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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Billy The Kid & The Regulators - I Can't Change - New release review

I just received the newest release, I Can't Change from Billy The Kid & The Regulators and it's quite good! Coming out of the gate with title track, I Can't Change, Billy and the Regulators hit the funky groove with Reggie Watkins on trombone, Rick Matt on sax and JD Chasin on trumpet. Billy Evanochko, Jon Vallecorsa and James Dougherty on guitar and vocals lead the way and Yolanda Barber's complimentary backing vocals are excellent! Arnold Stagger on bass and Brian Edwards on drums really anchor the bottom and stylized guitar soloing tops this super opener! On Ain't Gotta Prove Nothing, Billy leads the way vocally and with voracious guitar work. Another track with a serious funky feel driven by Stagger, this track moves! Radio styled, R&B ballad, What Are We Fighting For has a catchy melody and warm horn work, nicely complimented by Dougherty's singing slide work. R&B styling on Story of the Blues suits this band well. This is a tight track with a clean jazzy guitar solo and nice key work from Ublai Bey. Twelve bar number, Who, opens with a nice Freddie King style guitar intro and rumbles with a southern blues rock feel. Featuring Jason Ricci on harp and Evanochko on Elmore James style riffs over Bey's key work, this track is a nice blues rocker. That Darn Cat has a funky jazz feel and a cool slinky beat. Choice harp riffs from Ricci and warm vocal injections from Barber are a perfect compliment to the lead almost rap like lead vocal. Dougherty lays down some real nice Little Feat like slide work on Edwards' funky rhythm giving this track a cool vibe. Slow blues number, Slender Man Blues, features prime lead vocal work from Billy and clean piano work from Bey. Billy steps up with some of the hottest guitar riffs on the session pushed ever higher by Watkins, Matt and Chasin. Barber's warm backing on this track is effective in a totally different way showing her absolute versatility. Very cool! On Jimmy Reed's Can't Stand To See You Go, the band maintains the standard JR feel. Ricci nicely adds with his harp work and it's vocal harmonies with Billy's solid leads that sets this track apart. Saturday Night is a high energy rocker along the lines of Radar Love. Never venturing far from the blues format, it's the driving bass line of Stagger that kicks this track and the super harp work of Ricci, the organ work of Bey and the sweet vocal blending of Barber, Evanochko, Vallecorsa, Dougherty, Edwards and Bey that make it sing. A guitar guitar shootout featuring Damon Fowler and Sean Carney is a nice treat on this track as well. Wrapping the release is Robert Johnson's Me And The Devil Blues. With a much more stripped down approach of vocal, guitar and harp on this track, it makes for a very nice closer or a real nice release!

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