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Friday, July 14, 2017

Plowboy Records artist: Blackfoot Gypsies - To The Top - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, To The Top, from Blackfoot Gypsies and it's outrageously cool! I can draw a number of parallels to this music and similarities to other things that i have heard but ultimately, it's different and super. Opening with I'm So Blue, you are taken to a time when music was cool and simple with a good melody and a great beat. This sound is British and it's American and it's pop and it's punk...and it's rock. Think early Kinks. Matthew Paige on vocal and guitar and Zach Murphy on drums are the core with Dylan Whitlow on bass, piano and vocal and Ollie Dogg on harp. On Promise To Keep the band is driving hard on a blues rock bottom. With a twangy guitar and beach Boys like backing vocals, this band it letting it all hang out. On Potatoes and Whiskey that band really starts to encroach on Gram Parsons and Jerry Garcia territory moving into rural music and full country without abandoning rock...very cool. Stripped down rocker, I Had A Vision shows traces of the San Francisco sound but then also John Doe. One of my favorite tracks on the release is Back To New Orleans with addition of sax and trombone. This track has a super street rhythm and cool vocals...excellent! On simple waltz, Velvet Low Down Blues, incredibly rural vocals, fiddle, piano pedal steel and a cool melody make this another contender for top track. I Wanna Be Famous is another hard rocker with an infectious beat and wailing guitar. This is the kind of music that drives your parents crazy...I love it! Settling down to more of a The Band feel, Woman Woman is probably the best radio track with nice vocal blending and a super melody. I've Got The Blues is a real cool track with authentic style vocals and features Paige on mandolin and Dogg on harp. Another of my favorite tracks, this track sounds real. Another solid rocker is Can I Get A Warning? with terrific drum work from Murphy. (Some bands have an entire career and never cut a track this good). With it's Bo Diddley beat, Gypsy Queen keeps this party rolling with a solid bottom, voracious drums, unearthly vocals and powerful guitars. Wrapping the release is Why Should I Try, a full bodied rocker with everything turned to 11. These guys aren't leaving a drop of sweat. Check it out!

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