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Friday, September 15, 2017

Hamilton Loomis - Basics - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Basics, from Hamilton Loomis and it's really great! Opening with blues rocker, Sugar Baby, bassist, Sabrina LaField also takes the mic. With just a bit of swish in the tail this is a snappy rocker with Loomis on harp and lead guitar joined by Armando Aussenac on drums. Getting into a super funky groove, If I Would've, Loomis is back up front on vocal, guitar and harp creating a purely infectious track. His electrifying guitar riffs and bass lines are tight. Super! With an easy sway, Candles and Wine has just the right feel featuring tasty guitar riffs and cool vocal backing by Aussenac, Fabian Hernandez and Chris Eger. Ain't What It Ain't is a solid rocker with cool vocal blending but what really sets this track apart is super harp and hot slide riffs from Eger. Bluesy ballad, Breaking Down, is pure Loomis and it's a thread that you can trace from release to release. Rich composition, super vocals and warm interwoven instrumentation with Loomis' certain hand on guitar soloing makes this one strong track. a really hot sax solo by Fabian Hernandez bouncing back and forth with Loomis on lead guitar coupled with strong vocals makes Looking Into a Dream another of the top tracks on the release. Funky, Cloudy Day has really nicely arranged instrumentation, punchy sax work, great rhythm and vocals. Another super Loomis creation.  Quiet ballad, Prayer, has strong R&B bones, featuring Loomis' beautiful lead vocals with rich backing vocals and a slick melodic guitar solo. Very nice. Wrapping the release is Funky Little Brother with Sarah Kimberly on keys and trumpet, Reagan Kimberly on drums, Austin Morris on guitar and Daniel Holder on bass with Loomis on lead vocal and guitar and Alex Mckown, Zach Person and Michael Bryan-Harris on guitars. Almost getting into Sly world, this is a great funky rocker and a super closer for a super release. Excellent!

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Monday, August 7, 2017

PRE-ORDER Hamilton Loomis's new CD "BASICS" NOW!!

"BASICS" -- the new CD by Hamilton Loomis

Pre-order Hamilton's long-awaited new CD by clicking here:
Estimated ship date is Aug. 16, 2017!

You can also download the entire CD (includes artwork) by clicking here:

Hamilton Loomis does indeed go back to basics on his new album, which is his most personal and emotional effort to date. Gone are the double entendres for which Loomis is known; this time, his lyrics are direct, personal, and often autobiographical. The “basics” theme runs through the entire CD, in its lyrics (“Prayer,” “Cloudy Day”), single-chord progressions (“Sugar Baby," "Looking Into a Dream”), simple melodies (“Come and Get Me”), and stripped-down instrumentation of guitar, bass and drums (“Reason," "Getting So Big”).
Still, Loomis’s trademark deep-grooved funk and soulful blues-rock is definitely present. “I wanted this record to be more stripped-down. Even the CD jacket is black and white and pretty basic itself," he says of the disc, which features songwriting collaborations with Grammy-award winning songwriter/ producer/bassist Tommy Sims, co-writer of Eric Clapton's “Change the World."
Loomis’ 2013 album “Give It Back” showed his pay-it-forward attitude of passing on knowledge to young, up-and-coming musicians, just as his mentors (notably Houston’s Joe Hughes, Johnny Copeland and rock icon Bo Diddley) once did for him. On Basics, Loomis continues the tradition by featuring several of his young protégées, and finishes the record with a jam session by some of his favorite Houston-area youngsters, whose ages range from 13 to 16.
Loomis is also on a mission to raise awareness about hyperinsulinism (HI), a rare disease that causes low blood sugar. His 3-year-old son was diagnosed with the life-threatening condition in 2015, and Loomis dedicates Basics' opening track, “Sugar Baby,” to Congenital Hyperinsulinism International (, an organization that heads research on the disease, educates doctors and hospitals, and supports families affected by the disease. “They call HI kids 'sugar babies,' so I wanted to write a song in appreciation for all they do for families all over the world,” Loomis says.