, tais como Cerveja, Dente de Ouro, Misty Mountain e o Sol Também Me Levanta, além das inéditas Jokers e Dinossauro Manco. Gravado totalmente ao vivo e sem qualquer tipo de correção em estúdio ou overdubbing, o DVD é um fiel registro da mais criativa banda brasileira no gênero.

O Blues Etílicos foi o primeiro grupo nacional a criar um público fiel nesse segmento. Participou de todos os principais festivais do Brasil, dividindo o palco com alguns dos maiores nomes do blues, tais como B. B. King, Robert Cray e Buddy Guy.

Em 2010, a banda está no auge da sua maturidade musical e inicia sua turnê de lançamento do DVD comemorativo. A energia do rock, a densidade do blues e o balanço da música brasileira são os ingredientes dessa receita de sucesso e boa música. O Blues Etílicos é como um bom vinho que só melhora com o tempo.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Let's Have A Natural Ball - Shellao and LoBo Blues Band with Robson Fernandes

The guitarist and composer Shello Silveira just completed in 2010, twenty years as a professional musician showing this new group for the first time,
Shellão and WOLF Blues Band.

The WOLF Blues Band is the authentic Blues with a lot of Swing and high doses of the most pure feeling!

The Wolf Blues Band is:
Eloy D`Paula - Formed-double bass in double bass for the UEMG and with a bachelor's degree for the UFMG. He worked with the Symphony orchestra of Minas Gerais, Big Band of the UFMG, the pianist of Rio de Janeiro Tomás Improta, Carlos Bolão, Ted Falcon, the person from Pará Nêgo Nelson, Jorge Bonfá.

Bráulio Mangualde - Percussion – Studied in the school of the musician Paschoal Meireles, with the drummer André " Lemon ", attended for 3 years Musical Theory and learned piano in the Foundation of Artistic Education of Minas Gerais and with the Cuban musician Santiago Reithel. Latin Union and Jazz worked with musicians like Jorge Bonfá, Jorge Bolão, Tomás Improta, the band in Natura.

Shello Blackberry was a member for eleven years of the group AeroBlues, pioneer in Minas Gerais, he is a founder of groups of expressiveness in the style like Hot Spot Blues Band and Loretta Funkenstein, besides having worked and acting with important names of the Blues in the national scene. He has popular and learned formation for the Foundation of artistic Education of Minas Gerais and also with teachers like the guitarist Beto Lopes.
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Monday, February 27, 2012

I'd Rather Be a Wino - Sallamandra Blues & Cia

Cool blues band from Brazil.... that's all i know.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bending Like A Willow Tree - Black Dog Blues Band

Playing good blues for every one who like's it.
Since 1989 in São Paulo Brazil, playing the blues.
Black Dog Daniel, returns to is birth land Madeira Island in 2006, and restart the band with local and foreign musicians .

Band Members: Daniel Caires Henriques AKA black dog- vocals/harmonica;
Rodolfo Cró- guitar;
Paulo Aveiro- bass;
Eduardo Fernandes- drums;
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Look At Yourself - Big Bat Blues Band

The Big Bat Blues Band have been on the road for seventeen years now, showing their musical roots from the traditional blues and playing great names from the 40's and 50's, when the genre was going through its best moments. Muddy Waters, John LeeHooker, Sonny Boy Williamson and Elmore James are just a few amongst so many names cited in this musical universe and they are always there when the night is on whiskey and blues - a perfect combination, by the way.
The Big Bat Blues Band play the standard blues, with nice arrangements and a particular link with the classics of the Mississipi Delta. The music seeks inspiration from the everyday life, women, whiskey, whiskey and more whiskey.
The band played so much of the classics, such as "Hoochie Coochie Man", by Muddy Waters, and "Woke Up This Morning",by B. B. King, that they ended up making their own classics.
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Off The Wall - Flavio Guimaraes

Flávio Guimarães (born November 10, 1963) is a Brazilian composer, harmonica player and singer. Considered a blues pioneer in Brazil, he founded the band Blues Etílicos in 1986, which is considered the most successful Brazilian blues group. He has also played with many famous artists along his career, such as Alceu Valença, Ed Motta, Luiz Melodia, Paulo Moura, Zeca Baleiro, Buddy Guy, Charlie Musselwhite, Sugar Blue e Taj Mahal
Flávio Guimarães was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and in that city he studied harmonica with Maurício Einhorn.

He started his musical career around 1985. In 1986, he formed the group Blues Etílicos, with Greg Wilson (vocals and guitar), Otávio Rocha (guitar), Pedro Strasser (drums) and Cláudio Bedran (bass). With the group, Guimarães did many show around Brazil and world and recorded several albums.

In 1988, Guimarães travelled to Chicago, where he played with many American musician, including the harmonicist Sugar Blue. One year later, he opened Festival de Blues, in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil, playing with Buddy Guy. In that same year, he also opened shows for John Lee Hooker and John Mayall, during Free Jazz Festival. In the following years, Guimarães played in the most important festival in Brazil, such as Blues Fest, Rock in Rio II and Nescafé in Blues. During this period, he also played with many famous Brazilian artists, like Ed Motta, Roberto Frejat and Paulo Moura. He played with internacional artists too, such as Midnight Blues Band.

Since 1990, when Bizz magazine indicated Guimarães as one of the best hamonicists of Brazil, he has participated of many hamonica players meetings. In fact, Guimarães became famous between Brazilian harmonicists because he was the first one to play diatonic harmonicas in that country, introducing new possibilities of timbre to the music of his nation. In 1998, he participated of Harmonica's Night, with Carey Bell and Peter Madcat. In this same period, with a new band, he opened show for B. B. King, in Via Funchal, Brazil. He, with Tavares da Gaita, was considered one of the most important attractions in the history of Rec-Beat festival, in Recife, Brazil.

Along his career, Guimarães recorded many album. His first solo album was Little blues, in 1995. In 2000, he recorded his second disc, named On the loose. In 2007, celebrating 20 years of Blues Etílicos, his band recorded an album in honor of Muddy Waters, one of the biggest exponent blues musician. Around two years later, Guimarães recorded another solo album, named The blues follows me, and he realized many shows around Brazil, spreading this work
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Sunday, December 18, 2011

North Side Woman - Big Chico Blues Band

O cantor e gaitista Big Chico, representa o Blues com muita competência e personalidade, já se apresentou em grandes festivais nacionais e internacionais, dividindo palco com Rod Piazza, Keb Mo, Lucky Peterson, Jw-Jones, Mark Hummel, Howard Levy, Madcat, Johnny Rover, entre outros.
Como endorser, foi convidado 02 vezes pela empresa HERING HARMÔNICAS para representar o Brasil, na NAMM (maior convenção mundial de fabricantes de instrumentos musicais), em Anaheim na Califórnia.
Nos Estados Unidos se apresentou com Deacon Jones no conceituadíssimo B.B. King’s Blues Club em Hollywood na Universal Studios.
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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Healer (Jam)- Frank Solari and Alex Martinho

Frank Solari was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Since 1988 he had been highly regarded by the critics. This reputation helped get him the opportunity to audition to open BOB DYLAN’s concerts, as well as play with the drummer BILLY COBHAM and share the stage with the guitarist STANLEY JORDAN. Solari received from this legends musician’s approval and respect back.

Alex started playing at the age of 13. He learned from books, videos and private lessons. One year later, he put a band together, which played a great deal and became really famous in the Rio de Janeiro area, doing hard rock cover tunes. In September, 1991, Alex went to Hollywood, California, where he studied at the Musicians Institute - GIT. There, he formed a "power trio" and started working on his instrumental tunes, playing several times in and outside school, with great success. Alex graduated with "honors" in September '92, recorded a demo, sent it to record labels and producers, and then went back to Brazil in 1993. A few months later, after some concerts and guitar seminars he had held in Brazil, he was signed to an independent label from Rio de Janeiro, called Niteroi Discos, and his self-titled debut CD came out in September '94.
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Sunday, May 1, 2011